LT81 – Next FreeCiv Longturn game set to start in a few days

By | November 25, 2023

The 81st installment of the FreeCiv Longturn game series set to start in a few days. Longturn is a 20 year old FreeCiv sub-community running one-turn-per-day games, where unlike a regular multiplayer game, their server is always running and players only need to log in once per day at their leisure. Usually the number of players is 10-30+ and the games last up to 4 months or so. In order to play, you must sign in AND CONFIRM on their site before the game starts! Signing up late puts you in a reserve row to take over possible idle players.

The player sign up page for LT81 can be found on their website here:

If you’re more interested in spectating you can also follow their impressive blog which covers each game in story form with commentary, artwork and screenshots here:

More links & info can be found here: