Original Master of Magic: Free on GOG until Sunday October 2

By | September 29, 2022

The original Master of Magic game (from 1994), one of the classics of turn based games and 4X, is currently available for free on GOG.
This promotion lasts until Sunday October 2.
Get your free copy here.

Discuss this classic with us in our forum here.

This sale goes together with the announcement of the release date for the remake: December 13. For more info about this, please see the announcement, and check our thread for the remake here.

Play the new Civ5 “Game Of The Month” #214

By | September 28, 2022

And it’s again the time for the “Game Of The Month”! This time you play as Pocatello of the Shoshone on a standard size “four corners” type map on Immortal level. You need to go for a culture victory and prevent all other civs from achieving another victory. You have until October 15 to finish this game.

All details can be found in this thread.

Early access: Terra Invicta, a 4X where you have to resist an alien invasion

By | September 27, 2022

Since Yesterday “Terra Invicta” is in early access.
This is another 4X game published by Hooded Horse, who also published Old World.
While still a 4X game, Terra Invicta is not turn-based, but a real time strategy game, so more similar to the Paradox Titles like Hearts of Iron or Crusader Kings.
The setting is completely different though: In Terra Invicta earth is getting invaded by aliens, and you are leading one of the factions to deal with them: Fight them? Befriend them? Flee Earth? It will be your choice!

You can get Terra Invicta (in early access) right now with a 10% discount, for 35.99€.

Some streamers which are also known for their Civ streams have played/reviewed Terra Invicta already:

Discuss Terra Invicta in our forum here.

PCGamer – Civilization: From Alpha Centauri To Beyond Earth

By | September 26, 2022

PCGamer has published a new article, called “Civilization: From Alpha Centauri To Beyond Earth“.

In this article the author talks about how the story made Alpha Centauri memorable, and how the extensive lore behind Beyond Earth does not give you the same feeling of story in the game.

An excerpt:

Story is a core part of the experience, and in Alpha Centauri more than any other 4X game ever made. There’s the obvious stuff with the faction leaders and big text infodumps at regular intervals, but there’s also a lot of other important stuff going on that’s less front-of-house – not least the constant reinforcement of just how awful everything on the planet actually is. What starts as a mission of hope breaks up before it’s even really begun, and it’s not long after that that you’re nerve-stapling citizens and fighting wars where the losing immortal is thrown screaming into a pain booth. Alpha Centauri’s Planet is a terrible, terrible place where the best of intentions go to die.

You can read the whole article here: https://www.pcgamer.com/civilization-from-alpha-centauri-to-beyond-earth/, and discuss it in our forum here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/pcgamer-civilization-from-alpha-centauri-to-beyond-earth.679349/

A Conversation with Christopher Tin: Multiculturalism, language, and soundtracking humanity (free webinar)

By | September 25, 2022

Christoper Tin, our most beloved composer, will be giving a free webinar about how he is making his music.
This webinar is organized by Hal Leonard and the American Choral Directors association, and will be available on Zoom on October 4, 7 PM Eastern Time.
If you want to know more about his soundtracks, culture and music, then have a look at it.
You can sign up here, and these news have been provided by himself on Twitter.

You can discuss this webinar in our forum here.

TactiCon Sale AND Total War Humble Bundle

By | September 23, 2022

There is now also a TactiCon sale going on!
60 different turn-based games are on sale, with discounts between 10 to 75%!
Most interesting games for us here are probably “Imperiums: Greek Wars”, “Expeditions: Rome” and “Going Medieval”, since these are history themed, but a lot more interesting games can be found there!

For more infos about TactiCon please see this thread.

At the same time the Humble Bundle as a sale for the Total War classics.

For only 12.08€ you get Medieval I+II, Shogun I+II, Empire I, Napoleon and their addons. If you have not tried a Total War title, then this is the time to do it!

2K games support hack, virus emails sent

By | September 23, 2022

In short: 2K reports that one of the vendors for their support was breached. The hackers sent out emails to people who had interactions with the 2K support, with a malicious link in it (or trojan attachment, depending on source). If you recently received an email from 2K which you did not expect and you clicked a link in it/downloaded an attachment, then you might be in trouble, and should do the general security precautions like changing your passwords.

For discussions about this please see here.

TactiCon Schedule

By | September 21, 2022

And there is now a schedule for the TactiCon!
The program includes talks about strategy games and publishing. Among the participants will be Soren and Leyla Johnson, the former being the Civ3 and 4 lead designer, and they both worked together on Old World. Tim Bender from their publisher Hooded Horse will be participating in a talk about how to publish games. Other talks include the future of tactical games, and how to balance depth versus the decision making freedom of the players.

There will be various streamers, e.g. kormaktv, who will also be streaming related to TactiCon, see his schedule here.

Discuss TactiCon with us here!