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Kull’s Civ Call To Power 2 Apolyton Edition Cradle 3+ Upgrade Project

By | December 16, 2023

Other than the occasional tinkering with the Apolyton Edition of Call To Power 2 there’s not many CTP fan projects still going these days. However long time Civ community member Kull has been working over the last year or so on making the popular Cradle 3+ mods compatible with the Apolyton Edition of CTP2 while also making a… Read More »

Streaming older Civs: Live streams for Civ3 and Civilization: Call To Power

By | February 22, 2023

The Value Foundation,, a foundation associated with Leiden University, the Netherlands, will be streaming Civ3 regularly on Tuesday evenings, 21h CET (3 PM East Coast, Noon Pacific time). They do research on games and history, and have already last year regularly (Tuesday evenings) streamed Civ2, seems this year they’ll be playing Civ3.The announcement is here on Twitter,… Read More »