Civilization II: Fantasy Scenarios

DragonThis is a simple scenario with dragons. You can be either Humans or the Dragons. Being the dragons is the easiest.  
Author: Ray Kamp; File Size: 281 KB
War Of The Realm  
+ Patch
“By the beginning of the New Age, the various Human lords, Dwarven clans, and Elven communities in the Eastern Realm of Danaeron, around the vast Paladantine River had established strong empires in their immediate viscinities. Some lords were masters of island communitites in the Great Eastern Ocean, whereas most were lords of citadels in the country. The New Year 127 marked the beginning of the devastating Realm Wars that rocked the area…”
– Extract from ‘The New History of Danaeron and Her Nations’ by Richmond Halley, Copyright 1837  
Each race has its own unique units and wonders of the world. The hardest race to play as would be the Dwarves, while the two easiest to play as are the Northern Realm and the Holy Empire.
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: John Berkeley; File Size: 4.38 MB
Middle EarthA simple scenario about Lord of the Rings.  
Author: Mark Roberts; File Size: 29 KB
J.R.R. Tolkien’s Dagor Bragollach: The Battle of Sudden Flame v4.02Four hundred and fifty-five years have passed since Fingolfin led the greater host of the Noldor across the grinding ice ere the rising of the moon. In that time, due to Fingon’s heroic rescue of Maedhros, the two feuding Houses of the Line of Finwe have reconciled and stand allied against the threat in the North. For, though only Feanor and his sons took the Oath to pursue anyone who should hold or keep a Silmaril, Fingolfin, prior to their rash words, hastily swore his own oath as a gesture of goodwill that he would follow Feanor wherever he should lead. Thus, he and his House were ensnared in the Doom of Mandos and the power of Feanor’s Oath. Upon their return to Middle-earth, the Noldor managed to encircle Morgoth in his Northern stronghold of Angband. Now, the Dagor Bragollach is at hand. Flames have issued from the pits of Angband, consuming many valiant warriors on the plains of Ard-Galen and leaving the once rich land a charred wasteland. Following these Hell-wrought flames are the vast armies of Morgoth, vast beyond the imaginings of the Eldar. Great deeds of story and song lie ahead. Will the Eldar, Edain, and Naugrim be able to endure this onslaught and preserve hope for a victory in the future? If the Free Peoples of Beleriand can endure and maintain a semblence of strength until the Union of Maedhros is formed in 473, hope may yet remain. Great and terrible days are to follow. The Battle of Sudden Flame and the utter ruin of Beleriand draws nigh. . .  
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: Hurin; File Size: 1.2 MB
Ruler of Candor IslandsIn the year 1551 of human reckoning the King of Candor Candes III died and the kingdom fell apart. Most of the cities are ruled by lords and they wage war against each other and Candor. Candor’s defense in the southern islands was crushed and the orcs from dark continent took over the southern cities of Candor. In the year 1556 Lord Ancher proclaimed himself as the King of Candor. With his few allies he’s trying to reunite the kingdom…  
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: Cleveland; File Size: 123 KB
Bane Wars v1.94“Tis a shame Zhentil Keep was not destroyed during the comming of the gods. Surely it would have saved the Heartlands a decade of misery at the hands of those Zhentarim dogs.”
-Mourngrym Amcathra, Lord of Shadowdale  
The ancient tomes speak of a powerful demilich called Gnaag. There are many versions of his story, but this is the most accepted.
During the ancient Cothic civil war, the forces of Bane (god of Strife and Tyranny), were attempting to overthrow the Cothic Empire, and establish a empire of dark fidelity towards the evil god. During the descisive Battle of Caledonius (785 DR), the Cothics were annihilated, and the Banites slaughtered the people of Coth and burned the cities of the empire. The ringleader of this destructive force was a warrior called Gnaag……
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: Jack Anderson; File Size: 1.66 MB
Dinosaurs IIWe all know that the Dinosaurs were extinct 65 million years ago. But what if there were two places on Earth where they survived… And what if they think of expanding, just when the human race started developing…  
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: Maarten Lensink; File Size: 813 KB
Kingdom of Athel Loren  
Sound: 1
Chaos Armies have devastated the Old World. The Empire, Bretonnia, Tilea, the Czarina, all of them falled under the hordes of Chaos. Only the Wood Elves avoided the extermination and took refuge in the depths of the Forest of Loren, partly due to the internal fights between diferent Chaos Tribes. But while the Kingdom of Athel Loren try to re-emerge inside the forest, the Chaos Armies have reorganized in the North with the intention of culminate in the conquest of the Old World and finally destroy the people of Athel Loren.  
Author: Manuel Palma; File Size: 1.18 MB
Empires: War for Supremacy  
Sound: 1
You can play the military kingdom of Mithalyar, born a century ago from the ashes of a huge mercenary revolt in Aspatian lands; the Aethyrians, the powerful magicians growing thirsty of political power; the Enderom theocracy, dreaming of bringing the will of the gods upon the World; the Technocrats, a sect dedicated to the study of nature’s secrets; the Nomarian tribes, growing stronger and threatening all stantial civilizations; or the Thyatharan kingdom, newly born from a sect dedicated to personal improvement and survival of the fittest.  
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE
Author: Gabriele Quaglia; File Size: 1.01 MB
Earth 2In 2014 the President of the United State, William Peterson, send what they called “The first colony out in space”. Soon after several countries send their spaceship and try to colonize the new planet called “Earth 2”. The other nation in this race was the Canadians, the French, the English, the Soviets (Russian Revolution 2004), and the Germans. This Colonization was a great Success, until 2074 In 2074 an alien race called “Bandorians” came to Earth2 and destroy almost everything. Soon after every nation on Earth2 lost their technologies and lost contact with the Earth. In Earth, this event was consider as extremely dangerous for humanity. No one try to help the colonies because they where afraid to be attack by the Bandorians. Your mission is to restore the chaotic situation on Earth2 and make a spaceship to reach the Earth. You may destroy every nation that may disturb you from your mission. Meanwhile they are some primitive Bandorians who still live on Earth 2. Their goal is to destroy human race.  
Author: Martin Roger; File Size: 228 KB
DraculaDefend your country against the Tyrks, as Vlad Dracula.  
Author: Martin Schultz; File Size: 76 KB
FrightDarkness races over the land of horror, doom, and decay, Halloween. In this land there are 7 HORRORbly Powerful tribes who have the power to wreck havoc or save this land. These 7 tribes are from an ancient time where there where hundreds of Tribes battling for the rite of the ever powerful Doom Mountain, To this day nobody knows its location. In this world there is many Graveyards from the past battles, the biggest graveyard from the death of the only tribe who knew the location of Doom Mountain, the tribe of Halloween.  
Author: Billy(Slip); File Size: 287 KB
Sound: 1 2 3
You are meant to play as the surface people. All the events and stuff are goaled for you as the surface people, there is nothing wrong with playing as any other tribe (the monsters might get dull, but it is possible) but the events and advice will seem strnge Also the humans tend not to really invade like the player is supposed to.  
That brings me to your goal : Invade every square foot of the underdark. Totally destroy all the other races. Leave no trace of their civilizations. They are evil, they must go, you are the holy fire.
REQUIREMENT: none indicated, but I think you need Fantastic Worlds
Author: Mr. Temba; File Size: 2.29 MB (sound included)
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Lord of the Rings v4.0

Main Files
Sound Files

It is nearing the end of the Third Age: 3018 by Gondor reckoning, 1418 by Hobbit reckoning. The Great Years have begun. Sauron has slowly been gathering overwhelming forces and now he is ready to dominate Middle Earth. His forces are everywhere and practically no city is safe. His nearly indestructible Nazgul (Ringwraiths) have been seen again for the first time in many years. Furthermore, Mordor is allied with Harad in the South and Rhun in the East. Saruman sitting in Isengard also is threatening the peace of the world. Can the forces of good represented by Gondor and its allies the Elves and Rohan defeat the larger forces of evil?



Author: Harlan Thompson; File Size: 1.23 MB

AzerothIs it four, five years since the Second War of Orcs & Humans, when the Tides of Darkness swept over the lands? No one knows for sure, or what really happened in that war, save that the Great Portal was opened and the Rift awakened. Draenor was destroyed, it is said, and the Kingdoms of Azeroth and Lordaeron left battered and broken, barely on the brink of survial. But the war is over, and the time to rebuild has come. But even in the destruction the Orcs were not destroyed, and though they have scaterred they remain. And what if the tribes and the broken clans arose again? And some say the WarCheif will one day come back to his own. What then will reign? What now will reign, with both the Humans and Orcs lining up for but another struggle? Will it ever end? Or must fire first fall from the sky?


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: altF18; File Size: 293 KB

The Fellowship of the Ring


Sound: 1 2

Frodo, a hobbit from the Shire, has inherited his Uncle Bilbo’s ‘funny’ magic ring. A precious gold band that Bilbo found on his adventures with the Dwarves. The wandering wizard, Gandalf the Grey, has discovered that the ring is in fact the One Ring which once sat upon the finger of the Great Enemy himself, the Dark Lord Sauron. It’s overwhelming power is only surpassed by its malice and threat to the world. While it yet exists the world will never know peace. When Sauron last wielded the Ring it took a grand alliance of Elves and Men to defeat him. Now the Elves have all but departed over the sea and the strength of men is failing. Sauron, though defeated, has endured and rebuilt much of his lost strength. But still he lacks the power of the One Ring. While it lay hidden in the Shire it was safe. But now Gandalf believes that Sauron has uncovered where it lies and will send his dread agents to reclaim it. He decides that Frodo must take the Ring to the Elves of Rivendell. They will guard it until a decision can be made as to what should ultimately become of it. Meanwhile, Gandalf himself will journey south, to consult the head of his order, Saruman the White. He says that he will return soon, but should he be delayed they should set off without him.


Screenshots: #1 #2

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Favoured Flight; File Size: 3.74 MB

Return of the King


Sound: 1

This is the sequel to ‘Moria: A Journey in the Dark‘.


Having escaped the long dark of Moria, the Fellowship of the Ring now stand in Dimrill Dale mourning the loss of their leader, Gandalf the grey, who fell in battle with the Balrog. To the east lies the safety of Lorien, the golden wood. It is there that they should go next, then on, down the Great River Anduin. Ultimately, the Ring must go into the fires of Mount Doom, where it’s master, Sauron, the Dark Lord, first made it. Only there can it be destroyed, and in so doing bring an end to the Dark Lord himself. But time grows short for the Fellowship and freedom’s cause wanes. For even now, far to the south, the eastern armies of Sauron march on Gondor’s capital city, Minas Tirith; the last stronghold of freedom for the Western Powers. To its rear, the treacherous wizard Saruman has launched a vast army of his own at Rohan. The Free Peoples are now caught between an evil hammer and anvil. Time is indeed running out. But, can they hold on long enough for the Fellowship’s quest to be accomplished? The quest of the Ring stands upon a knife edge. Stray but a little to the ruin of all!

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Favoured Flight; File Size: 2.2 MB

Myth: Fall of the Gods


Sound: 1 2

The Gods are becoming increasingly cruel and flaunt their power, wantonly destroying property and people. They must be stopped!


In the first age of Middle Earth, the Hero Tellarion Cast down the Dark Lord Kuron with an extremely powerful weapon, The Flaming Sword. In the battle Kuron was killed and travelled to the Underworld with the Sword. The God of the Underworld Deamos attempted to gain possesion of it. However Kuron tricked Deamos and managed to return to Middle Earth with the Flaming Sword of Tellarion.

The power held in this sword is the key to overthrowing the Gods that plague Middle Earth and its inhabitants. Kuron now controls a vast empire known as Itheria. A path must be cut through to the centre of this empire and the Sword recovered from the hands of the Dark Lord in Khundar.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: The_Gee_Force; File Size: 1.79 MB

Moria: A Journey in the Dark v1.0


Sound: 1

Scenario taken from “The Fellowship of the Ring”, by J.R.R.Tolkien. It’s loosely based on the Fellowship’s journey through Moria. The game is not a standard Civ game and has more in common with an adventure game.


You control the nine walkers who make up the fellowship of the ring. They have just entered the Mines of Moria by the west door: The Doors of Durin. Moria was once a great Dwarven Kingdom, called Khazad-dum, but has now fallen into decay; inhabitted by goblins, orcs and much fouler things from the deep places of the world. Indeed, the party have discovered the bodies of many Dwarven dead inside and suspect the way to be too dangerous. They make to escape, but are unable to flee. A huge tentacled beast in the water outside the Doors of Durin attacked them and has forced them back into Moria. The creature then brought down the gateway and much of the supporting masonry, blocking any escape. Now, the fellowship, lead by Gandalf, has no chioce but to take the perilous path through Moria. You stand in the entrance chamber, in the farthest west of Moria. You have to guide the fellowship through the darkness and danger to the farthest east, escaping Moria through the East Gate and out into Dimrill Dale. Much danger and adventure stands between West door and East gate. You have 150 hours (turns) to make it through, can you do it? There are three full scenario event files. Each one will take approximately 50 hours (turns) to complete.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Favoured Flight; File Size: 1.2 MB

The Lord of The Rings v1.0LOTR scenario set at the start of the third book


Author: Andrew G; File Size: 227 KB

Enemy of God v2.4A five part scenario about the legend of King Arthur.


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Mr. Temba; File Size: 2.44 MB

Dungeon: Heroes of BeckhornThe small kingdom of Beckhorn is a mining and farming community known for its gold and its rugged, independent people. Within the last year, though, the hand of evil has descended to cover the valley — monsters, appearing from the ancient dungeons beneath the mountains, have begun to attack in numbers. King Josephus Carlos has had no choice but to declare martial law and summon help from throughout the kingdom. With the proclamation comes the promise of treasures, and with treasures come those seeking to profit from them. Beckhorn is growing at a record rate as adventurers, mercenaries, smugglers, craftsmen, and legitimate merchants arrive to seek their fortune. Will Josephus Carlos break the historical independence of Beckhorn and seek aid in the form of outside alliances? Or will he try to organize his own people more fully? And will it be magic or force of arms that eventually win the day?


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Blackclove; File Size: 516 KB

Dracula of Transylvania



Besieged on all sides, Vladimir of Transylvania, surnamed the Impaler, seeks to preserve his mountain principality from the Tyrks to the south, from the Tartars in the east, and from the Hungarian Kings on the Danube. Lacking resources for the task, Vlad has made an unholy alliance with the forces of of Darkness. The Transylvanian Prince has become one with the night, and Vampyrs, fiends born of slaughter and thirsty for the blood of the living, will appear and render service to Vlad. The foes of Transylvania are many, and it is rumored that even nature itself will strike out at the mountain lord, so terrible is the price that has been paid. Called by the Tyrks Dracul or Dracula (meaning Dragon), Vlad now seeks to stave off the unyielding assaults of his enemies by defeating their armies and laying waste to their lands, impaling both soldiers and peasants alike, and leaving only grotesque fields of the tortured dead, held aloft by the impaling spikes.


Screenshots: #1 #2

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Phenix Benton(Exile); File Size: 1.65 MB

Dark LordThis scenario is based on the War of the Rings. It is designed to be played as the Dark Lord. Science in the game simulates the Dark Lord’s search for the Ring. When Mordor learns “Whereabouts of the Ring”, a halfling unit will be created which Mordor must track down and destroy in order to recover the Ring. When the Ring is recovered, Mordor will be able to build new units to help with the conquest of Middle Earth.


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Carl Fritz; File Size: 680 KB

Ultima Online: the Second Age v2.41Are you ready to create a newbie PC (PlayerCharacter) and join a world in a continuous trouble? Will you help Order to bring peace throughout the kingdom of Britannia? Or will you help the Kaos to conquer the cities on the land? Don’t forget you’re in a world full of evil monsters and dangerous places!


For Civ2 Classic: Main Files | Sound

For Civ2 FW & Gold: Main Files | Sound

Author: Rhye; File Size: 1.73 MB

Atlantis: The Lost Empire v1.1



Main Files

Atlantis is one of the oldest legends of the western civilization. It’s about a rich and splendid land or island that sunk and disappeared into the sea. Atlantis has been assigned to almost every possible place on earth (even Antarctica) and there are virtually no limits to the various legends associated with it. Fact or fable, Atlantis represents one of mankind’s oldest dreams and myths, one of the lost Golden Age. It has brought forth innumerable books and films (including the recent Disney film for which this scenario was named), but most of these works are of a highly speculative or esoteric character. Some people even believe that the inhabitants of Atlantis were extraterrestrials, but whatever and wherever Atlantis was, we will probably never know for sure.


Screenshots: 1 2 3 4


Author: Erin Ryan; File Size: 6.9 MB

Prince of Darkness


Sound: 1 2 3

In this scenario you must undertake a quest and complete it in an unspecified time. You may play any civilization except the Stygians. Your quest is to destroy the Stygians before they can finish researching a series of technologies leading to Summoning. When Summoning is researched, it results in a flood of new and powerful units which make total Stygian victory inevitable. You are able to destroy the Stygian Civilization by capturing their capital, Malebolge…


Author: Techumseh; File Size: 2.0 MB (sound included)