Civilization Revolution: Great People

School of ConfuciusCivilization Revolution has six different types of Great People that provide special abilities upon their appearance. The six types are Great Artist/Thinker, Great Builder, Great Humanitarian, Great Explorer/Industrialist, Great Leader, and Great Scientist.

Every type of great people can do two things. The first is a one-time immediate bonus, which will consume the great person. Some examples of one time bonuses are instant completion of a wonder and increase population of all your cities. The second use is settlement bonus, which provides the host city benefits such as reduced building cost, experience for newly created units, and culture/science bonus. Note that only the great people settled in cities count toward cultural victory.

You can earn Great People in following ways:

  • Accumulation of Culture: You will receive great person as your civilization accumulates culture. Each successive great person costs more culture points.
  • Economic Milestones: The 500 gold and 10,000 gold milestones both give you a great person.
  • First to Discover Benefit: Discovering Invention or Monarchy tech first will give you a great person.
  • Spies: You can kidnap great people from enemy cities using spies.
  • School of Confucius: Discovering the School of Confucius relic will instantly give you a few great people.
  • Conquest: You will gain control of any great people in the city when you capture a city.

Below is a complete list of all 46 Great People categorized by type. The associated tech for each great person is also included.

Great Person Name Associated Technology

Great Artists/Thinkers
Use them to convert enemy city, or settle them in city for +50% culture production

Aesop Writing
Aristotle University
Charles Babbage Networking
J.S. Bach Religion
Fyodor Dostoevsky Industrialization
Homer Alphabet
Karl Marx Communism
Plato Pottery
Great Builders
Use them to instantly complete production of any unit/building/or wonder, or settle them in city to halve the cost of all buildings in the city for future constructions.
Cheops Masonry
Leonardo da Vinci Invention
Henry Ford The Automobile
Gilgamesh Horseback Riding
Imhotep Ceremonial Burial
Nebuchadnezzar Construction
George Stephenson Steel
James Watt Steam Power
Sophocles Democracy
Leopold Stokowski Superconductor
Great Explorer/Industrialist
Use them to get a large one-time gold bonus, or settle them in city to receive +50% gold production.
Roald Amundsen Combustion
Christopher Columbus Banking
Vasco Da Gama Navigation
W.R. Hearst Mass Media
Marco Polo Currency
Sargon Bronze Working
Tippu Sultan Space Flight
Wilbur Wright Advanced Flight
Great Humanitarian
Use them to add +1 population to all your cities, or settle them in city for +50% population growth rate.
Thomas Becket Feudalism
Frederick Douglass Railroad
Johannes Gutenberg Printing Press
Lao Tzu Irrigation
Florence Nightingale Gunpowder
Albert Schweitzer Globalization
Eli Whitney Mass Production
Great Leader
Use them to upgrade all your units to veteran, or settle them in city so your newly created units receive +3 experience points (free upgrade if the city also has barracks).
Agamemnon Iron Working
David Monarchy
Great Scientist
Use them to instantly finish research of current technology, or settle them in city for +50% science.
Archimedes Engineering
Alexander G. Bell The Corporation
Confucius Literacy
Marie Curie Metallurgy
Thomas Edison Electricity
Albert Einstein Atomic Theory
Enrico Fermi Nuclear Power
Otto Lilienthal Flight
Guglielmo Marconi Electronics
Pythagoras Mathematics
Solomon Code of Laws