Civilization II: Ancient Scenarios

Name Description
King David of Israel When David conquered Jerusalem around 1005 BC, he was a minor king subject to the Philistines. Israel`s first king Saul had been crushed at Gilboa by the Philistines, who resumed their customary dominance over the country. Instead of garrisoning the Hebrew towns they now preferred a policy of divide and rule.

At Saul`s death Israel was split into tribal groups, Saul`s son Ish-Baal ruled most of the Eastern tribes and David in the hill country of the South. At this point David was still a retainer of the Philistines, he proved far to ambitious and capable to remain anyones vassal.

At the death of Ish-Baal, all the tribes of Israel annointed David as king. Under his leadership Israel flourished briefly as a major military power. Its rapid growth from the shattered kingdom left by Saul into an empire dominating the whole of Syro-Palestine was remarkable.


Author: Ken Elder (aka Beingofone); File Size: 2.5 MB

Battle of Actium This Scenario depicts the War between Rome and Egypt. This War was between fought roughly over 4 years resulting with the conquest of Egypt and the death of Cleopatra and Marc Antony. Can you relive the war and conquer Egypt? Or as Egypt, can you fight off the Roman Invaders? Or will you play the middle as Parthia and attack them when they are at their weakest? You decide.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 305 KB

Southeast Asia v1.0

The first Southeast Asians led the world in many fields. They explored the Indian and Pacific Oceans, were the first to raise rice, chickens and various root crops, and worked with bronze before anyone else. However, for the last two thousand years they have been content to exist as minor nations, instead of building a great empire of their own. If you were a Southeast Asian ruler, would you have done better?

This scenario lasts for 301 turns, stopping at 1500 A.D., on the eve of the first European expeditions, because this is meant to simulate how the Southeast Asian states interacted before foreign influence became overwhelming. Advanced technology is possible, but not likely; don’t expect to see the Khmers go to Alpha Centauri!

Screenshots: 1 2

Author: Charles Kimball; File Size: 405 KB

The Dawn of the Roman Empire v1.0

Synopsis : This scenario includes the period from 326 B.C. to 241 B.C. The period in which the Rome Repubblic extends his domain on Italy after the Sannitic War!



Takes you the Roman empire to govern all Italy…or you die in the attempt to succeed there!


Author: The Paladin; File Size: 624 KB

Wars of the Mediterranean v2.91


Main Files

Sound 1

Sound 2

SYNOPSIS: This is the new version of the "Wars of the Mediterranean", designed and testplayed for multiplayers (multiple events function disabled for this aspect of the game). Single player mode is pretty much the same: you can play the scenario as anyone and you will be asked at certain moments to save the game and run events setup.bat

DESCRITION: Length: 491BC to 115AD

The conquest of "Mare Nostrum" as it was called by the Romans was finally achieved when the last of the Hellenistical Kingdoms, Egypt, admitted the Roman supremacy. Thus ended over half a milenium of wars among the great civilizations of the Western Antiquity.

You can chose to play either one of the great powers, the Romans, either of the Greeks, Phoenicians, or Persians, but, in the long run, you should expect the Romans to win. Better not play the Celts because of their lack of knowledge, bad reputation and barbarian atitude.

This screenplay starts at a time of the greatest expansion of the Persian Empire under Darius. Following the disastrous Median Wars with the Greeks united for the first time in a Panhellenic Alliance, the Persian overflung state entered a decadent period which culminated in 330 BC with its conquest by Alexander Macedon. Around the same period, Rome got its independence from its Etruscan kings by becoming a "Res Publica" in 509BC and set forth on becoming the greatest city in Latium and Italy. Rome’s sphere of interest soon made inevitable the conflict with the Greeks in "Magna Grecia" and the Carthaginians in Sicily.

New Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4


Author: Paul Mutica; File Size: 3.74 MB

Age of Basilius: The Last Reconquests for the Roman Empire

Unit Updates

In the year 963 Romanos II died leaving his two young sons, Basil II and Constantine VIII, to the protection of his generals Nikephoros Phokas and Ionnes Tzimiskes to act as their Regents until the eldest, Basil, was old enough to take the reigns of empire. Thus Basil II was overshadowed in his minority by the dazzling exploits* of Nikephoros and Ionnes. He whould vow to out-do them in conquests. Yet before he could embark on his plans, he had to put down a massive military coup led by Bardas Phokas and Bardas Skleros… *Nikephoras Phokas reconquered Crete, Cyprus, destroyed the Emirate of Aleppo reconquering Antiokhia in the process and laid the foundations for the conquest of Bulgaria. Ionnes Tzimiskes conquered western Bulgaria and led a spectacular expedition into Syria at the head of 10,000 Armenian conscripts reconquering the cities of Amida, Damaskos, Kaisarea and almost- Jerusalem.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Masis Panos; File Size: 890 KB

Age of Alexius: the First Crusade v2.2 In the year 1095, Emperor Alexius sent an embassy to the Papacy to secure military aid for his war against the Seljuk Turks. However, western Christiandom would only fight if it would gain something back in return…territory. So when in April 1097, the best fighting machine the west could musture was encamped around the suburbs of Constantinople, the Emperor soon realised this ironic threat to the Roman Empire-despite the pledge of fealty to him, their presence did not make Alexius feel at ease. This is the setting for the 1st Crusade, the first fully organised military expedition from Frankia to the east, that would bring terror to both Christians and Muslims alike who fell into its path. Take the role of the Franks, and lead them through Anatolia into glory, capturing such famous cities as Edessa, Antiokia and Yerushalem.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Masis Panos; File Size: 917 KB

Age of Constantine: The Christian Empire In the year 305 AD the Emperor Diocletian retired to Salona (Split) to grow cabbages. On the 25th of July the following year, Constantine was declared the Western Augustus by his loyal troops at Eburaca (York). Historically he marched against the usurper Maxentius who had taken over the Western Dyarchy annexing Gaul and then moved into the Italian penninsula. Whilst in the north of the penninsula one night whilst looking up to the sky he is said to have seen the Divine Vision -X and P-Chi Rho-the first two Greek letters of C and R-CRISTOS-Christ with the words ‘HOC VINCE’ meaning With This Conquer. And so he did, marching against the Eastern Augustus Licinius, an in-law of Constantine’s yet this was no reason to give up the chance to reign supreme. First the province of Pannonia is conquered, and then the entire Eastern Dyarchy. While Constantine was chasing Licinius into Asia via the Bosphorus, he noticed how important the little town of Byzantion was strategically and decided to refound the town in honour of his new faith on Monday the 11th of May 330 AD. This was to be his New Rome known to later ages as ‘Constantinopolis’. Bring back glory to the Roman State or take the side of Constantine’s foes and seek your own objectives.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Masis Panos; File Size: 9.29 MB

The Hellenistic Age When Alexander the Great, the Greek Empire was split into various factions alloted to his Generals. The Macedonians in Hellas and Thrace. The Seleucids in Mesopotamia and Turkey. The Ptolemy’s in Egypt and the Bactrians in Bactra (Afghanistan). Each has begun to vie for power over the whole of the empire to reunite Greece. Can it be achieved? You decide.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: WarVoid; File Size: 306 KB

Antigonos ò Monophtalmòs

FW: Patch

Sound: 1 2

The last efforts made by Antigonos "the one-eyed" to conquer Alexander the Great Throne.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE [if you have FW, be sure to also download the patch at the left]

Author: Prometeus; File Size: 1.9 MB

Pharaoh: the Golden Age of the 18th Dynasty This scenario follows the basic rules of Civilization II. It is an objectives scenario, but you will be able to win only by technological research. Each civilization has all chances to win. This scenario is a trip far back into the high Bronze Age, 1481 BC to be exact. It tells the story from the death of Queen Hatshepsut of Egypt (1481) to the death of Amenophis IV, better known as Akhenaton in 1358: The golden age of Egypt.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 521 KB

Sons of Heracles v1.3

Sound: 1 2

"This scenario tells the story of Sparta, from the earliest days to the conquest of the Pelopponesus and the hegemóny in Greece. Before you play this scenario, I strongly urge you to read this readme in whole, because it contains information about this scenario that you should really know. I don’t think that I am exaggarating when I say that this is a very tough scenario, very tough to manage and extremely tough to win."

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 1.4 MB


Sound: 1

"Hellas" attempts to reconstruct the periods known as the Archaic and Classical Eras of Greek History. The first of these – the Archaic – was generally reckoned to start around the early 8th century B.C. and marked the resurgence of Greek culture and energy after their long Dark Age. Historically, and in the game, the first 250 years are a period of expansion, colonisation and fundamental scientific development.

After around 500 B.C. the focus changes to a struggle for supremacy within Greece, compounded by a greater struggle against the encroaching Persian Empire. Historically, the Greeks defeated the Persians at Marathon (490), Salamis (480) and Platea (479) and were soon in a position to wreak their revenge on a weakened Empire. However, rivalry between the leading city-states of Athens and Sparta escalated into the Peloponesian War – and when Sparta finally emerged victorious she was so depopulated and distrusted by most of the other Greeks that it was left to the northern kingdom of Macedonia to unite Greece by force and lead the way east to overturn the Persian Empire.

This later period (500-400 B.C.) was also the time of the finest flowering of Greek "Classical" culture. The scenario extends to 360 B.C. when Alexander the Great was born, but if you have succeeded in uniting the Greeks yourself, "Alexander" will be an Athenian, Spartan, Corinthinan, Chalcidean or even a Theban!

"Hellas" was the term used by the Ancient Greeks (the "Hellenes") to refer to their country. "Greek" is a word derived from a Roman name for them – and a none too complimentary one at that!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Ellis; File Size: 1.24 MB

Of Celts and Iberians Phoenicians and Greeks have long told the world stories about the Iberian peninsula, a mysterious land of unimaginable wealth populated by proud Iberians and indomitable Celts. Until the III century BC, foreigners have come to the peninsula in peace. All this is about to change. Armies from Carthage and Rome have entered Iberia with an unmistakable purpose. Will the brave Celts and Iberians be able to contain the imperialistic hunger of the most formidable war machines the world has known?


Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 515 KB

Rome’s History v1.01

Sound: 1

The year is 510 BC. The last Roman King is gone and Rome is a small and unknown republic city now. You are Praetor Maximus of Rome and your job is to

– get peasants by attacking neutral cities.

– get a cavalry by finding neutral horses.

– steal all techs you cant discover by yourself

– raise an Imperium during the next 610 years

Better you never give away your roman Techs. Change your government to Caesars Imperium from time to time. Now – The history is yours… The Senate of Rome demands you to conquer the Etruscan city of Veji first!

REQUIREMENT: Civ2 Multiplayer Gold

Author: Florian Borchert; File Size: 1.39 MB (sound included)

Imperirum Romanum v2.2

Sound: 1 2

Length: 386 BC to 115 AD

In 386 BC the Persian empire is still, despite it’s defeat in Hellas, the most feared power in the Eastern Mediterranean. But it has to fight many internal problems, more and more disorders and revolts, and so the Egyptians are able to free their country from the Persians.

The hegemonial power in Hellas is Sparta, and also Athen is getting stronger again and tries to reestablish it´s naval power, but the golden age of the free Poleis is over, as in Northern Greece a new opponent appears: Macedonia.

In the Western Mediterranean Carthage expands its trade empire and comes more and more into conflict with the Greek cities of Sicily, especially Syracuse. For contrast Rome´s sphere of influence still ends shorlty beyond its own city walls. So the Romans set out to conquer Italy…

Note: German version is available.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Bernd Brosing; File Size: 2.22 MB (sound included)

The Odyssey The Odyssey is an adventure scenario based upon Homer’s epic Bronze Age tale. The scenario opens as the final events of the Trojan War unfold. Among the Greek besiegers is Odysseus of Ithaca, and this is the story of his incredible, adventure-filled journey home.

You are Odysseus, and as such will encounter many friends and enemies during your long voyage. There are Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and men both evil and good. One of the strong beliefs at this time was that a man’s fate controls his destiny. The power of the individual is severely limited, and you will find that to be very true in this scenario. As Odysseus you will be tested time and again, both physically and morally, and you must pay close attention to the Messages from the Gods. Therein lie clues to the solution of every dilemma. Failure to heed this advice, an unwillingness to parse its meaning, will result in your total destruction. As an added challenge almost every conceivable unit capability is represented, and you must use ALL your extensive Civ2 skills in order to pass these tests. Some are simple while others are deviously complex. And should you somehow survive and complete the first two chapters, well, prepare yourself for something never before seen in a Civ2 scenario!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Paul Cullivan; File Size: 986 KB

End of the Bronze Age

Sound:1 2

The year is 1200 B.C. The place is the Ancient Middle East. It’s a time when four large empires are contending for dominance in the Levant region (today’s Syria, Israel and Lebanon.) Several of these cultures have existed for thousands of years, their power alternately rising and falling depending on the fortunes of their ruling dynasties. But now, something has changed. A combination of peoples in motion and an innovative new military technology have dramatically altered the old balance of power. It’s the end of the Bronze Age and mighty empires are about to crumble! Will yours be one of them?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Paul Cullivan; File Size: 2.47 MB (sound included)

Seeds of Greatness Do you remember the early days of Civ II? No scenarios or special challenges, just starting with a single settler and clawing your way to world domination? But soon you learned all the tricks and needed new challenges to keep things interesting. This scenario recaptures that "Start from Scratch" thrill! The Tech Tree, Units, Wonders, and City Improvements are all new and historically appropriate to the world of the Ancient Near East. As a special bonus, each of the Seven Civilizations has it’s own customized Event file, so no game will ever be the same!

This Ancient Empires scenario is set in the year 3500 BC. It is the dawn of history and seven ancient Near Eastern civilizations are ready to embark on the long road of Research, Building, and Conquest! How do you win? As in the real world, you must achieve the "Alexander Solution"! By the time of his death in 323 BC, this entire region had fallen to the Macedonian conqueror. The calendar moves in Ten-Year increments and you must complete your conquests by 0 AD. The shadows lengthen upon the sundial, so may the Gods be with you Illustrious One!

For FW & MGE: Main Files Barbarian Variant File

For TOT: Main Files

Sound Files: Sound1 Sound2 Sound3

Author: Paul Cullivan; File Size: 2.89 MB

Celtic Italy "The blades are sharpened, war colors are blended, our appearance is hidden in order to please the gods’ will. Tomorrow, we’ll put on our amours. Because there’s a day in a man’s life, a day that allows him to choose his destiny. It can be both the day of his death or the day of his victory… in both cases, anyway, he will be free !!!"

– from the novel " Axu of the Trigabuli", 3ntini Editore, Italy

"Insubrians were considered by Romans an indigenous population, and Cenomani were still regarded as allies even after their revolts… but Boii and Senoni were simply destroyed and wiped out from the Cispadanian planes."

– Venceslav Kruta, "The Celts in Italy", Mondadori Editore, Italy

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Goddi Diego; File Size: 977 KB

Greek Colony This is a scenario of the Greek colonization of the Mediterranean from roughly 700-500 B.C. You play a Greek polis, or city-state, or Ionia, another ethnically Greek region in Turkey. This is a very open-ended scenario, with no objectives, but standard civ scoring. Recomended civs are Ionians, Corinthians, and Spartans, and recommended difficulties are King and up, but the full force of unhappiness kicks in at Deity.


Author: Goingonit; File Size: 323 KB

Fall of the Roman Empire This scenario begins with the invasion of Europe by Attila, who earned the nickname of ‘flagelum dei’ (whip of God), and ends just before the Islam burst into the Middle East. This epoch saw the fall of the western roman empire and the later attempts made by emperor Iustinianus to regain the lost provinces. Meanwhile, a group of newly born German kingdoms fight for survival against the Empire, the continuing barbarian invasions and against each other. Only one of these kingdoms did prevail…

Author: Joaquin Vanno Gea; File Size: 36 KB

Artaxeres: The Fall of the Spartan Hegemony

Sound: 1

The year is 399 BC. Looking towards the west is the dominating power of Carthage, which has seen the World to Guinea in the south and Scandinavia in the north, setting out to it’s next series of Conquests to reach the height of it’s power. In the east is the mighty Persian empire with it’s tremendous cities and it’s powerful army, ready to reconquer Egypt, and out to dominate Greece. Greece is in the middle of these two giants, and has it’s own problems. The Pelopponesian wars are over, with the siege of Sparta and the end of the Attic league. Persia, which has helped Sparta, now is in conflict with it, and has allied up with the new formed "Second Attic League" and the Superior city in Greece, Thebes. Can Persia get over a period of Political Decandency, and set out to conquer Greece and Egypt? Or do the Spartans develop a large force and conquer Persia before Alexander the Great is even born? The history is yours…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 1.36 MB (sound included)

The Iranians "On the nature of the earth, it says in revelation, that there are thirty and three kinds of land. On the day when Tistar produced the rain, when its seas arose therefrom, the whole place, half taken up by water, was converted into seven portions; this portion, as much as one-half, is the middle and six portions are around…"

-"Bundahism", the creation of the world

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 470 KB

Quest for Asia: The conquests of Alexander the Great v2 "Whom the empire will belong to? The best-for I foresee, that my friends will have heavy wargames for it"

— Alexander’s last words (Babylon, June 323 BC.)

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 382 KB

Quest for Asia: Darius the Great "When he crossed the Araxes, he had the following dream in the night: Cyrus believed that he saw the eldest son of Hystaspes with wings on his shoulders. One wing’s shadow fell on Asia, the other wing’s shadow fell on Europe."

— Herodotos, "The books of History" book 1

"I am Darius, the king, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenid, king of the kings"

— Darius the Great on the Bisotun inscription ca. 520 BC

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 542 KB

Quest for Asia: the Persian Empire ""When you cross the Halys, you will destroy a great empire…"

— The Oracle of Delphi to Lydian king Croesus shortly before the fall of the Lydian empire, 546 BC.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 359 KB

The Third Punic War "Come will once the day, where the holy Ilius goes down und Priamus and the people of the lance-known Priamus"

— Scipio, quoting his teacher Polybius while watching Carthage burning to the ground.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Härtel; File Size: 491 KB

The African Wars The Year is 351 BC. Although Thebes is officially the supreme city in Greece, Philippus II, king of the barbaric Macedonians and father of a young boy named Alexander, is busy conquering parts of Greece. The mighty Persian Empire stands at the height of its power, but is starting to show serious signs of weakness, which used to be one of Cyrus the Great’s biggest concerns. However, recently, great changes have changed the relatively stable situation entirely. North-African tribes have united under the mighty king of the Aithiopians. Libya has been conquered and the African troops have started attacking Carthage and Egypt. Both powers are expected to fall soon. The Persian king has mobilized all his troops, from India to Skythia, and has started the counter-offensive. However, if this huge Persian force will lose the doubtlessly greatest of all battles, the entire Persian empire, and also the European mainland lies open for the Africans. Never before such a great danger has threatened Europe. The only serious hope for survival would be if not only all Greek city-states, but also its great enemy Persia, would rally their forces and crush all African forces.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Allard H.S. Höfelt; File Size: 520 KB

Homer’s Age Minos is dead, Crete’s power has almost vanished, and all other formerly suppressed powers on the continent are expanding, making war. Big city after big city falls, but there will be only one survivor. The Mycenians in real "won", leading Greece into a second great time of only some 200 years, followed by the Dark Ages. Only you can save Greece from this cultural disaster, by leading one great power. Conquer Crete, Troy, Athens, Mycene, and the world lies beneath your feet, and there will once again be a hegemony in Greece, YOUR Hegemony…

Author: Allard H.S. Höfelt; File Size: 16 KB

Rise of Rome (A scenario by Microprose, revised by Allard H.S. Höfelt)

In the 50 years since the conquests of Alexander the Great, the civilized world has become virtually a Greek world. Alexander’s premature death in 323 B.C. provoked a series of wars among his generals for the control of an empire that stretched from Southern Italy to India. Eventually it was subdivided into three relatively stable kingdoms ruled by the descendants of three of his generals, Seleucus’s kingdom in Asia, Ptolemy’s kingdom in Africa, and Antigonus’s kingdom in Europe. They coexist harmoniously with the great mercantile power, Carthage, based in north-western Africa. The only serious threats to peace springs from periodic invasions of the warlike Celts of central Europe. Recently, however, a small republic with the unassuming name of Rome has emerged from several centuries of regional warfare as the dominant power of the Italian peninsula. The stage is now set for a stunning series of campaigns in which Rome, historically, conquered, in turn, the western Greeks, Carthage, the Celts, and, finally, the three Greek empires to become master of the Western world.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Allard H.S. Höfelt; File Size: 374 KB

Roman Riots v2

Salve! Your successful suppression of the rebellion in the now happily sacked townof Inventarium has resulted in your superiors noticing you, Maximus Glorius. You have been assigned to guard and protect the booming Omnilanum in Transalpine Gaul. However, this job is no cakewalk as the invasion of the Pueni coupled with a well-planned uprising of the plebs proves.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds/Gold

Screenshots: Title Screen1 Screen2

Author: St.Leo (Leons Petrazickis); File Size: 391 KB

Roman Empire Julius Caesar is about to enter Gaul. You take it from there. Build an empire and defeat Pompey in the civil war that follows when you conquer Gaul. Develop new technologies and improve your army. Romanize the world and defend against Barbarian invasions. Although the scenario starts at Gaul, it is meant to be played as the history of the Romans from the beginning of their empire.

Author: Michael Jeszenka; File Size: 454 KB

The Fall of the West Roman Empire

Sound: 1

This scenario is set in the fifth century AD. The Roman Empire is split in a western and eastern part, now called the West Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. The weakened military state of the Romans has encouraged barbaric tribes from the north to settle or conquer areas in the Roman Empires. At the beginning of this scenario the (West) Romans have already last a lot of land to the barbarians. Hispania (Spain) is in the hands of the Sueves and Vandals. Tribes from Denmark raid the coast of Britannia (England), Aquetania (southeast France) is controlled by the Visigoths, and central European tribes like the Francs and Burgundiones have crossed the Rhine to settle in Roman territory. But the worst threat comes from the east. A new barbaric tribe coming from the Asian plains has terrified the other barbaric tribes. These mounted devils as they were called have already conquered the Ostragoths and have set other tribes on the run. The Roman world is at the verge of destruction.

Author: Mark Laanen; File Size: 1.26 MB

Conquest of Gaul It is the year 27BC and Caesar is preparing to invade Gaul. The Britons sign an alliance with the Gauls. Caesar must now take on the two northern tribes and win victory for the glory Roman Empire. Or will the Gauls with the aid of the Britons repel Caesars forces. The outcome of History rests in your Hands! You have until the time of the fall of the Rome.

Author: Derek Lande; File Size: 23 KB

Peloponnesian War After the glorious victory of united Greek forces against Persia, the feud separated Peloponnesus peninsula under Sparta rule from Greece, lead by Athens. Greece’s two biggest poleis were preparing for war. Sparta based the Peloponnesian Union, Athens gathered their allies in the Delian Union. The iron force of Sparta hoplites was almost invincible, but Athenians fleet was superior on sea. Moreover, Athenians built the Long Walls to protect their capital. Both sides were only awaiting an occasion to send their armies in the battle. It happened in 431 BC…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Alex Mor (the Magnificent); File Size: 323 KB

Spartacus: The Quest for Freedom

Files: 1 2 3 4

In 73 BC Spartacus, a strong Gladiator from Thrace, escapes from a Roman Gladiator school along with a small group of other captives. But there is no place to escape, the entire known world is under control of the Great Rome, it’s legions and it’s fleet. Therefore, Spartacus and his men can only find their freedom through victory over the oppressor.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Alex Mor (the Magnificent); File Size: 2.26 MB

Zhan Guo: Quest for TianXia

FW: Patch

Sound: 1 2

Zhan Guo is a scenario about the Warring States period in ancient China. You play as the Chin state and your goal is to take as many cities as you can, to unite all of China under Chin’s rule.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE [if you have FW, be sure to also download the patch at the left]

Author: Prometeus; File Size: 1.79 MB

Sacrificial Blood: Rise of the High Native Empires This scenario/modpack contains 57 new technologies, 62 new units, 25 new sounds, 12 pieces of new music, 24 new wonders, and 12 new improvements. Many of the default game graphics, such as the Presidents’ pictures, have also been changed. Sacrificial Blood is actually three games in one.


Author: Shay Roberts; File Size: large!

Romance of the Three Kingdoms v.1 Enter Second Century China, into the darkness following the collapse of the Han Dynasty. CAO CAO, an ambitious warlord, has striven to end the chaos and reunited all lands of China. Yet in his moments of weakness LIU BEI and SUN QUAN rose up to challenge his claim to the emperor’s throne. Now China stand divided into three kingdoms. Righteous warlords will clash until a leader among them restores the people as one glorious nation.

Author: Martin Roger; File Size: 161 KB

Invasion Invasion deals with the great invasions of the Roman Empire at the end of Vth century BC. The map is enormous and there are about 200 cities! Note: The Read Me is in French. I would appreciate it if someone can translate it into English…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Emmanuel Ruellan; File Size: 1.9 MB

Africa The Egyptians and Moroccons, and five Sub-Saharan tribes (The Zulu, the Kongo, the Luba, the Songhay, the Ethiopians) compete to build an African empire. In this version of history, there’s no European colonizers headed your way, so make the best of it.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 9.25 KB

The Conquest of Greece When the Venetians conquered Constantinople, the Byzantine land of Turkey and Greece have been splitered. The Osmans feels strong with an army in Bulagary and Macedonia, and soon they attack on the Greek splitred states. But The latin empire also take interest in the Greek splited Greek states. The Byzantines is poor but strong civilization. And if you play as the Byzantines You must unite the Greeks with the Byzantines. The Greeks must beware of the Latin empire this power could be dangerous for them. Your final object is to destroy the osman empire before it’s to late.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 83 KB

Holy Land Man awakens from his long primate slumber around the Fertile Crescent of the Mediterranean. Seven tribes: The Hittites, the Assyrians, the Jews, the Medians, the Babylonians, the Persians, and the Egyptians, seek to build man’s first organized civilization. Beginning in the 28th c. B.C., you have until 330 B.C., when the game ends due to Alexander the Great’s massive army suddenly landing in Anatolia and wiping out everything you and your competitors have built. Enjoy your temporary stay.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 11 KB

Roman Empire: Rule of Trajan The Roman Empire at it’s greatest was during the rule of Trajan, from A.D.98 to A.D.117. Trajan conquored lands no Roman thought possable. He fought and won the Dacian Wars (102-106) and soon after defeated Britan(109). He defeated the Parthians at Ctesiphon in 116, and captured Armenia in 117. He pushed on toward Germany, but could not capture Teutoburg Forest. The Roman Empire now had all the lands from Mauritania in the south, to Britania in the North, to Mesopotamia and Armenia in the East. In the year 117, Hadrian became the new Emperor. He built forts around the empire to defend aganst the "Barbarian" armies. The most famous was Hadrian’s Wall in northern England. Still standing today, this wall was built to keep out the powerful Caldonian armies from the north.

REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author: Unknown; File Size: 402 KB