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General Reference
Frequently Asked Questions Please check the FAQ before posting questions in the forums…Author: Ginger_Ale
Civilization III Complete Reference File An excellent reference file containing detailed info about units, resources, improvements, Wonders, improvements, Civ-specific abilities, governments, tech tree, and keyboard shortcuts. This is absolutely the most complete reference file.Looks best when printed in color!

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Author: LoneWolf5050;

Adding Units to the Game Check out these guides if you don’t know how to add new units to Civ3.

Nethog’s Civ3 Tech Tree A tech tree for Civ 3 with all 4 pages shown on a single 8.5. The data is applicable to v1.29f.

Author: Nethog; File Size: 90 KB

Nethog’s Civ3 Unit Summary This is a 1-page detailed unit summary in PDF format.

Author: Nethog; File Size: 70 KB

Civ3 Keyboard Shortcuts Chart A nice double-sided keyboard shortcuts chart for Civilization III. The chart is up-to-date (patch level 1.17f) and is only 29 KB in size. You owe it to yourself to print it out. In PDF format.Author: Christoph Nahr; Date Posted: 2/25/02
Civ3 Keyboard Shortcuts Another list of keyboard shortcuts, in plain text format. The list is up to date for 1.29f.Author: Brandon Supernaw; Date Posted: 7/25/02
Keyboard Shortcut Spreadsheet An excel spread sheet of the keyboard shortcuts for CivIIIAuthor: Madrigal61 & Hank Griffin; Date Posted: 11/26/01
Informative Tech Tree The original version of the tech tree that got incorporated into LoneWolf5050’s reference file.Author: BrownK; Date Posted: 11/19/01
Culture Flipping Exposed Everything you want to know about culture flipping.Author: Dan Magaha; Date Posted: 1/14/02
Combat Calculators
Combat System Explained All you wanted to know about combat but were afraid to ask…Author: Valant2; Date Posted: 11/02/01
Calculating the Possibility of Winning a Combat The details of combat odd calculation…Author: Grendel; Date Posted: 11/06/01
Civ3 Combat Test Map Fight hundreds of quick battles on this special test map and see the results.Author: Dan Magaha; Date Posted: 1/28/02
How much improvements really help corruption This study examines the degree of reduction in corruption by city improvements under various governments. Author: Bamspeedy; Date Posted: 3/16/02
Understanding Corruption (Vanilla/PTW)

Conquests Version

Great insight in how to predict corruption. A formula and a corruption calculator is included. Author: alexman; Date Posted: 4/09/02
Hidden Info from the Rules Lots of hidden info from the rules. Author: Paradoxflux; Date Posted: 11/06/01
Civilization III Tribes Guide “For the first time, the different cultures in the Civ series have noticeably different characteristics that will really affect the game in huge ways. This guide describes each tribe in detail, with all of its important characteristics and unique points outlined, and then I give my opinion on the tribe, along with strategies to use with that specific tribe. “Author: RAGNAROK757; Date Posted: 07/02
Civilization III Units Guide This guide covers all the units, both military and non-military, that appear in the game.Author: RAGNAROK757; Date Posted: 07/02
Creation & Customization Reference
See the Tutorials, Reference, & Guides forum inside our Civ3 Creation & Customization forum for more great Reference files!