Civilization Revolution: Reviews

Since the release of Civilization Revolution, numerous reviews have appeared on the web. In this reviews section, we have compiled all the major reviews for the game. Many reviews praised CivRev for its intuitive controls, colorful graphics, and also for being the most accessible version of Civilization yet. Some negative points raised include highly aggressive AI, few player customization options, and not as deep as the PC versions. But overall, most reviews are favorable and consider the game to be one of the best strategy games for the consoles. The average rating is in the mid 80s.
The reviews are ordered by rating in descending order.

[*][url=]Tom’s Games (7/9/2008): 9.5 out of 10[/url]
It is the mix of all of the design changes that make this game so much fun to play. All of my earlier skepticism makes me feel so silly now because Sid Meier and his development team have done an absolutely fantastic job bringing the game to the console platform.
[*][url=]Official Xbox Magazine (8/1/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
Civilization Revolution’s sunny presentation and bountiful depth might not be sufficient to draw legions of newcomers to turn-based strategy, but it easily the single greatest example of the genre ever to grace a console.
[*][url=]Cheat Code Central (7/13/2008): 4.5 out of 5[/url]
An exquisite experience for strategy junkies. PC purists may turn up their noses at it, but I dare them to play through multiplayer with a pair of headsets on and not get giddy.
[*][b][url=]GameSpot (7/11/2008): 9 out of 10[/url][/b]
It’s incredibly easy to get engrossed in the rhythm of expansion and evolution, and you can happily lose hours and hours at a time.
[*][url=]Worth Playing (7/11/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
Revolution makes a great starting place for new gamers to learn the ways of Civilization while avoiding being overwhelmed by the massive amount of things present in Civilization 4.
[*][url=]TeamXbox (7/8/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
My immersion in the gameplay experience is a good part of why this review is going up a bit later than planned. I often had a tough time pulling myself away from the playing to write this up.
[*][url=]XboxZone (7/3/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
This is as close to a perfect console strategy game as you are going to find on any brand of console.
[*][url=]Gamestyle (7/1/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
There’s plenty of depth and challenge that even the best strategist may find hard to conquer. Controlling a civilization has never been so fun.
[*][url=]Game Planet (6/12/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
A fantastic, frantic combination of pretty much all the highlights of previous Civilization titles rolled into one single package. Finally, a worthy way to experience Sid Meier’s legendary franchise on your console!
[*][url=]Game Informer (7/1/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
This is hands down the best pure strategy title to appear on consoles to date, and easily worthy to bear the Civilization name.
[*][url=]WonderwallWeb (6/30/2008): 9 out of 10[/url]
A great RTS with plenty of pick up and play appeal, perfect for the console generation.
[*][url=]Gamer 2.0 (7/11/2008): 8.9 out of 10[/url]
Civilization Revolution is a benchmark in the turn-based strategy series for console games both now and in the future.

[*][url=]Console Monster (6/24/2008): 89 out of 100[/url]
Civilization Revolution is how all console strategy titles should be. Fun, easy to pick up with a good degree of difficulty.
[*][b][url=]IGN (7/2/2008): 8.8 out of 10[/url][/b]
The developers of Civ Rev made some tough but smart compromises, which resulted in a great console strategy game that could do with just a bit more depth. Overall though, this one’s a winner.
[*][url=]1UP (7/3/2008): B+[/url]
But Revolution’s greatest omission is testament to just how addicting the game is. It’s disappointing not having the option to play “one more turn…” after a victory condition is achieved and continuing to build (or rebuild) your empire.
[*][url=]Xbox360Achievements (6/18/2008): 85 out of 100[/url]
Fun, simple and addictive, this game is a worth-while addition to the 360 roster, but is a little light. Hardcore Civ fans may want to stick to the PC versions, but newcomers will feel right at home.
[*][url=]Xbox World 360 Magazine UK: (6/11/2008): 85 out of 100[/url]
While far from as deep as the PC games, Revolution is a fine achievement, extremely accessible and great fun to play.
[*][url=]UGO (7/13/2008): B[/url]
Civilization Revolution isn’t the best entry in the series, but it manages to be the most unique while maintaining all of the fundamental features of a Civilization game.
[*][url=]AceGamez (7/10/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
It presents a solid, fairly streamlined experience that’s accessible to console players while still providing an engaging layer of depth.
[*][url=]Official Xbox Magazine UK (7/1/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
Civilization Revolution is currently the best strategy game available on the console. It has the controls, it has the pedigree, it has the depth, it has the multiplayer and most of all it has the accessibility.
[*][url=] (6/16/2008, in Dutch): 80 out of 100[/url]
Exactly the right things have been made more simple and the essence of the game is still there.
[*][url=]PALGN (6/30/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
Sid Meier’s Civilization: Revolution is easily the most effective and most addictive strategy game ever to be released on a console, and is worth a shot for anyone interested in the franchise or genre at all.
[*][url=]MS Xbox World (6/30/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
If you like strategy games and playing god, then I can fully recommend this game as it offers hours of strategic entertainment. However, for those of you with less patience, then I will say that there’s quite a steep learning curve compared to more accessible games.
[*][url=]VideoGamer (6/24/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
The key is that you can get a hell of a lot of enjoyment out of Civ Rev without getting completely bogged down by the game’s statistics.
[*][url=]G4 – X-Play (6/23/2008): 4 out of 5[/url]
This is far more than just a port; it’s a comprehensive console-specific retooling. The thought of that may make some fans sick to their stomach, and yes, some of the more detailed options for taxation and civilization management have been automated to a greater or lesser degree, but there’s still plenty of strategy here for even hardcore fans to appreciate.
[*][url=]Gameplayer (6/13/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
A fantastic repurposed Civilization game that is quite deep, but also approachable.
[*][url=]Eurogamer (6/11/2008): 8 out of 10[/url]
This slick new Civilization may be more reduction than Revolution, but it’s easily one of the most distinctive games on 360 and PS3. I can’t see myself playing much more of the single-player, but I genuinely cannot wait to war over landmass with a few like-minded chums.
[*][url=]Jolt Online Gaming UK (7/5/2008): 7.8 out of 10[/url]
Civilization Revolution feels like a bloated XBLA or PSN game. Strip away the disappointing visuals, bloody annoying introduction video that plays every time you start a fucking match, all the bells and whistles and you’re left with something could have been a true revolution. As it stands, this is just a good case of Civilization Devolution.
[*][url=]NZGamer (6/23/2008): 7.5 out of 10[/url]
For new players, it may be a stepping stone to true greatness. Fans of the older Civ games may enjoy it for nostalgia. It may also serve as a ‘nicotine patch’ for megalomaniacs; a healthier alternative to wasting whole days taking over the world. The serious Civ fans, however, should keep to their PCs: this one isn’t for them.
[*][u]X360 Magazine UK (8/1/2008): 7 out of 10[/u]
A game with such subtleties and fine detail as Civilization IV would never have worked on a console, and so while purists might carp at Revolution’s necessarily stripped-down feel, its injection of pace makes for a more exciting – if marginally less cerebral – strategy game. And more importantly, it’s still as life-suckingly addictive as ever.
[*][b][url=]GameSpy (7/7/2008): 3.5 out of 5[/url][/b]
While Civilization Revolution does a great job of introducing the concept and gameplay of Sid Meier’s classic PC series to the consoles, it falls just short of true greatness due to a lack of depth in the AI and multiplayer options.