TechSpot: 30 Years of Civilization – Over 51 Million Units Sold and a Billion Hours Played

By | June 12, 2023

TechSpot has today published an article about the last 30 years of Civilization (which should be 32 years…).
In this article, the author goes through the history of the Civilization franchise, how the first people playtested Civ1 for hours, the addition of modding in Civ2, Baba Yetu, and many other things. The author also doesn’t forget all the other important games related to Civilization, like Alpha Centaur, Beyond Earth, FreeCiv and FreeCol.

An excerpt:

“Just one more turn,” an expression that’s become synonymous with the game Civilization. It’s a feeling of becoming so swept up, immersed, and engrossed in a game that hours, even days, pass by in a single gaming session without you noticing. Meals are missed. Showers become an afterthought. These simple routines are cast aside in the relentless pursuit of just one more turn.

Thanks to Christopher Tin for pointing out this article.
You can read the whole article here, and discuss it with us here.