Civilization III: Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World are as important as ever. Civ3 has most of the Wonders in Civ2, plus several new ones. Some old wonders function in new ways. There is a brand new set of Wonders called “Small Wonders”. While Great Wonders can be constructed only once in the world, Small Wonders can be built by every civilization. Another difference is that Great Wonders can be made obsolete by new technologies, Small Wonders cannot.

An interesting feature is Great Wonders are associated with one or more of the Civilization strengths. If the attributes of the Wonders you’ve completed match your Civ’s strengths, you will trigger a Golden Age.

There are 24 Great Wonders and 10 Small Wonders.

Great Wonders (24):

Graphic Great Wonder Attributes Benefits
Great WallCost: 200
Culture: 2Requires: Construction
Expires: Metallurgy
Militaristic & Industrious Doubles effects of city walls and attack strength vs. barbarians.
SETI ProgramCost: 1000
Culture: 3Requires: Computers
Expires: Never
Expansionist Doubles science output of city
LighthouseCost: 400
Culture: 2
Requires: Map MakingExpires: Magnetism
Expansionist & Commercial +1 ship movement. Galleys can travel safely at sea.
ColossusCost: 200
Culture: 3
Requires: Bronze WokingExpire: Flight
Expansionist & Religious +1 commerce in any square already producing commerce in that city.
Great LibraryCost: 400
Culture: 6
Requires: LiteratureExpire: Education
Scientific Civilization receives any civilization advance already discovered by 2 other known civs for free.
Hanging GardensCost: 300
Culture: 4
Requires: MonarchyExpire: Steam Power
Industrious Makes 3 unhappy citizens content in its city and one unhappy citizen content in your other cities.
OracleCost: 300
Culture: 4
Requires: Mysticism
Expire: Theology
Religious Doubles the effect of all temples.
PyramidCost: 400Culture: 4
Requires: Masonry
Expire: Never
Industrious & Religious Acts as a granary in all your cities on the same continent.
United NationsCost: 1000
Culture: 4Requires: Fission
Expire: Never
Commercial Enables diplomatic victory.
Hoover DamCost: 800
Culture: 3
Requires: ElectronicsExpires: Never
Industrious Acts as a Hydro Plant in all your cities on that continent.
Sistine ChapelCost: 600
Culture: 6
Requires: Theology
Expire: Never
Religious Doubles the effect of Cathedrals.
Leonardo’s WorkshopCost: 600Culture: 2
Requires: Invention
Expire: Never
Militaristic Halves the upgrade cost of units.
Theory of EvolutionCost: 600
Culture: 3Requires: Scientific Method
Expire: Never
Scientific Gives 2 free techs.Known as Darwin’s Voyage in Civ2.
Art of WarCost: 600
Culture: 2
Requires: FeudalismExpire: Never
Militaristic Provides benefits of a Barracks in all your cities on that continent.
Copernicus’ ObservatoryCost: 400
Culture: 4
Requires: Astronomy
Expire: Never
Expansionist Doubles science output in that city.
Magellan’s VoyageCost: 400Culture: 3
Requires: Navigation
Expire: Never
Expansionist & Commercial Movement of all naval units is increased by 1.
Shakespeare’s TheatreCost: 400
Culture: 6Requires: Free Artistry
Expire: Never
Makes 8 unhappy citizens in that city content.
Smith’s Trading Co.Cost: 600
Culture: 3
Requires: EconomicsExpire: Never
Commercial Free maintenance for Marketplaces, Banks, Harbors, and Airports.
LongevityCost: 1000
Culture: 3
Requires: Genetics
Expire: Never
Scientific Population increases by 2 instead of 1 when the food box is filled.
Manhattan ProjectCost: 800Culture: 2
Requires: Fission
Expire: Never
Militaristic & Industrious Allows construction of nuclear weapons by all civilizations.
Bach’s CathedralCost: 600
Culture: 5Requires: Music Theory
Expire: Never
Religious Decreases the number of unhappy people by 2 in each city on the same continent.
Cure for CancerCost: 1000
Culture: 4
Requires: GeneticsExpire: Never
Scientific Makes one unhappy citizen content in all your cities.
Universal SuffrageCost: 800
Culture: 4
Requires: Industrialization
Expire: Never
Militaristic Reduces war weariness in all your cities.
Newton’s UniversityCost: 400Culture: 6
Requires: Theory of Gravity
Expire: Metallurgy
Scientific Doubles science output of city

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