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Welcome to the Civ2 downloads collection!

Note: If you receive an error message such as “Failed to load game: file is not a saved game”, you most likely don’t have the correct version; many scenarios required Fantastic Worlds or higher version to play. If version requirement is not specified by the author, then it is assumed that the scenario is compatible with the ‘Classic’ Civ2 version.

If you don’t have Civ2 Gold, you can convert your Civ2 version into Civ2 Gold by using Cedric’s Patch for free! Civ2 Gold lets you play nearly all the scenarios in the collection.

Currently there are 753 downloads for Civilization II in the Collection.

Last updated on July 26, 2006.

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How to Submit Files to the Collection

To submit a file to the Collection, please follow these submission guidelines:

  1. Be sure to include a ReadMe file that contains all the info listed below. Files without a ReadMe file will not be added.
    • Title:
    • Type: (ex. Scenario, Modpack, Graphics, …)
    • Category: (ex. Ancient, Medieval, Industrial, …)
    • Requirements: (Classic, FW, MGE, or TOT)
    • Author Name: (Nick name or real name)
    • Author Email:
    • File Version:
    • File Size:
    • Synopsis: (Brief description, one or two sentences)
    • Description: (Full description, should be a few paragraphs long)
    • Optional: 1 or 2 screenshots
  2. Use Winzip to zip your files.
  3. Send it in! Your file will be added to the Collection as soon as possible and an announcement will be made on the main page of the site. It could take anywhere from 1 week to 1 month for your scenario to be added. Please email us if your scenario is not added after 2 weeks.