Civilization II: Scenario Reviews

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Currently, there are five permanent staff members for scenario reviews and submissions.

JValdezToo, who is also moderator of the CivFanatics scenario forum, is well known for his innovative and interesting scenario designs, and is well respected for his large body of mod pack and scenario work.

Kobayashi, threw the civ-2 Star trek fans on their collective ear with his excellent pair of scenarios, StarTrek: Battle of the Alpha Quadrant and Star Trek: Dominion war, and his latest release is ZWK, a European theater World War II scenario. Highly regarded for his innovative terrain and beautiful units, he has risen to be among the most highly regarded scenario designers around.

Willemvanoranje is a young designer who already has two impressive credits under his belt, his beautiful Dutch modpack, and his recently released Star Trek: Battle of the Kappa Quadrant. He is also well know as a playtester and has worked with some of the finer designers in the civilization scenario field.

SunTzu, who is a veteran moderator at CivFanatics, is considered one of the finest Playtester in the civilization scenario arena, has playtested numerous scenarios that have reached publication, and is quite exact in his evaluation of WW II scenarios, is a favorite playtester of Captain Nemo (Red Front, 2194 Days of War. ect).

Alcibiaties of Athenae is also a veteran playtester, who has worked with such designers as Jesus Balsinde, Jesus Munoz, Stefhan Hartel, Bernd Brosing, Prometius, Kobayshi, J Valdez II, Willemvanoranje, and Hodad, on many different scenarios.

It is our hope that we can provide the insight and experience to provide accurate reviews for the patrons of

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These scenarios can be downloaded either from the Downloads page or the File Database.

Below you can find links to detailed reviews of individual scenarios, complete with images and score breakdowns.