Civilization I Trivia

Just answer the questions as best you can and see how you compare. Don’t expect to get 10/10 unless you really know this game inside and out! If you do get 10/10 (without guessing and without going back and forth into the manual or reference or strategy guides, then please email me and let me know).

1. Of the seven civilization advances which are available with no prerequesites, which does not lead to any other civilization advances?

Horseback riding


Ceremonial Burial

Bronze Working2. The Germans were added to Civilization at the last minute to replace which civilization?

The Turks

The Spanish

The Dutch

The Assyrians 

3. Which unit has 12 attack, 2 defense, and 2 movement points?





4. The discovery of Communism cancels the effects of which two wonders?

The Colossus and J.S. Bach’s Cathedral

Issac Newton’s College and The Oracle

Michaelangelo’s Chapel and The Pyramids

The Hanging Gardens and J.S. Bach’s Cathedral

5. Which of the following terrains produces the most food when irrigated and railroaded in a democracy?

Plains with horses

Those grasslands with the dot on them


Oasis on desert

6. How is Elizabeth of the English described in the Intelligence report?


Perfectionist and Civilized

Friendly and Perfectionist

Militaristic and Expansionistic

7. What is the opening line to the poem which appears at the bottom of the screen during the start of a new game?

Once upon a time,

Tiny organisms, cells, and amoeba,

In the beginning,

The Earth was without form,

8. Which of the following does NOT appear on the top of any newspapers in Civilization?

Cleopatra’s beauty secrets! Section B.

Mayor fiddles as city burns!

We Love King? Latest poll results.

World is round Columbus claims!

9. Which city improvement costs exactly 240 resources?



Mfg. Plant


10. Who is the leader of the Barbarians?

Sulayman the Turk

Genseric the Vandal

Attila the Hun

The Barbarians are not a real civilization and therefore have no leader.

If you scored 10/10 legitimately (I.E., your first time and without guessing), then consider yourself a Civilization expert. If you got less than perfect, you should check out the ANSWERS.

Thanks to Lord Bradmont for the JAVAscripting.


This quiz is copyright ©2000 Greg Viers (A.K.A. The TTG Guy).