Civilization Revolution: Civilizations

Civilization Revolution contains 16 civilizations, each with their own leader. Every civilization has their own unique benefits which they gain as the game progresses through the various ages (benefits are cumulative). Unlike previous versions of Civilization, there is a much wider range of bonuses, including more traditional ones such as increased stats for various units, but also incorporating more innovative benefits like increased gold production and roads that are cheaper to build.

Civilization Leader Bonuses Unique Unit Worker Unit
America Lincoln
Starting: Begin the game with a Great Person
Ancient: 2% interest on gold
Medieval: Rush units at half-price
Industrial: +1 food from plains
Modern: Factories provide 3x production
Tank becomes Sherman Tank, Bomber becomes Flying Fortress, Fighter becomes Mustang Fighter American Worker
Arabia Saladin
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Religion
Ancient: +50% caravan gold
Medieval: Free Mathematics technology
Industrial: +1 attack for Horsemen and Knights
Modern: 2% interest on gold in treasury
none Arab Worker
Aztec Montezuma
Starting: Aztecs begin with a wealth of gold
Ancient: Units heal after winning in combat
Medieval: Temples provide +3 science
Industrial: Half-price roads
Modern: +50% gold production
Warrior become Jaguar Warrior Aztec Workers
China Mao
Starting: Chinese begin with knowledge of Writing
Ancient: New cities have +1 population
Medieval: Receive knowledge of Literacy tech
Industrial: Half-price Libraries
Modern: Cities not affected by Anarchy
none Chinese Worker Unit
England Elizabeth
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Monarchy
Ancient: +1 Longbow Archer defense
Medieval: +1 Naval combat
Industrial: +1 hammer on hills
Modern: Naval support doubled
Archer becomes Longbow Archer, Bomber becomes Lancaster Bomber, Fighter becomes Spitfire Fighter English Worker Unit
Egypt Cleopatra
Starting: Begin the game with a Wonder
Ancient: +1 food and trade from desert regions
Medieval: Receive knowledge of Irrigation
Industrial: +1 Rifleman movement
Modern: +50% caravan gold
none Egytian Workers
France Napoleon
Starting: Begin the game with a Cathedral
Ancient: Receive knowledge of Pottery
Medieval: Half-price roads
Industrial: +2 attack for Cannons
Modern: +1 movement for Riflemen
Catapult becomes Trebuchet, Artillery becomes Howitzer French Worker
Germany Bismark
Starting: Automatic upgrades for Elite units
Ancient: Warriors begin as Veterans
Medieval: +1 production from forest
Industrial: Half cost barracks
Modern: 2% interest on gold in treasury
Tank becomes Panzer Tank, Artillery becomes 85mm Gun, Bomber becomes Heinkel Bomber, Fighter becomes ME109 Fighter German Workers
Greece Alexander
Starting: Begin with a courthouse
Ancient: Knowledge of Democracy
Medieval: More Great People
Industrial: Half cost library
Modern: +1 food from sea tiles
Galley becomes Trireme, Pikeman becomes Hoplite Greek Worker Unit
India Gandhi
Starting: Begin with access to all resources
Ancient: Cities not affected by Anarchy
Medieval: Free Religion tech
Industrial: Half-price Settlers
Modern: Half-price Courthouse
none Indian Workers
Japan Tokugawa
Starting: Knowledge of Ceremonial Burial
Ancient: +1 food from Sea Regions
Medieval: +1 Samurai Knight attack
Industrial: Cities not affected by Anarchy
Modern: Defensive units receive Loyalty upgrade
Knight becomes Samurai Knight, Pikeman becomes Ashigaru Pikemen, Bomber becomes Val Bomber, Fighter becomes Zero Fighter Japanese Workers
Mongolia Genghis Khan
Starting: +50% trade from captured cities
Ancient: Barbarian villages join
Medieval: +1 Cavalry movement
Industrial: +2 food from mountainous regions
Modern: Free Communism tech
Horseman becomes Keshik
Mongol Keshik
Mongol Workers
Rome Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Code of Laws and a Republic government
Ancient: Half price roads
Medieval: Half cost wonders
Industrial: More great people
Modern: New cities start with +1 population
Knight becomes Cataphract Roman Workers
Russia Catherine
Starting: Russians begin with more of the map visible
Ancient: +1 food from plains
Medieval: Defensive units receive the Loyalty upgrade
Industrial: Half-price Riflemen
Modern: Half-price Spies
Horseman becomes Cossack Horseman, Tank becomes T34 Tank Russian Workers
Spain Isabella
Starting: Begin with knowledge of Navigation
Ancient: Doubled exploration cash
Medieval: +1 Naval combat
Industrial: +50% gold production
Modern: +1 production from hills
Knight becomes Conquistador Spanish Workers
Zulu Shaka
Starting: Zulus can overrun their enemies more easily
Ancient: +1 Warrior movement
Medieval: Cities grow faster
Industrial: +50% gold production
Modern: Half-price Riflemen
Warrior becomes Impi Warrior Zulu Workers