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Mafia – La Cosa Nostra v1.0

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The mafia is a basic part of American life, deniance or not. Every generation has
had its underworld kings. Unforgettable personalities that commit unspeakable crimes.
We call them names like Al "Scarface" Capone, "Lucky" Luciano or "the Dapper Don".

The mafia is a business. It turns over more money than America’s ten largest industrial
corporations. It saw its break through during the prohibition era and came out as the
leading crime fraction in New York City. Most importantly, it won control over the
Brooklyn docks during this time. After the prohibition, the NYC mafia was organized
into five families – the Bonanno family, the Colombo Family, the Gambino family, the
Genovese family, and the Lucchese family. The mafia expanded into different forms of
crime, to prostitution, gambling and racketeering.

Mafia power peaked in the United States in the mid 20th century, until a series of FBI
investigations in the 1970s and 1980s somewhat curtailed the Mafia’s influence. Despite
the decline, the Mafia and its reputation have become entrenched in American popular
culture, portrayed in movies, TV shows, and even product commercials.

This is the story of the Italian mafia’s rise and fall in New York City.

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Author: Eivind IV; File Size: 4.57 MB

The Wealth of Nations


It is 1974. With the help of the U.S., Facism and Imperialism have been eradicated and the communist tide has finally been contained. But freedom comes with a hefty price tag. Monarchs have bestowed their subjects with democracy while the old world powers have granted independence to their colonies. The free market has made the world ripe for conquest.

As American troops pulled out of Vietnam in 1973, their strategists began to ponder the reason for their defeat. After detailed scrutiny of the rise and fall of former empires and the Rape of Nations period during European colonization, they correctly deduced that any empire built on military might inherently sows the seeds of its own destruction during its birth. Thus they came to the inescapable conclusion that they had to displace the ethnic and cultural distinctiveness of their enemies in order to taste everlasting victory. This was euphemistically named the Free Trade Doctrine.

Will we all soon be part of the United States of Earth or can you stop the relentless economic juggernaut bent on world domination? Score at least 10 points by the year 2000 (157 turns) in the modified Demographics Window.

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Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 1.74 MB

Whisper Wings This scenario is based upon the book A Whisper of Wings by Paul Kidd.

Several generations after the first great war amongst the Kashra after thousands of years of peace, the tribes from the alpine, plains and sea returned to peace. Unfortunately, the sudden loss of poets, artisans and free thinkers by the savage armies of the Demon Queen during the war caused culture in the tribes to falter, bringing the Kashra back to the stone age and stumbling to suspicion of their neighbors. Now, with a new determination (and ignoring the lessons of the past) the Kashra have started to rebuild their civilizations and took to heart a new concept that would unite tribes to persue technology instead of balance in nature; the nationstate.

Author: Leonel; File Size: 684 KB

Battlefield Chess v1.0 Battlefield Chess simulates a battle between two fictional powers, Red and Blue, at the divisional level. You win by seeking out and destroying your opponent’s Division HQ.

Why the term CHESS? Every effort has been made to make both sides equal. Like Chess, both sides start with the same number of units of each type and there is very limited ability to replace units which are lost. The Map is symetrical so neither side can claim terrain-based advantages. Like Chess, there is no need for research. Unlike chess, the starting positions are flexible and no two games will be identical.

In a single player game, you MUST play as the Blue Army. In a two player game, the second player MUST play as the Red Army. None of the other tribes are playable and the maximum number of players is two.

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Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 1.53 MB

Antediluvia: The World Before Noah’s Flood Evil has crept into a world created perfect . . .

216 years have passed since Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden. They had many children, and their children had children; even Abel managed to have kids before his untimely demise. Unfortunately, not all are willing to recognize Adam as their patriarchal leader. Therefore Adam has found it necessary to proclaim himself king of humanity. Only the children of his favorite son, Seth, recognize his authority; indeed the oldest son, Cain, has a claim of his own. The other children have gone off to found independent communities. Some cherish their freedom so much that they won’t even do that, choosing to become roving tribes of barbarians instead. Finally, one must watch out for the demon-spawn of Lilith, and the giants called Nephilim.

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Author: Charles Kimball; File Size: 286 KB

Civ Flashpoint You’ve been the grunt in the FPS Operation Flashpoint. Now, with this scenario, you can direct the troops here and there! Be the general this time!


Author: Leonel; File Size: 387 KB

Heaven And Hell v1.11 Inspired by the book of Relevations. Take control of either the Forces of God and the Forces of Evil and either “deliver” the world from evil or “conquor” the world for the lord of evil.


Author: Leonel; File Size: 387 KB

Revolt Revolution has broken out in the Republic!! For years it has been a Republic in name only as the unquestioned ruler Omni headed an authoritarian autocracy that has repressed the general populace for too long now. The island of San Cabral has declared its independence, and as the charismatic Ryan Luis assumed control he declared his intention to build a Communist society on the jungle island. Inspired by his actions, the Avignon peninsula underwent a similar rebellion with the Communist Jean-Pierre Simonet assuming control and immediately pledging co-operation with the Cabralians in assuring their mutual independence. Unfortunately, this is complicated by the fact that they are on opposite sides of the massive Republic. The Republic crumbled further when supporters of Luis and Simonet staged a massive public rally in Los Rios that turned into a violent uprising. The city has since been seized by Pablito nationals who claim the city as their minority’s rightful territory. Will the Republic crush all three fledgling regimes? Or will the Communist Alliance prove too much for the Republic to handle? And what about the Pablitos? They just might be the wildcard in the Revolution.

Author: Hollywood; File Size: 9.93 KB

Omar’s ToT Scenarios 11 scenarios created for Civ II TOT fans by Omar Shaheen.The scenarios are:

  1. The 1967 War
  2. On the Edge of the Unknown
  3. Battle Field
  4. The Cold War
  5. The Industrial Revolution
  6. Mohamed Ali
  7. The New World
  8. World War II Global
  9. World War II Europe
  10. World War II Global (Germany and Japan: two sides).
  11. World War II Pacific

See the ReadMe files inside the zip for details…


Author: Omar Shaheen; File Size: 340 KB

Penguini’s Civilization II v1.01 This scenario is designed for single player and multiplayer games. It is a revised version of Civ2. Modifications include Terrain designs, City designs, Unit Icons, Unit specifications, Tech Tree modifications, Sound modifications, and text document modifications.


Author: penguini_1; File Size: 578 KB

Isla Capablanca

Sound: 1 2

This scenario is about a ‘Jamaica-sized’ fictional island in the Carribean Ocean, called ISLA CAPABLANCA. This island has for many years been the scene of a cruel civil war between the almost classical marxist re-bel movement supported by Cuba and a corrupt, capitalist and ‘democratic’ government backed up by the US. The rebel movement – called MDC: Movimento Democratico de Capablanca – is led by a certain Mr. Carlos Santinos. The Government is led by Mr. Juan Esposito, commonly known only as ‘El Presidente’. And as usual both sides earn much money on cocaine export. If this scenario reminds you of any real historic situations, then it is intentional. There has been many local ‘powderkegs’ or civil wars in Latin America (for instance: Cuba, Colombia, and Nicaragua). There has been many dictators (for instance Augusto Pinochet, Papa Doc Duvalier, Fulgencio Batista, and (of course) Fidel Castro). There has many US invasions (for instance Granada, Bay of Pigs, and Panama). I have to include all those factors in this scenario. One of the most ‘active’ invaders has been Ronald Wilson Reagan, which is why I dated this scenario to 1981-1989 (most of Reagans presidential period).


Author: Insurgent; File Size: 2.74 MB

Jihad-2001: Enduring Freedom Will War Against Terror after 11.09.2001 become into World War III?


Author: Bulat B; File Size: 870 KB

Septasia The ancient empire of Septasia has collapsed! Six factions encroach upon the empires sacred heartland. The fortified city of Septus, once thought impregnable, is now under threat. As the ageless sorcerer-king Septacor, you must save Septasia from her bitter enemies. You have at your disposal mighty ships, the last remnants of the once great Septasian fleet. Your enemies, however, have protected their chief cities with flame-powder, the recipe for which has been forgotten in time. Survive to resurrect the glory of the ancients, and your immortallity shall be assured! Fail, and the past will be lost forever.


Author: Bill Buddy; File Size: 100 KB

Fight For Freedom "First, I’d like to say that I made this scenario only because I wanted to play it for myself. It’s one I put together as I played it, and eventually, I got the game I wanted. Now, what I was looking for was to create a similar situation to the war right now, without waitingfor the war to end.

I just wanted to kick some bin Laden butt, and this seemed to be the only way I could without petitioning to join the Marines! Anyway, I hope you enjoy…

Basically, the scenario is called ‘Fight for Freedom’. It is the “Terrorst.scn” It is 100 turns long and you can play any of the civs, but the Americans are highly recommended. Playing the Iraqis would be hard, and playing the UN would be way too easy, but hey…

it’s up to you."


Author: John Valdez; File Size: 1.05 MB

Violence 2000 On the fateful night of November 7, 2000, hundreds of millions of Americans went to the polls to choose the 43rd President. By the next morning, it was clear that irregularities and illegal manipulation, particularly in Florida, would prevent anyone from knowing who won for a long, long, time. Finally, the Supreme Court voted along partisan lines to stop recounting votes and declared Bush the winner. Gore graciously conceded. Or did he?

We have just learned that Vice-President Gore has declared the Court’s decision illegal, and has called upon loyal forces in New England, California, and the Midwest to rise up and support him! Most major cities in these regions have fallen to his supporters without a fight, and are anxiously awaiting further news. Meantime, in a totally unprecedented move, Bush has asked Clinton to step down immediately so he can deal with the problem. He has nearly the entire Armed Forces under his control, and has ordered a blockade of Washington to force the President to comply. Clinton, declaring Washington to be the “true and Constitutional United States", has refused. As Bush and Gore slowly but surely take over the last cities still loyal to Washington and other partisan enclaves rise up in protest, it seems clear that the bullet will prove mightier than the ballot on at least this occasion…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Screenshot: Main Map

Author: Giant Squid; File Size: 348 KB

Spanish Pride, Iberian Pride v4.1

Sound: 1

Sing not the song of the history that yawns in old books! Sing not the song of past glories dragged by the shades of death! Get yourself involved in the struggle of the Iberians to create a nation and to defend her against foreign invasions!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 1.38 MB

Dave’s World This world is based on 7 ancient civilizations – the Romans, Germans, Babylonians, Persians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Incas. The world is a large sized planet with many suitable locations for new cities. Your nations start with 3 to 5 cities and lots of irrigations and mines. Several nations are already at war (Romans and Germans, and the Persians and Egyptians) while others have yet to make any contacts with anyone. You will discover several large Barbian cities that generate many hordes of horsemen, chariots and legions! The Barbarians are alsmost a separate power themselves, so be prepared for their onslaughts! The easiest nations to play would be the Incas or Romans, while the hardest would be the Germans, Egyptians and the Persians. Victory conditions are based on "objective cities" and Wonders of the World.

Author: Dave Cheeney; File Size: 16 KB

Australian Civil War ABC News Broadcast: After days of intense negotiations, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation still will not surrender Queensland back to the Australia Government. She is now poised to invade the rest of Australia. John Howard signed the declaration of war early this morning, and is not available for any comments at the moment, as he is currently hiding away in the Parliamentary bomb shelter with Alexander Downer. Former Democrat Senator elect, Aden Ridgeway, has separated from The Australian Government, forming the Aboriginal Nation of Mabo, and he has recruited a powerful militia group.

Author: Dracon; File Size: 903 KB

Marfia During the 30’s, 3 gangs fights for the control of the town. Eliot Ness, the FBI Leader command now the police force. he’ll try to clean the town of Al Capone, Lucky Luciano and Franck Nitti’s men. Whatever your choice, you’ll have 100 days to control the city !

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Eyn; File Size: 983 KB

Release The Hounds!!! Your in a Military test where you have 50 turns to build up your army before a land bridge between you is opened. Then you must kill them.

Events, and new Rules.txt, and sounds/Created May 2000

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Thomas Hawkins; File Size: 15 KB

Two Powers Two seperate Civilizations have grown nearly identical, on an alien planet.

Events, and new rules.txt/Created 1998

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Thomas Hawkins; File Size: 17 KB

India Training Drill This ficticious ‘India’ scenario is designed as a training drill for novice to intermediate-level players of Test of Time. It is specifically designed to touch upon the following tactics and game aspects;

– The value of Caravans and Freight units

– Attacking with multiple-move units and penalty-free terrain

– Navy concepts including Amphibious attacks

– Capturing vs. Razing enemy cities

– City placement and productive terrain

Advanced level players may not find this scenario challenging.


Author: Cam Hills; File Size: 944 KB

Blob Wars v4.0 There was a king called Blob, presumably the first but that isn’t clear. He ruled the whole of the planet Blob fairly and wisely. Then he died. Under Blobian law, his heir was to be decided by a ‘bloody and highly apocalyptic war’. So that’s what happened. So, 50 years later we are joining a war where only seven factions are left, all vexed and all blissfully separate. For the moment.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: M. Jenkins; File Size: 219 KB

Hidden The Hidden Foundation is the most advanced civilization. The UN has forced a blockade against them to prevent their global domination. The X-Philes search the Martian influence in the planet. Meanwhile, the Revolutionaries are gaining more and more adepts to their cause. Maybe the Freaks, with their funny Monster units, and the Paranoids, affected by the Paranoia illness, might agree to wipe out the rest of civs and implant a New Order.

Author: Antonio Leal & Mike Swanson; File Size: 82 KB

Water World In most cultures there are legends of a Great Flood that flooded the world and destroyed all civilizations. A few of the tribes survived this Great Flood and began to rebuild the world.


Author: Jennifer (Kitana) Leigh; File Size: 146 KB

Fictional America The Vikings have arrived to North America, only to find that other civilizations have beaten them to this land. Irish monks have arrived but a century ago, molding the eastern seaboard into their image. Further down south, a Roman fleet that has been carried to Cuba long ago has built thriving cities and so have the Phoenicians. Chinese have conquered the land to the far northwest, with nothing save the Rockies standing between them and the native tribes.

Central America (and bits of South America) is owned by Meso-Americans, a mighty generalization of the cultures that have thrived in the area. Finally, most of the land is populated by peoples whose settlements have not yet matured into grand cities, and who will probably be simply swept away by the newcomers.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds/Gold

Screenshots: Main Map Mini Map

Author: St.Leo (Leons Petrazickis); File Size: 363 KB

Battle of the Sexes Play out your frustrations with the opposite sex in this scenario that everyone’s wished to be in at some point! The goal is simple: lead your gender to conquest over the other, proving once and for all who rules. For extra fun, edit the name of the opposing gender’s leader to the name of your recently-ex boy/girlfriend. Each sex starts off on its own continent, and each civilization has risen true to its stereotype: the Womyn live in a lush garden island filled with malls and money to spend, whereas the Manly Men inhabit a rugged terrain filled with lots of guns and big toys. Will the men succumb to the Womyn’s feminine wiles, or will brains and credit cards win out over sheer brawn? Only you can decide. Since this battle’s been going on for a long time, the scenario gives you plenty of time to duke it out.

Author: Brian Wassom; File Size: 12 KB

Rock Bands The time has come to decide, who is the greatest Rock band of all time.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 9 KB

Chessmaster You victory objective is to capture your opponent’s "KING" city. When you capture your opponent’s "KING" city, all of your enemies are executed, AND Visa/Versa!!!

Author: Unknown; File Size: 59 KB