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PolyCast 434: Zip! Give It To Me!

By | July 21, 2024

The four-hundred-and-thirty-fourth episode of PolyCast, “Zip! Give It To Me!“ is now available for streaming on the PolyCast YouTube Channel. This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Phil “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan”. Topics for this episode include: News– 00h02m28s | Alpha Centauri Released on Steam– 00h12m05s | May Challenge of the Month: Reach for the HeavensForum Talk–… Read More »

The Eternal War – A Story From Sid Meier

By | July 5, 2024

The official Firaxis account has posted a video about the “eternal war”. This is about a game in Civilization 2, where the player played beyond the year 3000, with a 1700 long war. The ice caps melted due to the nuclear weapons and the world turned into a swamp. Sid himself explains that Civ is not a world… Read More »

Study The Past – a series retrospective: A Look Back at Civilization II

By | June 21, 2024

The Civilization Twitter account has posted the second video in the Civ retrospective series, this time looking at Civilization 2. They highlight the isometric map, hitpoints, and a revolution in diplomacy (which shows the advisors). If you want to discuss this video with us, then join us here.

On Being Stuck in Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Promise of Freedom in Historical Games

By | December 5, 2023

The Value Foundation, an academic research foundation focusing on research on gaming, has posted on Twitter that 2 researchers from Leiden University have published a new research manuscript about Civilization! The research is featured in the journal of digital games and associated phenomena (DIGRA), and titled “On Being Stuck in Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Promise of Freedom in… Read More »

Civilization II: Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Scenario Mod

By | October 7, 2023

Our moderator blake has for a long time worked on a passion project, the conversion of Civ2 into Heroes Of Might And Magic 2. His mod is now available, and is probably the most extensive Civ2 mod out there. Obviously all units, techs and buildings change, but he also modified the interface, the leaders, the city screen, and… Read More »

Dev Diary 6: C&C Red Alert 2 Scenario for Civ2

By | September 19, 2023

Our moderator blake00 has posted a dev diary to ModDB, about his ongoing works on the Civ2 Red Alert 2 scenario. He has now finished all the units, made a splashscreen, and it is getting to the final stages! Have a read here.

GameHistoryOrg: 87% Missing: the Disappearance of Classic Video Games

By | July 11, 2023

The video game history foundation has posted an article, which is not about Civ1 or Civ2, but still in the current context very relevant. The article describes that 87% of historic video games (range 1960-2009) are currently not available at all. While many games can be bought on online platforms like Steam or GoG, the vast majority, nearly… Read More »

TechSpot: 30 Years of Civilization – Over 51 Million Units Sold and a Billion Hours Played

By | June 12, 2023

TechSpot has today published an article about the last 30 years of Civilization (which should be 32 years…).In this article, the author goes through the history of the Civilization franchise, how the first people playtested Civ1 for hours, the addition of modding in Civ2, Baba Yetu, and many other things. The author also doesn’t forget all the other… Read More »