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Check out “Power of Planets – Earth”

By | September 18, 2023

As we know, the civ community is very creative, shown by the countless mods for all the Civ games we have. Another civ fan has set out for something completely different: A MMO version of FreeCiv! In “Power Of Planets” you play as one of many players in a quasi-real time environment. You start with a couple of… Read More »

TechSpot: 30 Years of Civilization – Over 51 Million Units Sold and a Billion Hours Played

By | June 12, 2023

TechSpot has today published an article about the last 30 years of Civilization (which should be 32 years…).In this article, the author goes through the history of the Civilization franchise, how the first people playtested Civ1 for hours, the addition of modding in Civ2, Baba Yetu, and many other things. The author also doesn’t forget all the other… Read More » – now with ChatGPT!

By | May 16, 2023

AI, in the form of image generators and large language models, are currently the hype. And ChatGPT has now also finally arrived for Civ fans! (an offshot of FreeCiv) has announced today that they have incorporated ChatGPT into their diplomacy engine. Will we now see leaders realistically talking too each other? Or an AI, which will end… Read More »

FreeCiv 3.1 released

By | February 19, 2023

The latest version of FreeCiv has been released. The current update includes a long list of technical as well as game improvements. Examples are a maximum player number of 500, changes to the bombardment capability based on the unit’s damage, some older rulesets have been eliminated, and way more. You can read the full list of changes here,… Read More » December 2022 showcase

By | December 19, 2022

And the developers of are further developing their version of FreeCiv. Above you can see the latest show case for December 2022. If you want to have a quick (or not so quick, whom are we kidding?) game online, then head over here: , and if you want to discuss in our forum, then please… Read More »

PolyCast 404: Podcast Not Found

By | August 29, 2022

The four-hundred-and-fourth episode of PolyCast, “Podcast Not Found“ is now available for streaming on This episode features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, and Phil “TheMeInTeam”. Topics for this episode include: Community00h02m00s | DanQ is Now a Father News00h05m17s | FreeCiv Reaches Version 3.000h08m09s | Sid Meier Warns About Monetization In Gaming Forum Talk00h24m38s | Five Second Turn… Read More »

Play FreeCiv in your browser!

By | June 29, 2022

We got notified that there’s now another possibility to play freeciv-web online. The guys from fcivnet have set up their FreeCiv server here at , so pop by if you want to have a chilled FreeCiv session! This is not the only option to play FreeCiv in your browser. Other options are: If you… Read More »

FreeCiv: New version 3.0 and updates

By | April 12, 2022

FreeCiv 3.0 has been released in February, and recently also the patch 3.0.1.As many of you know, FreeCiv is a free, open-source Civ game, inspired by Civilization 2. The recent change in version number has also changed the rules. The default rules are now closer to Civ3 than to Civ2, see . FreeCiv 3.0 can be downloaded… Read More »