Civilization IV: Hall of Fame

Players of any version of Civilization are familiar with their own personal Hall of Fame, a single screen serving as a testimonial to their own individual accomplishments. And yet, while players can view with delight and satisfaction their own monuments, marveling at the games they have filled it with, die-hard enthusiasts can eventually find their own HOF unfullfilling. Because, while there are stories and glories in abundance in personal Halls of Fame, those screens are often only enjoyed and seen by those that fill them.
At it’s most basic level the CFC HOF just takes that simple screen to a new level. It is, quite simply, a database, an elite level of tables of the best games. Not the best games of a single player, but of all CFCr’s that care to participate. It’s an oppurtunity for humans to play standard stand-alone games, and yet submit them into an environment where they compete with other humans at the same time.

At the community level, the CFC HOF exists to serve the players who compete in it. As games are submitted, verified and posted on the tables, it will become clear who is the best. Some players will enter the HOF already the best. Others will compete and become the best. What can be safely said is that most everyone will become better players for simply having competed. Here in the Hall of Fame are superior games to study from, experienced and talented players putting their wisdom and strategies up for all to read and know, and in the forum, posters gracious enough to advise on matters and answer questions.

And that’s why our doors are open to all. Granted, the best shall be saluted. But it’s even more certain that anyone who enters the Hall of Fame will eventually find themselves better prepared to defeat those pesky AI.

Civ IV Hall Of Fame can be found here: [URL][/URL]