General Information

  • Name of Scenario : Ansteig
  • Final Score : 24.2/30
    (Breakdown: 0-10 terrible /11-15 Average/ 16-20 Good/ 21-25 Excellent/ 26+Best possible)
  • Type of Scenario : Historical
  • Name of Author: John Petroski
  • Name of Reviewer: SunTzu

Summary of Scenario:

Ansteig is a World War 2 scenario based solely on NAZI Germany’s quest to conquer Europe.

Playability – Section Sub-total: 5

Were you able to finish in a reasonable amount of turns? (Score: 1 )
Did the scenario avoid being tedious or repetitive? (Score: 1 )
Did the scenario capture the essence of what it was suppose to portray? (Score: 1 )
Were you impressed with the overall sound effects? (Score: 0 )
Was the choice of and interaction between races appropriate? (Score: 1 )
Did you enjoy playing the scenario? (Score: 1 )

This scenario is a very addictive scenario. The ability of the Russians
and Allies to work together in this scenario is remarkable. It never
gets boring. The battle for Britain is exhilarating. To make it to
Stalingrad requires much patience and strategy. The help of Allied B-17
Flying Fortresses in the eastern front really makes thing interesting.

Units – Section Sub-total: 5

Were the majority of units changed from the default Civ2 units? (Score: 1 )
Were all of the sounds appropriate for the units in the scenario? (Score: 0 )
Was the scenario free of ‘unbalanced’ units? (Score: 1 )
Were there innovative combinations of special unit abilities? (Score: 1 )
Were Barbarian units appropriate when they appeared? (Score: 1 )
Any other unit related problems (like shield placement)? (Score: 1 )

The Units are very well balanced and are historically accurate. With
the B-17’s bombing NAZI occupied Europe into the ground, the only thing
you must do is discover and build FW-190’s. The unit graphics are
amazing. 5 stars! 🙂

Research – Section Sub-total: 6

Was the progression of advance to advance done properly? (Score: 1 )
Were advances properly related to new units and obsolescence? (Score: 1 )
Was the tech tree of a high level of complexity? (Score: 1 )
Were non-event messages amended to suit the scenario ? (Score: 1 )
Was the civilopedia properly updated? (Score: 1 )
Were there dysfunctional improvements or useless technologies? (Score: 1 )

Technology Tree is sufficient. With all weapons that were used in WW2.
It even has the Maus a German Super Heavy Tank that hardly saw action
late in 1945.

Map & Terrain – Section Sub-total: 5

Were you impressed by the Map in general? (Score: 1 )
Was terrain properly adjusted to fit the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Was attention given to geography and historical details? (Score: 1 )
Were you happy with the city, fortress, terrain improvement graphics? (Score: 1 )
Were city names and the placement of cities correct? (Score: 1 )
Were there innovations used in relation to Terrain? (Score: 0 )

The Map and Terrain are mostly hand made and new for the scenario. I
like the terrain because most of it isn’t the plain terrain that comes
with the game. The Map is a great Europe map with a hint of Russia, The
Middle East and North Africa and the US/Canada.

Care & Details – Section Sub-total: 5

Did you find the documentation adequate? (Score: 1 )
Was the events file sufficient for the needs of the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Were you happy with the improvement and wonder icons? (Score: 1 )
Did you like the changes to the player interface? (Score: 0 )
Did you find any very apparent errors in any category of the scenario? (Score: 1 )
Do you think a lot of effort was put into doing this scenario? (Score: 1 )

I think the scenario was made carefully and was done with precision. Not much to say except that this is a great WW2 Scenario.

Originality and Technical Proficiency – Section Sub-total: 3

Were the sounds appropriate in volume and clear enough to understand? (Score: 0 )
Were the sounds unique and different in the scenario? (Score: 0 )
Did you discover many unit GRAPHICS not used in any other scenarios? (Score: 1 )
Is the theme of the scenario completely novel? (Score: 1 )
Were complex events used to carry the story line or enhance the AI? (Score: 1 )
Did the author deal with all areas which could be modified? (Score: 0 )
Any other innovations worth mentioning? Explain? (no actual score here)

Overall Assessment and Other Points of Interest:

This scenario is a very good scenario. I enjoyed playing it and
conquering all of England and the North Atlantic, while slowing pushing
towards Moscow and making a huge counter attack late in 1944 retaking
much of North Africa that was lost earlier. The main failure is the
lack of sounds. Sound were made but were lost. I remember the sounds
and they were very good. But for some reason all of the sites lost the
sounds and so did John Petroski. That is the downfall of this scenario.
All scenarios need sounds. Although with the lack of sounds, SunTzu
gives this scenario 5 stars and will add it to his Scenario Hall of
Fame 🙂