Up the Deadly Boot

General Information

  • Name of Scenario : Up the Deadly Boot
  • Final Score : 22.5/30
    (Breakdown: 0-10 terrible /11-15 Average/ 16-20 Good/ 21-25 Excellent/ 26+Best possible)
  • Type of Scenario : Historical
  • Name of Author: John Petroski
  • Name of Reviewer: SunTzu

Summary of Scenario:

This scenario is based on the Allied Invasion of Italy.

Playability – Section Sub-total: 5

Were you able to finish in a reasonable amount of turns? (Score: 1 )
Did the scenario avoid being tedious or repetitive? (Score: 1 )
Did the scenario capture the essence of what it was suppose to portray? (Score: 1 )
Were you impressed with the overall sound effects? (Score: 0 )
Was the choice of and interaction between races appropriate? (Score: 1 )
Did you enjoy playing the scenario? (Score: 1 )

You really capture the essence of this scenario. From the initial
invasion of Sicily. Plus the invasion of Anzio after being stopped at
Monte Casino.

Units – Section Sub-total: 4

Were the majority of units changed from the default Civ2 units? (Score: 1 )
Were all of the sounds appropriate for the units in the scenario? (Score: 0 )
Was the scenario free of ‘unbalanced’ units? (Score: 1 )
Were there innovative combinations of special unit abilities? (Score: 1 )
Were Barbarian units appropriate when they appeared? (Score: 0 )
Any other unit related problems (like shield placement)? (Score: 1 )

There are many different units which gives a great twist to the game
allowing you to use the famous ‘Big Red 1’ in your assault! 🙂

Research – – Section Sub-total: 4

Was the progression of advance to advance done properly? (Score: 0 )
Were advances properly related to new units and obsolescence? (Score: 1 )
Was the tech tree of a high level of complexity? (Score: 0 )
Were non-event messages amended to suit the scenario ? (Score: 1 )
Was the civilpedia properly updated? (Score: 1 )
Were there disfunctional improvements or useless technologies? (Score: 1 )

Again like J. Petroski’s Afrika Korps scenario, the tech tree wasn’t
really used. All units are given at the start or by events, like the
Tiger and King Tiger tanks.

Map & Terrain – Section Sub-total: 5

Were you impressed by the Map in general? (Score: 1 )
Was terrain properly adjusted to fit the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Was attention given to geography and historical details? (Score: 1 )
Were you happy with the city, fortress, terrain improvement graphics? (Score: 1 )
Were city names and the placement of cities correct? (Score: 1 )
Were there innovations used in relation to Terrain? (Score: 0 )

The Map and Terrain are right on with history. The fortifications at Monte Cassino are especially accurate.

Care & Details – Section Sub-total: 6

Did you find the documentation adequate? (Score: 1 )
Was the events file sufficient for the needs of the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Were you happy with the improvement and wonder icons? (Score: 1 )
Did you like the changes to the player interface? (Score: 1 )
Did you find any very apparent errors in any category of the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Do you think a lot of effort was put into doing this scenario? (Score: 1 )

This is a very detailed scenario. Good job john!

Originality and Technical Proficiency – Section Sub-total: 3

Were the sounds appropriate in volume and clear enough to understand? (Score: 0 )
Were the sounds unique and different in the scenario? (Score: 0 )
Did you discover many unit GRAPHICS not used in any other scenarios? (Score: 0 )
Is the theme of the scenario completely novel? (Score: 1 )
Were complex events used to carry the story line or enhance the AI? (Score: 1 )
Did the author deal with all areas which could be modified? (Score: 1 )
Any other innovations worth mentioning? Explain? (no actual score here)

Overall Assesment and Other Points of Interest:

This is a great scenario and it is apart of SunTzu’s Scenario Suggestions!