Civilization V: Technologies

An image of the full technology tree can be viewed here.

Image Technology Beaker Science Cost Makes Available Era Prerequisites Leads To
Agriculture 20 Farm Improvements Ancient Pottery, Animal Husbandry, Archery, Mining
Pottery 35 Granary Ancient Agriculture Sailing, Calendar, Writing
Animal Husbandry 35 Reveals Horses, Pasture Improvements Ancient Agriculture Trapping, The Wheel
Archery 35 Archer, Temple of Artemis Ancient Agriculture Mathematics
Mining 35 Mine Improvements, Forest Chopping Ancient Agriculture Masonry, Bronze Working
Sailing 55 Work Boat, Trireme, The Great Lighthouse, Fishing Boat Improvements Ancient Pottery Optics
Calendar 70 Stonehenge, Stone Works, Plantation Improvements Ancient Pottery Theology
Writing 55 Library, The Great Library, Open Border Agreements Ancient Pottery Philosophy
Trapping 55 Circus, Trading Post Improvements, Camp Improvements Ancient Animal Husbandry Civil Service
The Wheel 55 Chariot Archer, Water Mill, Road Improvements Ancient Animal Husbandry Horseback Riding, Mathematics
Masonry 55 Walls, The Pyramids, Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Quarry Improvements, Removing Marshes Ancient Mining Construction
Bronze Working 55 Spearman, Barracks, The Colossus, Statue of Zeus, Chopping Jungles Ancient Mining Iron Working
Optics 85 Lighthouse, Unit Embarkation Classical Sailing Compass
Philosophy 105 Temple, National College, National Epic, The Oracle, Research Agreements Classical Writing Theology, Civil Service
Horseback Riding 105 Horseman, Stable Classical The Wheel Chivalry
Mathematics 105 Catapult, Courthouse, The Hanging Gardens Classical The Wheel, Archery Currency, Engineering
Construction 105 Colosseum, Circus Maximus, The Great Wall, Lumber Mill Improvements, Classical Masonry Engineering
Iron Working 160 Swordsman, Heroic Epic, Reveals Iron Classical Bronze Working Metal Casting
Theology 275 Monastery, Garden, Angkor Wat, The Hagia Sophia Medieval Calendar, Philosophy Education
Civil Service 440 Pikeman, Chichen Itza, +1 Food from Fresh Water Farms Medieval Philosophy, Trapping Education, Chivalry
Currency 275 Mint, Market, National Treasury, Machu Picchu, Wealth Conversion Medieval Mathematics Chivalry
Engineering 275 Aqueduct, Fort Improvements, Bridges over Water Medieval Mathematics, Construction Machinery, Physics
Metal Casting 275 Forge, Workshop Medieval Iron Working Physics, Steel
Compass 375 Harbor, +1 Gold from Fishing Boats Medieval Optics Astronomy
Education 485 University, Oxford University, Notre Dame, The Porcelain Tower, Research Conversion Medieval Theology, Civil Service Astronomy, Acoustics, Banking
Chivalry 485 Knight, Castle, Himeji Castle, Defensive Pact Agreements Medieval Civil Service, Horseback Riding, Currency Acoustics, Banking
Machinery 485 Crossbowman, Armory, Ironworks, Faster Road Movement Medieval Engineering Printing Press
Physics 485 Trebuchet Medieval Engineering, Metal Casting Printing Press, Gunpowder
Steel 485 Longswordsman Medieval Metal Casting Gunpowder
Astronomy 780 Caravel, Observatory, +1 Moves for Embarked Units, Embarked Units may Enter Ocean Renaissance Compass, Education Navigation
Acoustics 780 Opera House, Hermitage, Sistine Chapel, The Kremlin Renaissance Education, Chivalry Scientific Theory
Banking 780 Bank, The Forbidden Palace Renaissance Education, Chivalry Economics
Printing Press 780 Theatre, Taj Mahal Renaissance Machinery, Physics Economics
Gunpowder 840 Musketman Renaissance Physics, Steel Chemistry, Metallurgy
Navigation 1080 Frigate, Seaport Renaissance Astronomy Archaeology, Scientific Theory
Economics 1080 Windmill, Big Ben, +1 Gold from Trading Posts, Camps and Customs Houses Renaissance Banking, Printing Press Scientific Theory, Military Science
Chemistry 1080 Cannon, +1 Production from Mines, Quarries and Manufactories Renaissance Gunpowder Military Science, Fertilizer
Metallurgy 1080 Lancer Renaissance Gunpowder Rifling
Archaeology 1560 Museum, The Louvre Renaissance Navigation Biology
Scientific Theory 1560 Public School, Reveals Coal, +1 Production from Lumber Mills, +2 Science from Academies Renaissance Economics, Navigation, Acoustics Biology, Steam Power
Military Science 1560 Cavalry, Military Academy, Brandenburg Gate Renaissance Economics, Chemistry Steam Power, Dynamite
Fertilizer 1560 +1 Food from Farms with no Fresh Water, Plantations and Pastures Renaissance Chemistry Dynamite
Rifling 1710 Rifleman, Arsenal Renaissance Metallurgy Dynamite
Biology 2350 Hospital, Reveals Oil, Oil Well Improvements Industrial Archaeology, Scientific Theory Electricity
Steam Power 2350 Ironclad, Factory, +1 Moves for Embarked Units Industrial Scientific Theory, Military Science Electricity, Replaceable Parts, Railroad
Dynamite 2660 Artillery Industrial Fertilizer, Military Science, Rifling Combustion
Electricity 2660 Stock Exchange, Reveals Aluminum Industrial Biology, Steam Power Refrigeration, Telegraph, Radio
Replaceable Parts 2660 Anti-Tank Gun, Infantry, Statue of Liberty Industrial Steam Power Flight, Combustion
Railroad 2660 Railroad Improvements Industrial Steam Power Combustion
Refrigeration 3100 Submarine, Off-Shore Platform Construction Industrial Electricity Plastics, Penicillin
Telegraph 3100 Battleship, Military Base, Cristo Redentor Industrial Electricity Electronics
Radio 3100 Anti-Aircraft Gun, Broadcast Tower, Eiffel Tower Industrial Electricity Mass Media, Radar
Flight 3100 Carrier, Fighter Industrial Replaceable Parts Radar
Combustion 3100 Destroyer, Tank Industrial Replaceable Parts, Railroad, Dynamite Atomic Theory, Lasers
Plastics 4700 Hydro Plant, Research Lab Modern Refrigeration Ecology
Penicillin 4700 Medical Lab Modern Refrigeration Ecology
Electronics 4700 Mechanized Infantry Modern Telegraph Computers
Mass Media 4700 Stadium, Sydney Opera House Modern Radio Computers
Radar 4700 Bomber, Paratrooper, Pentagon Modern Radio, Flight Rocketry, Lasers
Atomic Theory 4700 Reveals Uranium, Manhattan Project Modern Combustion Nuclear Fission
Ecology 5400 Solar Plant Modern Plastics, Penicillin Globalization
Computers 5400 Nuclear Submarine, Mobile SAM Modern Electronics, Mass Media Robotics
Rocketry 5400 Helicopter Gunship, Rocket Artillery, Apollo Program Modern Radar Satellites
Lasers 5400 Jet Fighter, Modern Armor Modern Radar, Combustion Stealth, Advanced Ballistics
Nuclear Fission 5400 Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Plant Modern Atomic Theory Advanced Ballistics
Globalization 6000 United Nations Modern Ecology Particle Physics
Robotics 6000 SS Booster, Missile Cruiser, Spaceship Factory Modern Computers Particle Physics
Satellites 6000 SS Cockpit, Guided Missile, Reveals the Map Modern Rocketry Particle Physics, Nuclear Fusion
Stealth 6000 Stealth Bomber Modern Lasers Nuclear Fusion
Advanced Ballistics 6000 Nuclear Missile Modern Lasers, Nuclear Fission Nuclear Fusion
Particle Physics 6000 SS Engine Future Globalization, Robotics, Satellites Nanotechnology
Nuclear Fusion 6500 Giant Death Robot Future Satellites, Stealth, Advanced Ballistics Future Tech
Nanotechnology 6000 SS Stasis Chamber Future Particle Physics Future Tech
Future Tech 7000 Future Nanotechnology, Nuclear Fusion