Civilization III: Small Wonders

Wonders of the World are as important as ever. Civ3 has most of the Wonders in Civ2, plus several new ones. Some old wonders function in new ways.There is a brand new set of Wonders called “Small Wonders”. While Great Wonders can be constructed only once in the world, Small Wonders can be built by every civilization. Another difference is that Great Wonders can be made obsolete by new technologies, Small Wonders cannot.

An interesting feature is Great Wonders are associated with one or more of the Civilization strengths. If the attributes of the Wonders you’ve completed match your Civ’s strengths, you will trigger a Golden Age.

There are 24 Great Wonders and 10 Small Wonders.

Small Wonders (10)

Graphic Small Wonder Cost Culture Prerequistes Benefits
Heroic Epic 200 4 A victorious army Increases the likelihood of leaders appearing
Iron Works 300 2 Coal and iron in city radius Doubles shield output of city
Forbidden Palace 300 3 8 cities on a standard map Lowers corruptions as if it were a second capital
Military Academy 400 1 A victorious army Can build armies in city without a leader
Pentagon 400 1 3 armies in the field Armies can contain an extra unit
Wall Street 400 2 5 Banks Earns 5% interest on treasury each turn (maximum of 50)
Intelligence Agency 400 1 Espionage Allows espionage missions
Apollo Program 500 3 Space Flight Allows spaceship construction
SDI Defense 500 1 5 SAM Batteries 75% chance of intercepting ICBM attacks
Battlefield Medicine 500 1 5 Hospitals Units can heal in enemy territory

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