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Kotaku: The Best Strategy Games On PC

By | April 6, 2022

Kotaku has compiled another list about the best strategy games out there. The list is full of titles, which shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, like Crusader King’s III, Total War: Shogun II and Age of Empires 2. And obviously a Civ title also made it on the list, here it is Civ5! The Civ5 excerpt from the… Read More »

Play the new Civ5 “Game Of The Month” #211

By | March 2, 2022

After a short break, we now have our Civ5 “Game Of The Month” back. This is thanks to our user zxcvbob, who volunteered to create this game! This time you play Pacal of the Maya on a standard-size Great Plains Plus map on Prince difficulty. You have to go for the diplomatic victory, and at the same time… Read More »

Gotta catch them all: Check the Civ4+6 Pokemon maps!

By | March 1, 2022

We have just seen the announcement of the lastest Pokemon titles, and obviously this is very exciting. While many people will now go and play more Pokemon, we do recommend another way to satisfy your cravings: Play the Civ Pokemon maps! For Civ4, we have the Hoenn region, which is a flat map of roughly large size of… Read More »

From Firaxis: Happy Birthday, Sid Meier!

By | February 24, 2022

As it was promised 2 weeks ago, the Civilization Twitter account has made a video with all the best birthday wishes for Sid. You can find this video here on Twitter: Happy Birthday, Sid Meier! 🥳🎂 Enjoy this special message from the best fans in gaming.— Sid Meier’s Civilization (@CivGame) February 24, 2022 Discuss this video… Read More »

Humble Bundle: Sid Meier’s Ultimate Collection

By | February 23, 2022

The Humble Bundle has made a Sid Meier Bundle, containing a lot of our favourite games!If you pay at least 13.25€, you get The original Colonization Civ3 complete Civ4 complete Civ5 complete Civ: Beyond Earth – The Collection Sid Meier’s Starships Civ6 and all addons and DLC (besides the NFP, where you get a 15€ coupon) As other… Read More »

Robert Zubek: Humankind and the rhetoric of tech trees

By | February 21, 2022

Robert Zubek, the author of the book “Elements of Game Design”, has written a blog post about the tech tree differences between Humankind and Civilization 5. He first talks about the tech tree as a game mechanic device to simulate progress, and afterwards talks about the differences between the two games, mostly that Humankind’s tech tree focuses way… Read More »

Sales: Civ3, 4, 5 and 6 and Civ:BE on sale!

By | February 16, 2022

It’s currently again sales time, and many titles of our most beloved game series are on sale! Civ3 Complete: 1.24€ on Steam, 1.29€ on GOG Civ4 Complete, including Civ4:Col: 5€ on GOG, 5€ on Steam Civ5 Brave New World (only 1 of the 2 addons on sale): 7.49€ on Steam Civ6: Base game 8.99€ addon Gathering Storm 9.99… Read More »

IGN: Civilization’s Past and Future, As Told By Its Lead Designers

By | January 30, 2022

IGN has just published an interview with some of the most important people in Civ history: Soren Johnson, Jon Shafer, Ed Beach and Anton Strenger, who each gave a bit of new direction for Civ.They talk in the interview about how they started with Civ, their most-liked additions to Civ, and how they see Civ in the whole… Read More »