TurnBasedFest: Celebrating turn-based video games (Dec 8-12)

By | December 5, 2022

On December 8 to 12 the TurnBasedFest will be happening: A showcase of turn-based games of all kinds (strategy, RPG and others). Various developers and other content-creators will be around, showing their games, of which more than 300 will be featured. A steam sale for many of the featured games will be happening at the same time.

So if you don’t know what to buy yet for Christmas, or you want to have a look beyond Civilization (not sure why you would do that though), then this is again the time!

For more information you can also follow TurnBasedThursday on Twitter, also with the hasthag #TurnBasedThursday. And obviously we also have a forum thread for this event, see here.

Play the new Civilization 6 “Game Of The Month” #148

By | December 3, 2022

The first Civ6 GOTM after the “Leader Pass” release directly gives you a challenge with one of the new leaders! This time you play as Saladin of Arabia on a standard size hot and wet wetlands map on King level. You need to go for a science victory, while preventing all other civs from achieving any type of victory.

You have until January 1 to strive for scientific hegemony.

For all other details, please check this thread.

Civilization VI Leader Pass: Official Leader Cards

By | December 2, 2022

Firaxis has released the official leader cards for Julius Caesar and Abraham Lincoln. The former you can see above, whereas the latter you can find in out thread here.

Firaxis releases Marvel’s Midnight Suns

By | December 2, 2022

Today Firaxis released its major new game of the year: Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Midnight Suns is a tactical turn based game, similar to the XCOM franchise, but set in the Marvel universe, featuring various Marvel heroes like Blade or Doctor Strange. The game has so far received extremely good critiques, with 83 points on MetaCritic, so good that even Forbes is reporting about it. Websites rating the game well include IGN, GameInformer and GamesRadar.

Feel free to drop by in our forum and discuss Midnight Suns with us here.

Another news story has also come up: 2K and Firaxis have made it possible to fulfill the wish of a dying fan, to play Midnight Suns before its release. You can read the full story here and discuss with us here.

Aria – History Untold: Dev diaries public, new technical alpha in January

By | December 1, 2022

The developers of Aria – History Untold (another hot Civilization contender) have made today two announcements:

  • The developer diaries, which have so far only been available for the participants of the insider program, are now freely available
  • A new technical alpha-phase will start in January, and they are looking for more participants.

You can read the whole blog post here, which also contains the links to the developer diaries.

And come over to this thread to discuss this game with your fellow civ-fanatics!

Parody (not real): Joe Biden’s leader portrait for Civ7

By | November 28, 2022

A fake image, generated by one of the recent AI image generators, is currently highly popular on Twitter (50.000+ likes): A scene displaying Joe Biden in the style of a Civilization leader portrait. This is NOT an image from Civilization VII, which has not been announced, and will certainly not feature Joe Biden.

If you want to discuss this image with us, then check out this thread.

The CivGive2022 charity stream: Civ selection this Saturday

By | November 25, 2022

On December 11 we will have the most important Civ6 stream of the year: The CivGive2022, where 12 streamers battle for Civ6 hegemony in a giant online stream, to raise money for GamesOutreachOrg. To already raise money before the event, there are many other events and occassions to donate. One of them is this Saturday, at 3 PM Eastern time (noon Western time, or 21h CET): The Civ draft. You want to know who decides to play with which civ? If they streamers will go for the new Leader Pass leaders? Who might not get his favourite civ? Tune in on Saturday at 3PM on the channel of TheCivShow.

Discuss the CivGive2022 with us here.

Civilization 6 Leader Pass: Technical issues continue, Great Commanders sneak peak, interview with Ed Beach, and live streams

By | November 22, 2022

The current rollout of the Civ6 Leader Pass is still not working perfectly. According to Firaxis the DLC is currently being distributed to all players, but not everyone has received it yet. Please be patient, and report back here.

Within the latest game files we also already found some info for pack #2, the Great Commanders. Want to know about this unreleased information? Check here.

The website wccftech has released an interview with Ed Beach about the Leader Pass. If you’re curious about it’s development, you can read the interview here, and discuss it with us here.

And in case you want to see people playing the DLC while waiting for its rollout, we have a list of streamers here.