Civilization Revolution: Buildings

There are 18 individual buildings in Civilization Revolution, all of which provide some type of bonus to a particular city. Some increase the production, others improve the yields from surrounding tiles, and a few others have more unique roles. All in all, these buildings help to grow your cities from small villages to industrial powerhouses, thereby adding to the glory and power of your empire!

Building Cost Tech Required Building Required Effect
Aqueduct 120 Engineering Increase city’s growth by half
Bank 120 Banking Market Replaces market, x4 gold production
Barracks 40 Bronze Working Units produced are automatically Veterans (+3 exp)
Cathedral 160 Religion Temple Replaces temple and gives +2 culture for each citizen
Courthouse 80 Literacy Increases the city’s workable tile region
Factory 200 Industrialization Doubles the city’s production
Granary 40 Pottery Plains tiles give +2 food
Harbor 100 Navigation +1 food in sea tiles
Iron Mine 80 Railroad Mountain tiles give +4 production
Library 40 Alphabet Doubles city science production
Market 60 Currency Doubles city gold production
Palace Capturing enemy palaces required for domination victory, own palace gives culture
SDI 200 Superconductor Stops ICBMs aimed at city
Temple 40 Ceremonial Burial +1 culture for every citizen in city
Trading Post 60 Code of Laws +2 trade from desert tiles
University 160 University Library Replaces library, x4 science production
Walls 100 Masonry Gives +100% defensive bonus and makes it so the city cannot be culture-flipped
Workshop 60 Construction Provides +2 production from hills