Civilization II: Sci-Fi Scenarios

Antarctica v2.0  
Sound: 1 
Storyline: In 2001, the ultimate expedition of cooperative nations is sent to colonize Antartica. An entire nation of people could be living there as soon as 2020. What if, once there, we lost the loyalty to our own nations on the other continents?  
This is a scenario based on Antarctica. Your mission is to conquer the continent or stay alive long enough to establish a new link with a communications satellite.
Also, you are faced with the additional challenge of “isolation” making friends might not be as easy as you had hoped and you also have to worry about the “Antarcticans”, a rebel faction that invariably will want to destroy you. It is possible to become allies with any civ if you work at it, but I can’t guarantee they will be loyal.
Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6
Author: John Valdez; File Size: 1.86 MB
World War IV: The Grand ImperiumIt’s June 6, 2066 and the Empress Min’Meh of the Grand Imperium has decided that the whole of the Earth should be under one rule, HERS. With new technology and weapons, the Grand Imperium appears unstoppable. The Soviet Federation looks for the opportunity to become a dominant power once again. The Islamic Triumvirate looks to convert the world. The United States is still a powerful force. And, The Europeon Union has chosen a path of conquest, while the newly reformed League Of Nations observes silently waiting to see what will happen. All this and a world Revolution has begun. What will happen to the world. Can you save it, or take it?  
Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 125 KB
BWW3 v1.0In the 21st century, the major powers of the world clashed. The war went into a planet-wide crisis destroying everything in its path even technologies and civilizations. Nuclear radiation left the whole earth uninhabitable except for a collection of islands in the far east. In the beginning of the 22nd Century, the survivors started new civilizations with whatever technologies spared by the destructive war. The survivors split into five main tribes, each with different technologies and interests but they all had one goal: to unite what was left of the world into one civilization even if it meant WAR again…! Besides the following five tribes, there was of course, the savage barbarians who mainly live on raiding other tribes.  
Author: Asim Alzuabi; File Size: 15 KB
Mobile Suit Gundam“This is a revamping of the Rbotech scenario. Most units are made by me. This scenario covers the One Year War as seen in the Japanese anime TV show Mobile Suit Gundam. Your job as the Earth Federation is to drive back the Zeon forces. As the Principality Of Zeon, to conquer Earth.”  
Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 637 KB
One Week Battle“This scenario depicts the One Week Battle spoken of in the Japanese anime series Mobile Suit Gundam. I reworked the Masters Of Orion scenario to create this scenario. THis is my second attempt to make a scenario and I am still learning everything about it. I hope you enjoy it. This scenario is very short since it’s time span is only one week.”  
Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 1.06 MB
Day AfterIn the year 2033 nearly the whole population of the world was wiped out by the nuclear war between Russia and the USA. The consequences were the so called “nuclear winter” or completely darkness for months (map is covered); moreover almost every former big city is now ruled by anarchists (barbarians). Try to rebuild a nation of your choice and make it to the most powerful one!  
Author: Dorian Credé; File Size: 162 KB
Aftermath of WW3World War 3 has just happened. The nuclear holocaust that we all feared has come and gone, leaving in its wake total destruction. Only a few unfortunate people survive to repopulate the world. Can you take the challenge to clean up the destruction of the war and repopulate the world?  
Author: Justin Giles; File Size: 66.8 KB
After ArmageddonTwo asteroids hit the earth, causing major damage and loss of life. After the 20 years of harsh winter people are able to expand and grow again.
No altered files/Created 1998/1999  
Author: Thomas Hawkings; File Size: 16 KB
Mega CitiesYour in a future time of MegaCities and Judges. Peace has been reached in the cities but war has broken out between them.
New Rules, sounds, terrian, and units/Created Dec. 1999  
Author: Thomas Hawkings; File Size: 232 KB
Post Nuclear WarIts after a nuclear war and the weaker powers in the world have become much stronger. You must lead one of these powers in this harsh, new world.
No altered files/Created 1998/1999  
Author: Thomas Hawkings; File Size: 24 KB
Blood DawnIn the year 2042, the world suffered a nuclear and biological war which wiped out most of humanity and left many of the survivors with horrible mutations. Even worse, a series of climatic shifts caused more death and destruction, and man was plunged into the Second Dark Age. Now, the first remnants of civilization are gathering in the United States. The American combine has begun to consolidate its power, preaching a message of genetic cleansing and a return to greatness. You will take control of the Underground Collective (or for added challenge the Mutants, Outlaws, Witches, Heretics, or Ghouls), and fight a desperate battle against the forces of the Combine and the harsh effects of a global disaster. The relentless global warming must be stopped, or else the country will be a giant festering swamp in which mankind will end not with a bang, but a whimper.  
Author: Louis Norton; File Size: 80 KB
Global ApocalypseThe world has been totally occupied and approximately 98% of it’s cities are industrialized. You would think that there would be an era of peace and prosperity right? Wrong! Because of the massive need for fuel and energy (not to mention food) the nations of the world have been divided into seven Unions……  
Author: Mathieu Pinsonnault; File Size: 48 KB
SiriusIn the year 2371 the humans discovered the huge world of Sirius, in the Sirius system. The different countries of the Earth sent their colonies and a powerful satellite to contact the colonies with the nearest human post. 50 years later all the colonies arrived to Sirius, but when they entered in the atmosphere light rays from the planet destroyed most of the spaceships and the survivors arrived in different parts of the planet and loose the communication between them, because the satellite was destroyed too. Suddenly, a message arrived to the Earth, it was from a white and tall creature who called himself Serrny, leader of the Seronis, he said that they arrived first to Sirius, and the humans must evacuate it…..  
Author: Rocky Mountain Civ2 Site; File Size: 87.5 KB
Power SourceAn Alien invader has attacked a distant planet. The people of that planet had long since moved to the water after the land became uninhabitable due to pollution. The aliens then thought it logical that they should move their base to the land where they couldn’t be found or attacked. But now another threat has come to the once peaceful world. A huge astroid has gone off course and is heading straight toward the planted. The people of the planet have recognized both threats. They realize that they must destroy the alien’s reactor and steal enough of their technology to destroy the astroid. However, to destroy the reactor you must find two energy sources and destroy them. The energy sources are owned by different clans. The clans use their power to get he energy they need to live. So, obviously, they won’t want you to take theirs. As leader of one of the clans, you must destroy the other two clans’ energy sources and then destroy the aliens reactor. Be careful– the other clans have the same goal in mind. BLUE CLAN- The funniest to play, which is nice because the computer tends to misuse their boomerangs that they throw at enemies. However, they put their boomerangs in their city, which makes it real hard to get to.  
REQUIREMENT: None Specified
Author: SethyBB; File Size: 357 KB
Alpha CentauriAs the settlers from earth discover, Alpha Centauri is not uninhabited as they had previously thought. The current residents are leading very peaceful lives when a very large spaceship streaks through the sky. This is seen as a very bad omen. Fear and greed drive all the nations to use this as an excuse for war. When a new city is discovered in a valley of the western mountains, they see a common enemy. The new settlers barely make their intended landing site after their ship has major malfunctions. Rubble is scattered throughout the planet and all of the soldiers are killed. Will everyone get along, or will one of them take it all. You decide.  
Author: Unknown; File Size: 14.7 KB
Mission ImpossibleIn this scenario you can choose to be the English, Egyptians, Celts, or Germans. The English, Egyptians, and Celts are large civilizations with strong armies and are all allied with each other. The Germans, on the other hand, are a small civilization located on a small island, however, they have a strong army as well. The “Allies” have personnal vendettas against the Germans, as do the Germans against the “Allies”. The object is to take over the rest of the world. I reccomend being the Germans for the greatest test of your abilities. Or if you are if you are a wuss, you can decide to be one of the “Allies”.  
Author: Unknown; File Size: 11 KB
World War III: EuropeAuthor: Unknown; File Size: 32 KB
Antarctica v1.0  
Sound: 1
Storyline: In 2001, the ultimate expedition of cooperative nations is sent to colonize Antartica. An entire nation of people could be living there as soon as 2020. What if, once there, we lost the loyalty to our own nations on the other continents?  
This is a scenario based on Antarctica. Your mission is to conquer the continent or stay alive long enough to establish a new link with a communications satellite.
Also, you are faced with the additional challenge of “isolation” making friends might not be as easy as you had hoped and you also have to worry about the “Antarcticans”, a rebel faction that invariably will want to destroy you. It is possible to become allies with any civ if you work at it, but I can’t guarantee they will be loyal.
Author: John Valdez; File Size: 1.86 MB
Lunar Misison  
File: 1 2 3
The Lunar-Apollo Mission Scenario is a test of “What if we colonized the Moon?”. It starts out with 7 nations which attempt to work together to colonize the Lunar surface. But, as fate would have it, something goes wrong– and no one can communicate with Earth! Trapped and panicked and tensions and feelings of isolation cause bases to withdraw from each other. Some dissident humans break off from these bases and form their own base calling themselves the “Lunarites”. It is your job to re-unite these bases or re-establish communication with Earth by obtaining the technology to do so…before the Lunarites do something crazy!  
REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE. If you don’t have FW, checkout the Lunar Mission modpack in the modpack section.
Author: John Valdez; File Size: 3.28 MB
BattleTechThe year is 3030. The great human StarLeague under the leadership of the First Lord has been destroyed more than 250 years ago through intrigue, betrayal and civil war. In the successive wars (not to say: in the Succession Wars) 5 ruling Houses battle for power and the title of First Lord…  
REQUIREMENT: Civ2 Gold (USA) or Civ2 UltimateClassic (German)
Author: Dirk Zelwis; File Size: 606 KB
The Third World War: Global DominationThe United States and Britain have been at war with the newly formed Arab Coalition for almost a year now. Slobodan Melosivic and Saddam Hussien joined forces and started carving up the Balkans, the Middle East, and North Africa. Meanwhile, between 2000-2003, Vladimir Brusilov, descendent of the famous Russian general, led a succesful revolution in Russia. He did not return the nation to communism, but placed himself as a dictator with absolute power. He set about restoring Russia’s “glory” as he called it by taking back many of the former Soviet republics. In the Pacific, claiming that the Chinese abroad were being persecuted, China invaded Taiwan, after a stiff resistance, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, and persuaded North Korea and Vietnam to join with them. In fear of starting a third world war which was already beginning to take place, the United States did not intervene. In the past year, Russia has worked on new weapons technology like stealth fighters like the Mig-42 and hover technology like the Hoover Craft Destroyer, which is capable of going over any terrain. They also built a massive defensive line that begins in northern Poland and extends to the Black sea. This so called “invincible line” is known as the Russian Imperial Line. Russia has now attacked Germany and it is up to you to decide the fate of the world, whether you will rule it, or restore it to peace.  
REQUIREMENT: None Specified
Author: Unknown; File Size: 710 KB
Files below have been transferred to the current database by blake and are redundant.
V: The RevolutionThey arrived in 50 motherships, and quickly subdued the entire planet with little resistance. Their offer of friendship and galactic gifts lured the population into a false sence of security. By the time it was realized what they truly were the planet had become theirs. After a year of fighting, the Supreme Leader John was killed only to be suceeded by the ruthless Diana with the resistance. The leader of the resistance Julie Parrish had discovered a method of beating them. The dreaded Red Dust has become feared among the alien occupiers. Now with only one city to fight back from, Los Angeles. The Resistance has begun a brutal crusade to liberate planet Earth and drive the aliens away for good.



Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 559 KB

V ScenarioThis scenario is based on the V mini-series of the early 1980’s. In V, the humanlike Visitors arrive in 50 huge motherships, each measuring a mile and more across. Asking for our help to manufacture chemicals desperately needed for their dying planet, the Visitors are quickly assimilated into Earth culture. The Visitors gain power and influence, thanks in part to brilliant public relations and also to the conversion process that turns any human into a Visitor puppet. Fearing that the scientific community will discover their secret identity, the Visitors ostracize scientists around the world. But cameraman Mike Donovan discovers their secret — that the Visitors are actually lizard creatures who are stealing the water and human life of Earth for food! Carrying this information to a small embryonic Resistance group, the war for survival of humanity begins!



Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 555 KB

War of the WorldsWar Of The Worlds is based on the H.G. Wells book of the same name. It has no connection with Orson Wells radio version or the movie of the same name. Can you conquer the British island? Or will you drive the Martians away? Can you creat a weapon to kill the alien invaders or will you enslave mankind?


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 464 KB

Stargate SG1 v1.3 Most mythology has its roots in Earth’s distant past, when it was ruled by technologically advanced aliens who have since disappeared. They passed themselves off as dieties such Ra, Baal, the Devil and Cronus and built wonders such as the Pyramids, the Great Wall and even Atlantis.


These Aliens, the Goa’uld, moved on to other planets seeding human populations throughout the galaxy and have long since forgotten about Earth. Unfortunately, events are about to unfold which will remind them of our existence and draw them back to Earth.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4


Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 2.9 MB

HomeworldThis scenario is based off Sierra Studio’s 3-D RTS game, “Homeworld”.


The galaxy is on the verge of change. The once mighty Taiidan Empire begins to crumble from the inside. The re-emergence of a long exiled race creates chaos, and the rumors of a terror from the voids of space spread throughout the galaxy…

Screenshots: #1 #2


Author: Michael Classen; File Size: 2.23 MB

Star Trek: Dominion War v1.0


v1.1 patch

Sound: 1

The scenario is a space based epic with both quests and major battles. In short…… After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of the KLINGONs in a war secretly instigated by the DOMINION, the CARDASSIANs were forced into an alliance with a huge Dominion fleet that came across through the wormhole at Bajor. Since then, the Dominion/Cardassian Alliance has conquered several unaligned worlds. With the freedom of the Alpha Quadrant at stake, the FEDERATION has had no choice but to declare war. Although reluctant, the ROMULANS and Klingons will soon join you in the war effort.


Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

Read a review written by John Valdez (RTF format)

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 1.77 MB

Star Trek: The Battle for the Alpha Quadrant v3.0


v3.1 patch

Sound: 1

It is the 23rd Century and different races are just beginning to discover warp drive, and explore and colonize the vastness of the Final Frontier – Space. As per the events depicted in Star Trek – First Contact, the BORG have arrived (not next to Earth thankfully) but in this time-line the Enterprise-E does not go back in time to save everyone from assimilation. A battle for domination in the Alpha Quadrant then ensues.


The Objective – Kill the BORG and Destroy the other two major races. You need 15 objective points to win decisively. The game begins in March 2200 and ends in June 2362. This is equivalent to 650 turns of three months each.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 1.77 MB

The Battle for SolIn the future, humanity has grownto encompass the entire solar system. Looking out towars the stars, the human race begins to take the first few tentative steps towards interstellar travel. But, before it can begin, something happens that will change the face of humanity forever…


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Berkeley; File Size: 213 KB

Alpha CenturaThis scenario places you as one of the nations that sent a spaceship to Alpha Centura. You can chech the planet out.


This scenario was created using the graphics from the scenarios that came with MPG so I must give them credit. This scenario takes place on alpha centura. The planet is barren and extremely hot. The average temperature outside is 1200F/800C degrees. You start off with a huge city of 15 (The starxhip has been traveling for a while and births have happened. Your cities squares are all resourced. This planet is basecly a vary hot Earth and plate boarders can be seen. A strange form of blue liquid exists.


Author: donnqa; File Size: 3.67 MB

TransformersThis is a scenario complete with 40 different units for fans of the 80s Transformer cartoon.


The main battle ground is on the Transformers’ planet of Cybertron. Recommended to play as either the heroric Autobots or evil Decepticons. Autobots and Decepticons have different units. Junkions and Quintessons are also included but may be challenging to play.


Author: Justin Li; File Size: 281 KB

Star Wars: Insurrection v1.2


Main Files
Sound files 1
Sound files 2

v1.3 Patch

This scenario starts about two years before ‘A New Hope’ and thus turns are measured in months before and after “A New Hope”. It does not follow the traditional triology storyline. Consequently, the Deathstar battlestation is left uncompleted and there is no Battle of Yavin or Battle of Endor. SW:Ins is designed in the standard kobayashi format, meaning there are three main powers which you can choose from. Admiral Zaarin attempts the overthrow of the Emperor a decade earlier in this timeline and he is partially successful. The galaxy splits into three major power blocks under the Old Empire, the Second Imperium (the Insurrectionists) and the New Republic (Rebels out of the closet). About two decades (240 turns) of turmoil follow and eventually one of the three emerges as the dominant galactic power.


There is no turn limit and there are no objective cities. Your objective is simple, you must fully eliminate the the other two major powers to claim victory. The other races are largely irrelevant – but they may help you achieve your goal.

Screenshots: Main Map Units Wonders Title

What’s new in 1.3: A great new HTML readme. Adds the Aeigis ability to the Corellian Gunship that was left out in earlier versions. Added 26 new icons for improvements and wonders. Fine tuned various stats and in general made the scenario harder.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or Civ2 Gold

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 2.66 MB

Escape Velocity for Civ 2Have you ever played Escape Velocity for the Macintosh? Wanted to be the big cheese of one of the empires there instead of being the simple gear in the galactic cog? Well now you can! Be either the Confederation, Rebellion, Independents, Pirates, Aliens, Cydonians or Lethe’s.



Author: Leonel; File Size: 333 KB

Martian Dawn v1.1


Sound Files 1
Sound Files 2

In 2110 the United Nations spaceship Columbus 3 at last landed humans on Mars, and colonies modeled on the successful Lunar Habitations soon followed. At first Mars housed only a few researchers and scientists, but the discovery on Mars of cornucopium (the key to cheap cold fusion power) led to a flood of colonists and miners under the authority of the mining giant MegaloCorp. For more than a century Mars was the most vital element in Earth’s economy, and the population of Mars swelled to the millions. But as the population grew, so did a sense of discontent over the policies of the distant Earth government and the oppressive behavior of MegaloCorp; colonists and miners alike were virtual slaves, dependent on the company literally for the very air they breathed. Strikes and protests were met with violence from MegaloCorp, and the situation worsened. On July 4, 2289, a loose Alliance of miners, liberal academics, and native-born colonists declared independence from Earth. A Coalition composed of MegaloCorp executives, recent immigrants, and Earth collaborators formed to support the United Nations government, and war erupted on Mars with both sides receiving massive aid from their sympathizers on Earth. The Martian War of Independence raged for more than ten years and nearly rendered Mars lifeless once more; the great polar colonies were destroyed, and only scattered enclaves of the various factions remained. Then, in 2299, cornucopium was found in deep mines on Earth, and Earthly support for both sides in the war vanished overnight. The United Nations placed Mars under a Quarantine of automated killer satellites and abandoned the planet. Fighting on the surface continued for a few more months, but both sides exhausted the last of their heavy munitions in the Battle of Goddard Canyon in August 2299. Soon after, the exhausted factions retreated to their enclaves and lost contact with one another. It is now March 1, 2300, and you are the leader of a Martian faction. Can you conquer all of Mars, or break the Quarantine and return in triumph to Earth?



Author: Benjamin Ball; File Size: 4.8 MB

Wing Commander: The Scenario


Sound Files 1
Sound Files 2

Two factions, Terran and Kilrathi, have been warring for nearly 20 years with no end to the conflict in sight. The Terran Confederation, an alliance of human worlds, fights to preserve peace and the existance of the human race. The Kilrathi Empire fights solely for the glory of battle and the conquest of new territories and subjugation of sentient races. Who will win? Only you can decide when the armadas and fighters of these two forces collide. This scenario was designed with multiplayer in mind, and has been balanced accordingly for the two powers. A singleplayer campaign exists for each side, Kilrathi and Terran Confederation.


Note: Make Sure you run runme.bat before starting to play the scenario!


Author: Kevin (DarthVeda) Chulski; File Size: 1.75 MB

Aliens LV-426 Colony


Sound Files

Warrant Officer Ellen E. Ripley is the only survivor of the commercial freighter Nostromo. Her drifting escape shuttle is found by a salvage team in the core systems of the galaxy. She is brought back to Earth, aboard Gateway Station where she meets Carter Burke. Burke, a company rep tells her that she has spent 57 years in space and lost her only daughter. Alone, shocked, desperate and plagued by recurring nightmares, she’s about to start for another journey into the heart of terror!



Author: Mathieu Rochette; File Size: 1.26 MB

Rebuilding the world after WWIII World War 3 has destroyed 99.9916% of the population. You, with the help of some surviving units and a wonder must build up a civilization. It is your choice whether you choose total world domination, peace or launching a spaceship.


You start off with 6 units, a city with a wonder and a piece of map still remaining. The units are: 4x Engineers, a Mechanized Infantry and a destroyer. After surviving a war with high-tech weapons, your units are badly damaged. They are sleeping and will wake when healed.

Civilizations included are: Russians, South Americans, Europeans, Africans, Asians, Australians and the Americans. They are all equal in terms of units and techs. Everyone starts in their rightful place. e.g Europeans start in Europe.

Screenshots: #1 #2


Author: James Dean Shepherd; File Size: 2.02 MB

Earth 3000 – Jump TrooperLife on Earth in the Year 3000 is hard! Global warming, the depletion of fossil fuels, and the wars of the third millenium have taken their toll on Earth’s population. Technology has been blamed for all of Earth’s miseries, so the Earthlings have formed governments to control the pace of technological advance. Just as Earth begins to recover, two races of aliens bearing gifts make contact with the Earthlings. Inspired by alien contact, many Earthmen desire change from the mediocrity Earth has fallen into. Your job in this scenario is to modernize your civilization and discover the secret of the aliens. Victory can be achieved by conquering the world or (finally) getting to Alpha Centauri. However, the time to accomplish this is limited!


Note: This scenario was created by Carl Fritz for the Second Scenario Leaque Contest.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Foster; File Size: 2.1 MB

Air War3000In the future, mankind has polluted the lower atmosphere with heavy toxins and pollutants. This has warmed the upper atmosphere and plants growing on mountaintops provide the air in Earth’s sky. In a last ditch attempt to save the dying hordes of mankind from impending doom on the ground, the nations of the world united to build eight giant floating cities. The first of many to be built which would later allow man to leave Earth and seek a new homeworld. But the peace did not last long. Not even the initial eight cities had been completed when the first, Airistachus, was destroyed by rioters from the lowlands (lower atmosphere). The rest of the floating cities went into anarchy and the last hope of mankind was swallowed in chaos. Billions on the ground died and millions more died in the skies. Now, years later, the seven remaining cities have developed new machines of flight. And each has begun to expand outwards, into the sky around them. The year is 3000, an the Air War has just begun!


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: WarVoid; File Size: 382 KB

Heavy Metal v1.5Based loosely around the movie by the same name. On a future Earth, aliens, mutants, robots and humans vie for domination over what is left of the planet. For a full description please see the readme file.


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: WarVoid; File Size: 528 KB

Sagan: Earth 3000


Sound: 1

In the year 2000 fears beyond mankinds worst nightmares came true, the terrors that HP Lovecraft had only dared to hint at in his novels came to Earth, passed by it, and in thier wake without even thinking about it killed almost the entire human race. Even God himself trembled and hid.


For the next two hundred years mankind struggled to rebuild, gradully. Most of the major cities were still inhabited, but a lot of the countryside was desolate. Food was short and those who lived and been struck insane by the Cosmic Terrors, mankind is only now coming out of its daze, and beginning to learn what they once knew.

Seven tribes have risen above it and organized themselves, they are nothing like what they used to be, a lot of cultural identity has been destroyed. They are, from easiest to win as to hardest to win as…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Mr. Temba; File Size: 3.73 MB

Prospero Now! v1.1Prospero, the final frontier in our solar system. This is the destination of the 7 discovering (and colonizing) nations. Their mission is to explore and colonize, while occasionally fighting each other for control of the planet and its resources. We must boldly go where no man has gone before.


Updates from version 1.0:

  • “Gold” unit is now changed to “Millions of $” for more realism
  • Time flow changed from months to weeks to enhance the realism and to boost plausibility


Author: Bow Tie Guy; File Size: 2.52 MB

War of the Worlds (movie version)War Of The Worlds is based on the movie of the same name with a world map. It has no connection with Orson Wells radio version or the book of the same name. Can you conquer the World? Or will you drivethe Martians away? Can you create a weapon to kill the alien invaders or will you enslave mankind?


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 601 KB

Invasion Of NarnThis is a scenario based on Babylon 5’s Narn/Centauri War. You must conquer the Narn and and pacify the planet and bring the Narn to a proper civilised standing in the universe. As the Narn you must free the Narn Homeworld from the vile clutches of the Centauri Empire. What path will you take?


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 277 KB

Millennium 004


Sound: 1 2 3 4 5

It is the dawn of the Fourth Millennium. War and pollution have damaged the land and airuntil they are incapable of supporting life. All life now exists in undersea cities. Global cyber-corporations have replaced the nation-state. They now command virtual military forces which extend competition to all out war. Computer networks dominate all aspects of society and now control the corporate cyber-civilizations. They seek the construction of the OVERMIND, a meta-network which will eliminate the last vestiges of Shareholder (human) control. The remnants of human society maintain a seemingly hopeless struggle against the cyber-corporations. These are the HUMANI, who have built secret bases in the deepest recesses of the sea.


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Tecumseh; File Size: 7.37 MB

Star WarsIt is a period of Civil War. The tyrannical Galactic Empire that had kept law and order throughout the galaxy is crumbling. As small kingdoms arise out of the once mighty colossus, anarchy and disorder run amuk throughout the galaxy. Emperor Palpatine, with the help of his most trusted servant, Lord Vader, has called a rise to arms and establishment of Imperial rule throughout the galaxy once again. However, the most prosperous of provinces that seceded out of the Empire has formed the Rebel Alliance to counter Imperial tyranny. Many other small states and pirate entities roam the torn galaxy in search of dominance. Choose between establishing Imperial hegemony throughout the galaxy, counter the Imperial threat and form a new galactic-wide Alliance based on the principals of the Old Republic, or take command of the other nations to establish a new Galactic Empire based on you. The galaxy is ripe for ambitious persons to take control of it in this time of Civil War.


Author: Paul Caldwell; File Size: 863 KB

SubWarCommander, the situation in the Pacific region becomes ever more grave! In particular, Australia and New Zealand are continuously being hit by earthquakes and tsunamies. Scientists suspect a connection between the continued exploitation of the deep sea by multi-national companies and these abnormal geological events. Unfortunately, these companies steadfastly refuse to accept any kind of responsibility, citing their licenses to exploit deep sea resources.


SubForce patrol missions in this theater have been frequently harrassed by private security forces of deep sea companies, leaving the Pacific region without any effective international monitoring. These actions have been justified as a “necessary anti-terrorist policy”. Your Task Force has received permission to enforce control if needed and to nullify corporate deep sea licences in case of illegal activities until further notice.


Screenshots: screen#1 screen#2 screen#3

Author: Bernd Brosing; File Size: 1.9 MB

USA 3500 ADIt took 300 years to recover from the great war of 3000, when the U.S. fell to nuclear war and took the rest of the world with it. The result was the death of three billion people and most of the world under water. Over the next 200 years the former U.S. was repopulated by various strains of the former states. The North American arena now lies solely underwater with merely a fringe of the former land that used to be. Within these islands the radiation caused many mutations and the only threat to peace springs from the wealthy Mutant League.


Author: Ryan Caruso; File Size: 334 KB

Dune: the Battle for ArrakisThe House that collects the most spice and colonies will control Dune. Who ever controls Dune controls the spice… Who ever controls the spice controls the Empire.


Three Houses fight for control of Dune who will win?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: David Emery; File Size: 740 KB

Star Trek: Kappa Quadrant v2.2


Sound: 1

This scenario is one of the many scenarios based upon Star Trek. The difference is, that this one plays in the future. Voyager has returned from the Delta Quadrant after a twelve year voyage. Janeway has been promoted to Admiral, Chakotay has his own ship, Tuvok is a Federation Ambassador in Cardassia, Seven is a science officer on the Enterprise F, Harry Kim has recently been promoted to lieutenant-commander and serves on the U.S.S. Cochrane and Tom Paris is a teacher at the academy (piloting) and he is married to B’Elanna. Everything seems to be peaceful. But then, a higher being takes a part of each quadrant and transports it into another Galaxy………


In this Kappa Quadrant where you arrive, there’s only one civilization left. They’re called the K’ra. They are a non-hunanoid insect-like lifeform, but they integrated other races into their civilization. That’s why they can built ‘normal’ spaceships, too.

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Kevin Klop (Willemvanoranje); File Size: 3.35 MB

Star Contact: Part 1: The Star WarsA long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… After the Battle of Yavin, Rebel Alliance is forced to avoid open battle against the mighty Imperial fleet. The dreadful Star Destroyers are set to search every part of the galaxy in order to discover one of the Rebel secret bases. Also there is a Darth Vader, obsessed with desire to found young Jedi who destroyed Death Star. He already knows the truth about his origin. Greedy Trade Federation is Imperial most loyal ally. The league Of Free Planets is weak alliance of technically developed star Systems as Corelia or Defiant. The gangster empire of Jabba Hutt is getting more power every day. Hutt pirates are enslaving all small planets a long their border around Hutt Barana and Tatooine. Neutral planets are representing all minor planets and systems. Yuuzhan Vong are unknown and powerful race, came from out of the galaxy and covered with mistery.They conquered all Outrim worlds in southeast sectors.


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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Nikola Kuprešanin; File Size: 346 KB

Star Contact: Part 2: Star Wars vs. Star TrekTwo years after the Yuzhan Vong was beaten, Imperial engineers, using the captured plans, constructed an intergalactic wormhole of their own. Located near Fondor systems, the giant imperial invasion fleet was awaiting for Emperor’s command. Everything was ready for revenge. Imperial navigators expected that new wormhole will lead them straight to the galaxy where the Yuzhan Vong was coming from. But, something has gone wrong. Imperial fleet indeed entered the new and unknown galaxy, but no Yuzhan Vong trail was found. However, that shouldn’t stop it to make an Emperor’s dream come true: To make Galactic Empire, an Intergalactic Empire.


Meanwhile, on the other side of the Milkyway, in the Delta Quadrant, The Borg finnaly succeded in creation of their own wormhole. The one, which is going to lead them straight to the Alpha Quadrant, for it’s finnal conquering. From now on, not even Federation, together with it’s famous capitan Jean Luc Picard, won’t stand on their way….

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Nikola Kuprešanin; File Size: 460 KB

Earth 3000 A Time to Stand v1.1(Multipart Scenario) In the 21st century mankind isn’t any better then a century before. After many wars in third world countries another big war started. The exact cause of the war is unknown (in the 30th century) but it is known that it triggered a global nuclear war. Many nation had nuclear weapons in those days, and some of them weren’t afraid to use it. In the end over 1.9 billion people were killed, and the world was thrown back in the dark ages. After 400 years, in the 25th century, mankind finally began to recover from this dreadful war. New nations were formed and long lost technologies were rediscovered. But still mankind hadn’t learned his lesson…


REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Mark Laanen; File Size: 781 KB

Bajor – The Cardassian Occupation v1.0The year is 2339. A massive Cardassian invasion fleet has just arrived in orbit around Bajor. The citizens of Bajor are unprepared for such a ruthless attack. All citizens? No, not all! The people living in the provinces of Shaka’ar and Rekantha have been warning the government about the Cardassian threat for a long time and thus have taken preparations.


Can you liberate the planet in the same time the resistance really needed with almost no military power at the start? To try out take the BAJORANS.

Author: Matthias Pitz; File Size: 173 KB

Alien on MarsMars is in turmoil. The water supply is quickly diminishing, much of the world has turned into wilderness once more and the great civilizations have become decadent. It is time for change and the only hope for the Martian civilizations to survive is either to grab the resources of other nations by force or to gain the technology to send a cylinder to the ripe planet of Earth…


REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author: Ben Shragge; File Size: 379 KB

Starsaga II: Where The Stars MeetAfter the draw at Zanus, the Namuh move on to bigger game. The system of Trinius has three planets and six races, one of which belongs to the Galaxion Confederacy. Their secret goal is to destroy the Superstargate on which most Galaxion trade rests. Only you can stop them…or insure their success.


Author: Giant Squid; File Size: 379 KB

Mad MaxIn 1999 a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan triggered a chain reaction throughout the world leading to World War III and Nuclear Armageddon. After 5 years of nuclear winter came 5 years of torrential rains and rising oceans. Now you lead a primitive emerging culture in one of the few unobliterated regions on Earth.


Author: Patrick Williams; File Size: 18.2 KB

Desert Planet Scenario


Sound: 1 2

“There are four files, one main file, two sound files, and a scenario file for FW. There is a scenario in the main file and it is in fact the same one. I just created a separate zip file to make it easier for people with FW. The good news is that the two sound files also go with scenario file for FW. The scenario can actually be used by anyone because I wrote it in Civ II, but if you have FW then you get all the cool events and get to hear the sounds (some that I mixed myself). ” — goto the Modpack section if you want to get the Desert Planet modpack.


The year is 2112, and the 7 Civilized Planets League has successfully colonized Royax, the second planet in the binary orbit of Imperaxia. The Terrans have only been recently admitted to the league of planets which worked through extreme political unrest to make this project happen– but wait! Behind the backs of the Imperials, the Corporation, Coalition, Axis and Aristocracy formed an alliance called the “Quaternary” in an effort to conquer the Imperials. The cost of colonizing the second desert planet of their star system left the Imperials without enough resources to defend themselves. They were nearly destroyed on their homeworld, except for the robust forces of loyal Colonists under the command of General Tag still on Royax. Currently, a Provisional League of Allies has been organized by Tag with the Terrans and the Union. The Union is also a newly admitted culture to the project. They are tri-peds whose talents and technologies are still not yet known. They have agreed to join the fight to reclaim Imperaxia, but reserve the right to keep any cities they capture, even on Imperaxia! Can Imperaxia be reclaimed and the Union held in check? You decide!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Valdez; File Size: 4.12 MB

The Moon!


Sound: 1 2

This is a short scenario, about 50 turns long. Your mission is to unite the moon through conquest. You are given the option to build wonders as part of your objectives.


The story for this scenario is as follows:

It has been years since World War 4, now called THE END. It was truly the end of humanity on Earth. Only the colonies of the Moon survived and carried on the human race. Some Terrans escaped and set up their their own colony. They were welcomed and quickly allied with several Lunar colonies which later united. Two Lunar colonies became rather dissatisfied with the arrangement, citing that it was the Terrans who were responsible for the destruction of the Earth– their fear was that the Terrans would destroy the Moon next. Survivors of the an unsuccessful colony of rebels called, “The Lunarites” have reformed their faction in the powdered valleys of the Moon and now call themselves “Neo-Lunarites”. They have gained considerable influence among the youth, many of whom have broken off to to form yet another faction of Rebels and are expected to ally with the Neo-Lunarites.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Valdez; File Size: 3.02 MB

Ice Planet IISometime in the far off future, the human race develops the technology to travel between the stars. Not sure of what they will find on their voyage to the unknown, the humans assemble the most elite troops on the planet into a single force aptly named the Galaxial Troops. With high hopes they set out to the the closest known planet in another galaxy- Jharlei: The Ice Planet. What they found on this seemingly barren world turned their historic mission into a fight for survival. An ancient alien force called the Kydextrians landed before the humans. They have come to Jharlei in search of a rare element, called Tronadium, that is required by the royal egg-layer. This Royal Kydextrian Hive Empress, named Gila by the native Ventry race, is the key to the survival of these hideous xenophages. The Kydextrians have begun their quest to rid the planet of any other life and claim the planet for their own.


As the Ventry Nation, your goal is to simply survive and fend off this alien menace. As the Galaxial Troops, your mission is to stay alive long enough to rebuild another spacecraft to return home. Finally, as the Kydextrians…kill or be killed.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Valdez; File Size: 583 KB