About Us

Founded in March of 2000, Civilization Fanatics’ Center (CivFanatics) is the premier fan site dedicated to the best turn-based strategy game series of all time, Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Our Mission

CivFanatics prides itself in its mission to present the absolute best in fanatical coverage of Civilization, Civilization II, Civilization III, Civilization IV, Civilization V, and Civilization VI. Our goal is to meet the challenges of all aspects of Civilization interests while being attentive enough to allow visitors the ability to guide it toward elements that are desired. Ultimately, this site hopes to provide itself as a vehicle to bring Civilization to life for all who enter and share the common interest in the concept of Civilization.

CivFanatics is an independent fan site, privately owned and operated by volunteers. We are not affiliated in any way to Firaxis or the publisher 2K Games.  However, we do have a number of members who have helped with beta testing and some of our modders have had their work included in game releases.  We also encourage Firaxis and 2K Games to participate in our forums to interact with the fans.

CivFanatics.com Staff & Helpers

In just a few years, CivFanatics emerged from a small personal homepage to become the largest community for all Civilization fans. The success is not possible without a highly dedicated team of staff and helpers, both past and present:


  • Thunderfall: Site Owner (send email)
  • Petek
  • leif erikson
  • The_J
  • Lefty Scaevola
  • ainwood
  • Padma
  • Plotinus
  • Camikaze
  • Browd

Super Moderators

  • AlanH
  • bite
  • Dack
  • dutchfire
  • Gedemon
  • Grisu
  • Magic_gorter
  • ori
  • peter grimes
  • Rob (RBXFT)
  • superslug
  • Birdjaguar
  • Arakhor
  • Noble Zarkon


  • AlanH
  • aafritz17
  • AmazonQueen
  • Blake00
  • Dack
  • DynamicSpirit
  • Eagle Pursuit
  • emzie
  • Lanzelot
  • Laurana Kanan
  • Leoreth
  • ls612
  • lymond
  • Ozbenno
  • Pouakai
  • Quintillus
  • Recursive
  • superslug
  • Yeekim

Game of the Month Staff

  • a space oddity
  • Aeson
  • ainwood
  • AlanH
  • Cactus Pete
  • civ_steve
  • DynamicSpirit
  • kcswede
  • Erkon
  • Gyathaar
  • Hammer Rabbi
  • jesusin
  • Karasu
  • leif erikson
  • mad-bax
  • Niklas
  • Renata
  • Theoden
  • Thrallia

Hall of Fame Staff

  • Marsden
  • Methos
  • Ozbenno
  • Tone
  • Noble Zarkon
  • lymond
  • AlanH

Former Staff Members:

  • Former Hall of Fame Admins: superslug, Dianthus, Denniz
  • Former Civ5 Forums Moderators: The_J
  • Former Civ4 Forums Moderators: Civrules, Ginger_Ale, PieceOfMind, woodelf
  • Former Civ3 Forums Moderators: Moonsinger, stormerne, Cunobelin of Hippo, gonzo_for_civ, BlueMonday, Palehorse
  • Former Civ3 GOTM Staff: Cracker, Creepster, zagnut
  • Former Civ3 HOF Staff: Aeson, JFL_Dragon, Mistfit
  • Former Democracy Game Forum Moderators: Shaitan, Donovan Zoi, DukeOfFlanders
  • Former Chat Room Op & Tourney Admin: Grey Fox, Beammeuppy
  • Former Civ2 Forums Moderators: SunTzu, John Valdez
  • Former Civ2 Ladder Staff: Woke, Trajan, Slowwhand
  • Former Colosseum Forums Moderator: AoA, col, Knight-Dragon, Turner, FredLC, Mathilda, Whomp, El_Machinae, Valka d’Ur, .Shane., Truronian, The Yankee, Moss, IglooDude
  • Former Civ1 Section Admin: TTG
  • Other Former Moderators: Stellar Converter (chess forum), CornMaster (tech support)
  • Former Scenario Reviews Staff: Kobayashi, willemvanoranje
  • Former Civ3 File Database Helpers: GIDustin, Dark Sheer
  • and others…


Pride of the World AwardCivilization Fanatics’ Center is the proud recipient of the Hodadian Award Central’s Pride of the World Award for April, 2000!

Thanks to:

  • Firaxis Games, for continuing the legend of Civilization.
  • Marv, Brian, and Paul at AtomicGamer.com for hosting us for so many years, up until July 2015.
  • …and of course, fellow CivFanatics, for your continuing support!

In the Good Old Days…

In the beginning, CivFanatics was a small personal homepage hosted by Geocities (1998) and then at Xoom (1999). The old site title was Civilization Fanatics’ Page, part of the Thunderfall Impressions site. After we moved the site to Strategy Gaming Online in March 2000, the site was renamed to Civilization Fanatics’ Center. The CivFanatics site you see today really started after the move because server space is no longer a problem. We didn’t have a downloads section and forums before the move.

Old Site Graphics

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