Playtesters needed: USC: Counterforce, Reus 2, Great House of Calderia

By | June 13, 2023

Firesquid Games, an indy publisher focused on strategy games, is currently looking for playtesters for 3 of their upcoming games, and all 3 are of interest to the Civ-Fanatics audience!

  • Game #1 is Reus 2, which is a strategy game with a similar concept to Black & White: You control giants on a planet with a civilization, and you try to influence this civilization with your actions.
  • Game #2 is USC: Counterfoce, a turn-based tactics game in similar spirit to XCOM. It is a turn-based game where you control a squad of customizable soldiers to fight against all kind of monstrosities.
  • Game #3 is Great House Of Calderia, a grand strategy game set in a fantasy renaissance setting. You need to control your lands, your wealth, and your family and defeat other families.

This announcement was posted via the FireSquid Twitter account, and you can sign up here to be selected as a playtester. You can discuss this playtest with us here.