Civilization II: Modern Scenarios (Part 1)

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A World at War 1939-1945 v1.3

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"Ah, General, please sit down!" I have no need to tell you just how hard I have fought for peace… unfortunately, we are surrounded by enemies and in the past few weeks hostilities have been committed against our interests."

"Needless to say, this will not go unpunished. War is at hand my friend, and therefore I have decided to charge you with the full command of our forces. I expect that you within the next 48 hours will finalize your detailed plans for our first offensives and that you will brief me of the outcome. Our glorious nation is in your hand."

"Make us proud."

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Author: BKA; File Size: 8.47 MB

Operation Herbstnebel v2.0

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"Soldiers of the Western Front! Your great hour has come. Large attacking armies have started against the Anglo-Americans. I do not have to tell you more than that. You feel it yourself. We Gamble everything! Your carry with you the holy obligation to give all to achieve superhuman objectives for our Fatherland and our Führer!"

–Field Marshall von Rundstedt, December 15 address

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Author: Kevin “DarthVeda” Chulski; File Size: 4.37 MB

Dainichi Sekai Taisen v1.3

Sound Files

After victory in the Sino-Japanese war of 1895, Japan was forced by the
European Powers to return most of her conquered territories and then was
subject to discriminating immigration laws in the U.S. and an unequal quota
of warships in naval treaties in spite of fighting on the side of the Allies
in World War One. For half a century, Japan has worked relentlessly to
improve her infrastructure and armed forces in the quest for international
recognition and respect, something no Asian power has been able to claim.

Reckless modernization and expansion however has come at a price and by
1937, Japan is on the verge of economic collapse unless the resources of
China and South-east Asia can be secured. Can you serve the Emperor and your
people by negotiating peace with both Great Britain and the United States
AFTER taking control of 32 objective cities.

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Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 2.6 MB

The Norwegian Campaign v2.0

DLL Files

Norway’s natural resources of minerals (particularly iron ore) and hydroelectric power made it a desirable conquest for Germany. Furthermore, its air bases could be used to strike at Britain. Norway had remained neutral throughout World War One. It expected to remain neutral once again upon the outbreak of war in 1939, and Hitler initially had no real plans to invade. However, this changed when news leaked out that Churchill intended to mine Norwegian waters to prevent the export of Swedish iron ore to Germany via the Norwegian port of Narvik.

By chance, the British plans clashed with those of the Germans. Backed by a coup by the Norwegian Nazi, Vidkun Quisling, the German invasion began on 9 April 1940, the day after the British began their operations.

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Author: Eivind A. Evensen aka Eivind IV; File Size: 2.31 MB


America has been taken over by the Soviet Union in a bloody War, leading to slave-labor camps for some, collaboration for others and rebellion for yet others. The invasion of the United States from the north and south by communist forces from Nicaragua and Russia ended World War III with the United States on the losing side. But the efforts of partisans from the hometown of "FREEDOM" Boston plan their own revolution to take back the free nation.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes AKA Mondas; File Size: 165 KB


An alternate world in which Hitler has not made his fatal error in prematurely declaring war on the United States and America is the only significant military presence against a triumphant Third Reich and its devastating weapons. The war had ended in 1944. Germany never declared war on the U.S. due to an attempt on Hitler’s life in an airplane that put him in the hospital. After which the U.S. concentrated all their efforts on defeating Japan. Now that the European War (As it is called) And the Pacific War (Likewise called) are over, Germany seeks to conquer the Americans before they can invent the first atomic bomb. Such a weapon would make the owner ‘MASTER OF THE EARTH’.


Author: Timothy Fowlkes AKA Mondas; File Size: 1.81 MB

La Belle Epoque v2.0
After the Franco-German war in 1870/71, Europe enjoyed a period of interior peace for more than forty years until the start of the First World War in 1914. During this period, many important developments took place, especially in England, France, Austria, Germany and the United States.

The second wave of the industrial revolution seized the world. Above all it concerned the chemical industry and the electrical engineering, it was the start of the era of the combustion engine and the mass production of steel, the machines became more efficient and more powerful, the ships bigger and their construction less expensive, the propulsion changed from the paddle to the screw, from the piston to the turbine, and their speed doubled. The trains got steel rails on which longer and heavier trains could drive one and a half times as fast as before; therefore it became the most important mean of transportation.

At the same time began the definite conquest of the air: The first planes were built, and the airships of Zeppelin went down in history. People living in this period were materially confident and culturally optimistic. All social classes were seized by the feeling of a new start into better times. So began, on this basis, the time which nowadays not only the French call the ‘La Belle Epoque’ (The beautiful time).

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Author: Eivind A. Evensen aka Eivind IV; File Size: 1.13 MB

Blitzkrieg 1942 v2.0
Using the new the new blitzkrieg tactics to crush opposition in Poland, Scandinavia, the Low Countries, France and the Balcans within two years, Hitler found himself in total command of the European Continent. His next step: the Soviet Union. In June 1941, Hitler invaded Russia.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, the Japanese had turned aggressive. By August 1942 they had taken control of Southeast Asia and reached as far as New Guinea on the road toward an invasion of Australia. Menaced by the American presence in the Pacific, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, bringing the United States into the war.

Here’s your chance to rewrite history. The date: July 1942!

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Author: Eivind A. Evensen aka Eivind IV; File Size: 820 KB

Blitzkrieg 1936 v2.0
An improved and remade version of BK1941. A pre-ww2 scenario designed for multiplayer play.

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Under his leadership the country developed into a ruthlessly aggressive totalitarian state. All forms of democratic government and political opposition were soon swept away. By coercion, repression and propaganda, the Nazi Party began to control German life. The Nazis pledged first to restore Germany to its ‘rightful’ place in Europe, and then to seek world power. The Blitzkrieg era has begun…

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Author: Eivind A. Evensen aka Eivind IV; File Size: 646 KB

Blitzkrieg 1941

Sounds: 1 2 3

World War II was the largest conflict in the history of mankind. The war was fought over millions of square miles on the ground, in the air, on and under the sea, and with the development of the German V-2 missile, at the very fringes of outer space. Men and women fought in the streets of the great cities of Europe, the arctic wastelands of Finland, the unexplored jungles of Southeast Asia, the brutal deserts of Africa, the towering peaks of the Himalayas. Not even the United States, protected by two vast oceans was secure. German U-Boats sunk hundreds of ships within sight of the U.S. and Canadian coasts and the Japanese managed to gain a temporary foothold in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. People from nearly every nation on earth served in some capacity, as soldiers, sailors, relief workers, medics or nurses. For five years, the vast majority of the worlds’ industrial capacity was used to make the implements of war.

It starts in June 1941 with the invasion of the Soviet Union. The scenario is specially designed for multiplayer games.

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Author: Eivind A. Evensen aka Eivind IV; File Size: 876 KB

World War One v1.2
Following the outbreak of the war in June and July 1914 the main powers mobilised their armies to fight against their enemies. "The war will be over before the leaves fall", Wilhelm II shouted at his soldiers in August 1914. Now it is October and Germany lost the first round. The Schlieffen Plan has failed and it seems to be a dark first winter: On the Western Front the soldiers made up positions nearly impossible to penetrate and the Russian Steamroller stands at the borders of Prussia though Germany has won the Battle of Tannenberg and Germany´s allies, the weak Habsburg Monarchy desperately tries to defend the Carpathians to secure the Hungarian Low Lands and Serbia is still alive.

No Pollution – No Government Switching – Research and Survive …


Author: Stephan Sander; File Size: 435 KB

Fortress – The Siege of Sevastopol
BACKGROUND: It´s June 1, 1942. A mild and warm June in the southermost part of the Crimea Peninsula. But Suddenly the air is filled with enourmous noise. The artillery preperation for the storm on the world´s largest fortress – Sewastopol – has begun.

The 11th Army of the German Wehrmacht, commanded by the famous General Erich von Manstein, started his offensive. Von Manstein, one of the major Blitzkrieg strategists, set up a complete different strategy. He focused the attack on the use of heavy and heaviest artillery to deal with the fortifications.

STRATEGY: Manstein used a high number of artillery batteries and the air support of the VIII Fliegerkorps to achieve his goals. You may use your aircraft and artillery units in combination.

OBJECT: Conquer the territory that remained under the control of the Red Army after the Spring Offensive, and destroy all remaining Soviet forces in the area.


Author: Stephan Sander; File Size: 405 KB

Abu Sayyaf

Sound: #1

Abu Sayyaf Group, al Qaeda-linked Muslim extremists fighting for an independent Islamic state in the southern Philippines, is the most violent of the Islamic separatist groups operating in the zone. Some ASG leaders have studied or worked in the Middle East and allegedly fought in Afghanistan during the Soviet war. Abu Sayyaf is believed to have been funded by al-Qaeda in the early 1990s and Bin Laden’s brother-in-law, Mohammed Jamal Khalifa, reportedly met directly with the group in its early years. According to Abu Sayyaf, the group is fighting for a sovereign Islamic state in the southern Philippines. To fund its efforts, they have kidnapped Filipino and foreigners for ransom. Due to those acts, the Philippine government sees the group more as a band of pirates than a true political movement. The Philippines is considered the “second front” in the US led war on terrorism, And since early February 2002, 1300 U.S. soldiers have been training Philippine troops in marksmanship, small-unit leadership, special operations, intelligence, communications and survival techniques for use in the fight against Abu Sayyaf. Since then, the Philippine government, led by President Gloria Arroyo, has vowed an all-out effort to crush Abu Sayyaf.

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Author: JAPR; File Size: 574 KB

Operation Urgent Fury
On March 13, 1979, the New Joint Endeavour for Welfare, Education, and Liberation (New Jewel) movement ousted Sir Eric Gairy, Grenada’s first prime minister, in a nearly bloodless coup and established a people’s revolutionary government (PRG), headed by Maurice Bishop, who became prime minister. His Marxist-Leninist Government established close ties with Cuba, the Soviet Union, and other communist-bloc countries. In October 1983, a power struggle within the government resulted in the arrest and subsequent murder of Bishop and several members of his cabinet by elements of the people’s revolutionary army. Following a breakdown in civil order, U.S. forces, in conjunction with contingents of the security forces of several neighbouring Caribbean states, invaded the independent state of Grenada on October 25 in response to an appeal from the governor general and to a request for assistance from the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States. The mission was to oust the People’s Revolutionary Government, to protect U.S. citizens and restore the lawful government.


Author: JAPR; File Size: 398 KB

The Falklands War v3.0
For over a hundred years, ownership of the Falkland Islands and their dependencies has been disputed by Britain and Argentina. On the 2nd April 1982, the Argentines sent a large invasion force and quickly over-ran the 40-strong Marines garrison on the Falklands. When American mediation attempts ended in failure, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher ordered a task force to be sent to the South Atlantic. The first part of the force, containing 3rd Commando, has now arrived, while 5th Infantry is still far behind. Will you launch an immediate attack without waiting for reinforcements, or hold off, leaving your fleet vulnerable to bombers and Exocet missiles? Can you repeat history and restore British honour, or will Argentine agression triumph? The download also includes an additional scenario designed to be played as Argentina.


Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

Author: Michael Hughes; File Size: 305 KB

La Guerra: The Colombian Civil War

Main Files 1

Main Files 2

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FW Tiles

MGE Tiles

In 1974, the sword of the South American liberator, Simón Bolívar, was stolen by a leftist guerilla group in Colombia. This event was only one in a long chain of events that led to the intensification of the longest civil war of the 20th century – The Colombian Civil War. From 1948 to 1958, La Violencia – a bloody civil war – had raged the South American country, and torn it to pieces. When the war ended, Communists had established themselves all over the country, and had proclaimed 7 "independent republics". When the political union of the liberals and the conservatives that followed La Violencia fell in the 1964 elections, a large-scale offensive was initiated by the new Colombian government. It destroyed most of the Communist strongpoints, but many had escaped. These formed numerous new guerilla groups. On of these groups, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), was to grow into a huge and dangerous rebel group. By 1974, when a new offensive was initiated under the new Michelsen administration these groups had achieved a stable and firm position in the country. Throughout the rural and highland areas of Colombia, the most important crop had for a long time been coca and opium poppies. This agriculture had led to the creation of powerful drug cartels, who in turn financed paramilitaries (Autodefensas) to protect their business against the Communist rebels in the country. To this date, neither the Communists, the government, nor the paramilitaries have been defeated – and the conflict has only grown more desperate.

Screenshot: #1 #2 Units Title


Author: Insurgent & The Anzac; File Size: 3.31 MB

Enduring Freedom
October 2001: Four weeks after the September 11th attacks on America, the United States launched Operation Enduring Freedom, an intense air campaign against the malicious Taliban and their Al-Qaeda associates in Afghanistan. Coalition commanders directed the campaign from a sophisticated command center at the Prince Sultan Air Force Base near Riyahd, Saudi Arabia. Military planners had initially thought it would take as long as five months before conditions would be ripe for an offensive on Kabul. But after only twenty days, Northern Alliance opposition forces began their march on the capital, and captured it twenty-four hours later without a fight.

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Author: Patrick Williams (aka Midnight Blue); File Size: 155 KB MB

The Great War v1.0
This scenario is about World War One from Aug 1914 to Oct 1918.

Author: Ezca; File Size: 83.4 KB

Burma South-East Asia 1941-1945
In SOUTH-EAST ASIA it is 1h15am 8 December 1941

Kodo military fanatics control Japan’s government and Korea, Formosa, thousands of Pacific islands, Manchuria, the coast of China and it’s major cities. Japan has inflicted a barbarous war on China and Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Chinese forces since 1937. Japan must close China’s last supply route, the ‘Burma Road’. In 1940, Japan joined the triumphant Axis Pact of Germany and Italy and with France’s defeat, occupied French Indo China. To deter Japanese expansionism the US Pacific fleet moved to Hawaii but the war in Europe was the immediate concern. Now the natural resources in British, Dutch and American South-East Asian protectorates lay exposed to Japan’s supremacy in a ‘Greater East-Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere’. The time at Pearl Harbour is 7h55am, Sunday 7 December 1941 Hawaii Time.

Screenshot: Title Image


Author: Len Morison; File Size: 2.63 MB

Russian troops entered Chechnya in December 1994, in order to prevent Chechnya’s effort to secede from the Russian Federation, and after almost 2 years of fighting, a peace agreement was reached. As part of that agreement, resolution of Chechnya’s call for independence was postponed for up to 5 years. Tens of thousands of civilians were killed and over 500,000 persons displaced since the conflict began.

Screenshot: #1


Author: JAPR; File Size: 346 KB

Cold War Flashpoint
A scenario simulating a soviet invasion of western europe. Nothing much tech wise and geared primarily for combat.


Author: Leonel; File Size: 327 KB

After WW2
The world after WW2 has been plunged into the Cold War. Many nations of the world have taken sides between the Soviets and the Americans. Try and conquor the world or just play through history as accurately as desired.


Author: Leonel; File Size: 527 KB

World War I
Just World War one, centering on Germany aiming for Paris and Moscow. Features include a special ‘patriot’ unit for Balkan nationalists and huge number of well designed, geographically correct cities and combined British and French to represent combined action.

The updated version has more unique units, better relations between countries, problem fixes.

Author: Will; File Size: 95 KB

Under Siege: The Wars of Israel

Sound Files 1

Sound Files 2

Throughout the history of the State of Israel severe antagonism between Israelis and Arabs has dominated events. These wars were fought in large, impressive armoured manoeuvres, long-lasting and bitter attrition, swift invasions and attacks, and destructive terrorism. There was so much diversity in the fighting, such sophistication in the methods, and such bitterness and hostility between the parties, that these relatively small conflicts have had a tremendous impact on the world and the way we see it. Since the founding of the Israeli state in 1948, the Arab neighbours have been seeking the destruction and reoccupation of the land they see as rightfully theirs. Three times this was attempted through invasion, three times it failed. And the religious dimension does not make the fighting easier or better, instead it serves the role as a detriment to peace, one of many such detriments. No conventional wars have been fought in the Middle East since 1982, therefore my last scenario takes place there, but the conflict hasn’t ceased. This quintuple of scenarios are made to depict five of the wars: The War of Independence, The Suez Crisis, The Six Day War, The Yom Kippur War, and the Lebanon War.

Screenshots: 1 2 3 4 5 6; Related forum thread


Author: Insurgent; File Size: 3.7 MB

European War
This scenario is about Europe in late 60’s. There are five alliances, the Soviet Union and the neutrals. The Soviets are being annoyed by the Baltics, who declared independency and are no longer a part of the Soviet Union. The Soviets also have quite hostile relations to the west.


Author: Ezca; File Size: 78.1 KB

This scenario is based in the conflict between Palestine and Israel since the election of Sharon as Prime Minister (2001)

There are only two civilizations, Israel and Palestine. The Palestine army is very poor, but they have a lot of good units like suicide terrorists and Hamas terrorists (spies). Their objective is to survive, because they will have to resist the attacks of the huge Israeli army, and is very difficult to make the peace with Sharon. I have tried to be neutral, but play as the Israelis isn’t very funny, because with their huge army you can destroy the Palestinians in 6 or 7 turns.


Author: JAPR; File Size: 1 MB

"Lebensraum (German, living-space)

"Nazi political doctrine claiming a need to acquire more territory in order to accommodate the expanding German nation. First introduced as a political concept in the 1870s, the concept was given patriotic significance by Hitler and Goebbels. The corollary to ‘Lebensraum’ was the ‘Drang nach Osten’ (German, ‘drive to the East’), which claimed large areas of eastern Europe for the Third Reich to enable the so-called Nazi master race to subjugate and colonize the Slavic peoples.”

The scenario kicks off with “Operation Barbarossa", June 1941. Take command of the Axis army and win the second world war.

REQUIREMENT: Civ2 Fantastic Worlds

Author: Eivind A. Evensen; File Size: 4.24 MB (850 KB w/o sound)

Vietnam War

Sound Files

This scenario is based in the excellent “Vietnam war Scenario v1.0” of B. Stein. The Vietnam war took place between 1954 and 1975. After the defeat of the French colonial army, the country was divided in two zones: the north, communist and helped by the USSR and the south, helped by the US. North Vietnam and its president Ho Chi Minh decided to unify the country, the Vietcong guerrillas infiltrated into South Vietnam, and US president JFK sent troops to protect this country. The American troops, couldn’t defeat the NV army, and the war wasn’t popular inside the USA, so in 1975 the North Vietnam troops conquered Saigon. This scenario begins in 1966, when 390.000 american soldiers were in South Vietnam.


Author: J.A.P.R.; File Size: 1.11 MB

Rhodesia UDI
On 11 November, 1965, Ian Smith, the Prime Minister of the British colony of Southern Rhodesia, announced Unilateral Declaration of Independence! The last revolt to the British crown was the American colonies revolt in 1776.

Mr. Smith later declared that Black majority rule would never happen in his lifetime – not in a thousand years! It was the start of a short 1000 years.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds

Author: Len Morison; File Size: 817 KB

History (Pre-WW1 Europe)

Main Files



Its 1901, the Entente Corial between England and France has not been signed, and Italy-Austria-Germany are still holding there alliance together, Russia remains sided with France… will war break out or will peace and common sense prevail?

Screenshots: #1 #2


Author: Sound Wave; File Size: 3.1 MB

Drole de Guerre V1.2
After the invasion of Poland, Great Britain and France should have attacked Germany. Now, Hitler has joined a great army in the French and Dutch borders and will attack soon.

Many months have passed, and this war is strange. There is war in the sea, but almost nothing in the air and absolutely nothing in the land. Lord Gort, commander of the British Expeditionary Force, sends optimistic reports. The French generals, old-fashioned, believe in a long front war that will stop the german advance like in 1914; they have the "Maginot Line”, almost impregnable. The French called this strange time "drole de guerre” (joke of war); they can’t imagine what will happen soon…


Author: Javier Arriaga; File Size: 368 KB

World War II This is a historical scenario about WW2.The world is divided into are 6 nearly factions all nearly equally powerful: the Japanese Empire in Eastern China and the South Pacific, the Nazis in France and Poland, the Neutrals, The Americans with support troops in Brazil and Western China, the British Empire, the Soviet Empire. The goal of course is to take what you can. It is likely that war will continue to wage on indefinitely so plan for the long term. On Deity it is nearly impossible for the allies to stay together unless you are the British.


Author:Ian Bentley; File Size: 271 KB

World War 1949: Civil war of France, Germany, and Greece This Scenario is the story of an alternate cold war that turned hot in Europe of 1949 due to a France civil war. The Scenario is playable by all players, but is best with the Communist French. The Gaulists and Neutral communists are also fun. The Anti Soviets and Soviets are the main players, but only if you want your turns to last a month. The Eastern Block are basically a tributary to the soviets, so they aren’t much fun, and the Neutrals are pretty worthless. The Communist armies should take as of their respective objectives as possible, and the others should try to hold them back.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or Civ2 Gold

Author: Steve Morse; File Size: 291 KB

The Cruel Sea v2.0

Score XLS


This scenario covers the ‘Battle of the Atlantic’ between late 1940 and 1944. The scenario is designed to be played as the Germans, though other civilisations may also prove entertaining (if a bit easy). This scenario covers naval warfare only-there is almost no use of land units, nor is there much in the way of city improvements or research. Scoring is achieved by comparing loss to kill ratios.

v2.0 includes sounds, new units, greatly expanded events and superior AI performance.

Screenshots: Main Map Units

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Case; File Size: 1.33 MB

Israel in August 2000 v2.0

It’s August 2000, and Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak has just shown his willingness for making peace at the Camp David Negotiations. After the Palestinian rejection their relations with Israel has deteriorated. Arafat is in desperate need of publicity, so he starts a war, which can only be won in the press room. Can you prevent this from escalating into a full-scale Middle Eastern war, and if not, can you WIN IT?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Insurgent; File Size: 560 KB

Operation Desert Storm v2.0

The year is 1991, and the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein has defied the entire western world by invading the small oil-rich desert state of Kuwait. In only a couple of months the largest military alliance in the history of mankind has been assembled. The stage is now clear for a tank-battle of dimensions! Saddam Hussein has gathered and positioned his troops to form a huge trap, to destroy the Coalition Forces. Both sides are challenging to play, and you have to think about your moves before you make them. As the Coalition you have to consider whether you are brave enough to attack frontally and face the Iraqi trap. As Iraq you must consider if you want to attack the Coalition with your large reserves or wait thereby maintaining your tank trap!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Insurgent; File Size: 369 KB

Roman Empire Series Part 1: The Great War

June 28, 1914–This is an alternate timeline of World War I. In a world where the Roman Empire did not fall. The ancient Egyptian Dynasty is a protectorate of the British Empire, and the Ottoman Empire is in it’s declining years. The Central Powers has decided on a path of conquest to establish an Empire for itself, but is it too late? The Russian Empire has decided to be the savior of the Slav people, but Bolsheviks vow to seize power and save the Russian people from dispair and decay.. The United Kingdom and France have formed an alliance with Russia, “The Triple Entente”. . The Roman Empire dreams of the day when their Empire can see the Glory Of The Past. They wait for the days they can move their forces into position to gain the Empire that once was. America and the the lesser Europeon nations have decided on neutrality for the time being. What will happen? Will Germany rise? Will Rome fall?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 2.42 MB

Roman Empire Series Part 2: World War Two

September 1939–This is an alternate timeline of World War II. In a world where the Roman Empire did not fall.The ancient Egyptian Dynasty still flourishes, and the Ottoman Empire is on the verge of collapse. The Greater German Reich has decided on a path of conquest to bring a new age of enlightenment for the German people. The Soviet Union has decided on a world communist system and has hastily signed a peace with Germany to gain time to build up an army to acconplish this task. The Ottoman Empire, after years of defeat by her enemies are on the verge of collapsing and bide thier time and wait for an opportunity to unleash their war machine to gain dominance in the Middle East and Europe. Egypt has successfully fought off Muslim armies over the years and are a powerful force and have signed an alliance with Germany and have sworn to destroy their hated enemy, Rome. The United Kingdom and France have enjoyed years of prosperity since the defeat of Germany in World War One. The Roman Empire dreams of the day when their Empire can see the Glory of the past. They wait for the days they can move their forces into position to gain the Empire that once was. But, with the German Army pouring its way throughtout Europe all dreams have become shattered and the plans of leaders seem to be fading away.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 409 KB

Roman Empire Series Part 3: World War Two

September 1987–This is an alternate timeline of the World. In a world where the Roman Empire did not fall.The ancient Egyptian Dynasty has all but been conquered , and the Ottoman Empire is no more. The Greater German Reich has been defeated and the world is divided between East and West. The Soviet Union has decided on a world communist system but lacks the means to truly accomplish this and has hastily signed a peace with China called the Sino-Soviet Pact The United Kingdom and France have enjoyed years of prosperity since the defeat of Germany in World War Two. The Roman Empire’s dreams of the days when their Empire can see the Glory of the past has become reality. But, with the terrorist leader Muammar Qaddafi leading a campaign of terror against the United States from a secret base in Roman Libya, the world is threatened with Nuclear War when the US leads an attack on the terrorist base inside Roman territory. The Roman Empire responds swiftly to this precieved act of aggression of the United States by attacking the US bases in West Germany, and naval ships passing through the mediterranean, the US threatens a counter-attack. Peace negoations and world pressure has appeared to have failed. Will the world die in a nuclear holocaust? Will the Soviet Union emerge as the number one world power as a result of war? Or will the US and Roman Empire see reason and come back from the edge of nuclear devastation?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Timothy Fowlkes; File Size: 409 KB

Second World War

Get the new events file

“We saw the first shell from the big German railroad gun as it came toward us tumbling in the air and sounding like a train going through a tunnel. I like many others dove for any hole we could find. At the time I found it funny that I and so many men had been afraid of a noise that was harmless to us. A short while later, I saw the jeeps flying the Red Cross’s and bringing back the wounded. I was to learn, if one wished to survive this war, one had to learn and understand the many sounds made by both the enemy and our side.

We were to learn some noises the hard way. As our regiment settled near Basse and as the companies were digging in, a salvo of mortar rounds landed in the B Coy area setting the Coy carrier on fire and wounding Pte. Turner, while Maj. Monk, Pte. Armstrong and CSM Fraser went to give aid to Tuner, another salvo caught them all above ground wounding Pte. Armstrong and several others in the Coy including Pte. Bougner, Tompkins and Lieut….., in this gallant effort.

Bravery in a case like this does not always pay off. It is hard not to help one of your comrades, but it is not wise to always do so as most barrages of artillery and motor fire very seldom last more than five or six minutes. ” -Allied Soldier

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Eivind A. Evensen; File Size: 3.88 MB

Zweiter WeldKreig v 2.1

v2.2 Patch

Sound: 12

You could say that the purpose of the scenario is to discover which other ways WWII could have unfolded if different personalities were involved. Another departure from other war scenarios is the heavy emphasis on research. So this is not your typical tactical battle type scenario. Consequently, there are no restrictions on negotiations or the transfer of technology other than forbidding the Allies and Axis to negotiate with each other.

ZWK is different from other WWII scenarios in that it was designed with multi-player in mind. So do not expect any events or programing to ensure that the War takes its rightful course and there are no free units to beef up the AI. However, the map, tech tree and the political/military balance is such that it steers the players towards the initial phases of the War simply for the sake of maximize their chances of winning.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 2.24 MB

Crises of the New World Order v3.0

Files: 1 2 3 4

Upgrade 2.1 to 3.0

“The Cold War is long over. The Gulf War is yesterday’s news. Welcome to the end of the 20th century.”

The New World Order conceived after the Cold War enivsaged “a new era full of promise based on international law, justice and peace.” The United Nations, no longer constrained by an automatic Russian veto, could seriously undertake its peace-keeping role, and the West could turn against many brutal and dictatorial regimes, including those it had formerly supported.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Andrew Livings; File Size: 3.8 MB

Ataturk In 1919 Ottoman state was one of the losers of World War I and had lost almost 80 percent its lands. The rest of the lands were shared by England, France, Italy and Czar. Some Turkish cities were occupied by Greece and Russia. Sultan signed Sevr treaty which was never accepted by Turks. Even in these conditions, your mission is to save Turkish independence.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Burçin Aydogdu; File Size: 1 MB

Final Days Congratulations on your promotion to Field Marshal. Now, it is your turn to prove to the world that our Führer made a wise decision in choosing you to lead Army Group South. I will be relaying you messages from Berlin giving you specific orders during your campaign. Your first order is to read up in the field manual (readme) and aquaint yourself with your troops. There is a lot to be learned about fighting the dirty communists, so you must prepare yourself. I wish you the best of luck!

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Das Dritte Reich January 30th 1933, president Hindenburg was forced to proclaim Hitler the ‘Reichskansler’ or Chancellor of Germany, despite the fact that Hitler did not have a political majority in the last election. Already before the death of Hindenburg, Hitler initiated the transformation of Germany into a totalitary fascist state, with Hitler as leader or ‘Führer’. He banned the labour unions and all other political parties than NSDAP – the nazi party -, he started his attacks on the jews, and the social life was unified. The large unemployment was exterminated because of the mobilization of the industries and many major construction works.

He vowed to break the 1918 Versailles peace ‘dictate’, equalise Germany with the other European powers, and assemble all Germans under a new ‘reich’, the ‘3rd Reich’. In 1936 he occupied ‘Rheinland’ and in 1938 he completed the ‘Anschluss’ or annexation of Austria. In September 1938 Hitler annexed ‘Der Sudetenland’, an area in Czechoslovakia. He also secured a fascist victory in the Spanish civil war. In August 1939 Hitler joined a non-agression pact with Stalins USSR. Despite all these events, the Germans were never stopped by the western powers. Therefore Hitler thought that an attack on Poland wouldn’t cause any reaction by Britain and France. But when he attacked Poland in September the British and French declared war. From April to May 1940 Hitler attacked and occupied Denmark and Norway, thereby violating another non-agression pact. In May 1940 Hitler invaded the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France, where the British Expiditionary force – BEF – was stationed. WORLD WAR II IN EUROPE HAS BEGUN!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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Empire of the Rising Sun

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On the morning of December 7, 1941, the Second World War in the Pacific was begun with an attack by Japanese naval aviation against the American held island of Oahu, Hawaii and its main port, Pearl Harbor. Within hours of this dawn attack, a meticulously planned campaign was launched against key American and British Commonwealth forces in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaya and China, the ultimate goal of which was Japanese control of eastern Asia and the western Pacific, including the priceless natural resources of the Dutch East Indies (modern day Indonesia). The Japanese government believed that once these regions were firmly under their control, the Allies, and especially the United States, would sue for peace rather than fight a bloody war in distant lands. The Japanese however, did not anticipate the angry backlash which arose as a result of their use of force at Pearl Harbor, and a negotiated settlement of the type envisioned in 1941 became impossible. In the end, a grimly determined Allied coalition fought its way back across the Pacific, island by island, until the twin spectres of nuclear bombardment over Hiroshima and Nagasaki forced Imperial intervention and the end of war.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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The Falklands War This scenario reminds the fight between The Argentina and the United Kingdom for the domain of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas, in Spanish). 2nd April 1982: an Argentinian army attacked the british positions, beginning the last war of the British empire in XX century. Historically, in three months, the argentinians were totally defeated and humilliated, and the british retained the islands.Will you change the story?

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Spanish Civil War: The Defense of Madrid v2.1 In the dawn of July 17, 1936, the garrison of Morocco (then a Spanish possession), rebels under the leadership of General Francisco Franco, and this is followed by military risings throughout mainland Spain. Within a few days, Franco’s Moorish troops and legionnaires are at the gates of Madrid…

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Panzerblitz: White Russia During the massive Russian offensives of 1944 the Russian "cavalry/tank" groups did great damage among German rear area installations. This one covers an attack on the Long Lines and Radio Relay units of the 580th Signal Regiment plus elements of the 286th Security Division and the 10th Flak Regiment.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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World War II In September of 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland starting World War 2. The civilized world held its breath while Germany ran over Eastern Europe in a lighting fast blitzkrieg. Meanwhile, Russia, who felt safe because of the non-aggression pact with Germany, invaded Finland and the Baltic States. In the Pacific, the Empire of Japan, under the military leader Tojo, felt that its imperialistic ambitions were being thwarted by the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. Fleet Admiral Yamato, commanding the Japanese fleet intended to bomb Pearl Harbor, launched his arsenal on December 7, 1941, the "day that will live in infamy." Take control of either the Americans, who have the greatest industrial output; the British, who control the world’s strongest navy and administer the world’s greatest empire; the French, who control an empire stretching from the Americas, to Europe, to Asia; the Soviets, who perhaps have the greatest potential for military growth; the Japanese, who have a lot of ships strategically placed in Asia; and the Germans who have the strongest land military.

NOTE: It is recommended that you play this game with the FASCISM Patch.

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Battle of Australia This is a hypothetical scenario.

Following the Japanese victories at the Battle of the Coral Sea and Midway the United States Pacific Fleet withdrew to the US west coast to lick its wounds and rebuild. This exposed Australia to invasion from Japanese forces based in Midway.

Screenshots: Main Map Main Map2 Units

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Raging Dragon Hungry for revenge and the vast resources of Siberia the Chinese Army crosses the Amur river and advances into Russia.

Screenshots: 1 2 3

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Carthage in 1996 "This scenario is called Carthage in 1996. You have superior technology, but you only have 48 turns to take over 3 civs…You start in fundamentalism and all the units are the same. Everything else is explained in "Carthage.txt".

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Quebec Here you decide what would happen in Quebec. Would it become a country, WAR or PEACE???

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The Age of War (1900-1950)

Sound files

After dividing up the the rest of the world after 1850, the European states Turned once more to local rivalry. Since Waterloo, the wars had been short and relatively bloodless. The Crimean War, the Six Weeks War, and the Franco-Prussian War were bloody but brief. England, France, and Germany, the Industrial giants, built fleets of warships and vast armies. Italy, Russia, and Austria, facing social unrest, irredentism, and flagging claims to international prestige, all sought to somehow keep pace, thereby placing undue strain on their nascent industrial economies. Every summer new international crises appeared, and the inevitability of war became increasingly clear to all the powers. Imperialism had run its course, now the nations of Europe would become involved in the contest to determine not simply European hegemony, but world hegemony. The wars would come; the conclusion was inescapable. The only question was where would the powder keg explode and how long would the colossal contest last?

Screenshots: Main Map City Units

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The First World War v2.0 In the game of the Imperialism, Germany has the best army and United Kingdom the best navy. Bismarck knew supporting good relationships with everybody, but the new German Emperor, William II, made enemies of Russia and England. At the end of XIX century and beginning of XX, it created two antagonistic blocks and their relationships went worse and worse until 1914, when the war unexpected broke out. The murder of the Austrian throne’s heir by a terrorist provoked the invasion of Serbia by Austrian troops and the war extended very quickly along Europe.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 419 KB

The Battle of Algiers v2.0 As the scenario begins, the Algerian FLN (National Liberation Front) is ready to launch a series of attacks against the French. The purpose of these attacks is to seize arms and declare Algeria independent. The FLN is divided into 6 factions (Wilayas) who are as likely to fight among themselves as they are to fight the French. The French must crush them all.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Carl Fritz; File Size: 565 KB

World War II – Eurasia This scenario is based upon the standard European WW2 scenario that comes along with Civ2. The map was extended so that it

includes Easter Siberia, China and Japan as well. The Spanish, Turkish and Neutral players were united into one Neutral player in order to make place for a Japanese and a Chinese one.

Author: Peter Gilyen; File Size: 26.5 KB

World War II – Europe This scenario is made to reflect some of the great units, events and concepts of "2194 days of war", by Captain Nemo and Alex the Magnificent. I’ve made an adaptation of this scenario (the world war at the whole world) to an european scenario. So, there aren’t Japanese or Americans at this scenario. I’ve introduced in their places Turks and Spanish…

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US Defence In Saudi The people of Saudi Arabia have rebelled against the American’s. You are trapped in the US Embassy until help arrives. Then you must destroy the Muslims.

Events, and new rules.txt/Created March 1999

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The Second Reich You’ve heard of the Third Reich, but what exactly is the First and Second Reich? Reich is the German Empire. The First Reich was the Holy Roman Empire. The Third Reich everyone knows as Hitler’s empire. The Second Reich was the empire created by Otto Von Bismarck, and at it’s head is the Kaiser.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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The Third Reich Through the 1930s, Europe has seen the rise of fascism in Italy and Nazi Germany. Political leaders have read Mein Kempf and understand that Hitler is power hungry. Neville Chamberlin has taken the lead in "appeasement" which has evidently failed. Germany had annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia without interference. With threats from Britain and France, they Blitzkrieged through Poland. The Allies respond by declaring war, but the French fail to act on the Rhine frontier with absence of German troops. Little action has taken place and it is nicknamed "the phony war". It is now May and Hitler is receiving reports that the Dutch are taking precautions and might allow the British to reinforce them. He gives the order to attack and the three German armies begin to move…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

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Alt WW79 "Whether you like it or not, history is on our side. We will bury you."

-Nikita Khrushchev

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: David Legard; File Size: 579 KB

Spanish Civil War I’ve make this scenario to take profit of my map of Spain in the most important conflict between spanish for the last 300 years. Maybe the map is too big, but I tried to reflect accurately the beginning of the war at Spain, and I needed a lot of space for that. This scenario is made to play either with republicans or nationals. At the beginning, the nationalist (Franco) should try to envoy the African army to the peninsula, and the republicans should take profit of their industry to stop the nationalist Army before arriving to Madrid. The best advantage of nationalist is that they have the best weaponry (German support) since the beginning. Republicans should look for Russian support as soon as they can to reject fascist army with russian weapons, almost as powerful as german ones.

Author: Guillermo López; File Size: 364 KB

Arabia Awakes It is January, 1902. Arabia is divided into five emergent nations, a vast number of independant tribes (represented by unnamed barbarian cities), and alternately threatened and protected by two great outside powers (the English and the Turks). Prepare for fast and furious warfare in a political environment fluid to the point of chaos, in which either modern weaponry or the word of God can lead to victory.

Author: Leon Marrick; File Size: 261 KB

East Wind, Rain "East Wind, Rain," is believed to be the code phrase used by the Japanese High Command to signal the beginning of their war in the Pacific to conquer a new empire. Japan and China have been at war for many years, and western economic sanctions against the Empire have taken their toll. Japan is now allied with the Axis powers in Europe and is ready to begin an offensive to secure two vital objectives: a large, resource rich empire in the Southwest Pacific, and a defensive zone of strategic island fortresses to surround and protect both the new empire and the home islands. But America is wary of the threat imposed by Japan, and to thwart aggression she has the powerful United States Pacific Fleet stationed at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii…

Author: Don Melsom; File Size: 33 KB

Amazon Raid "When you do battle, even if you are winning, if you continue for

a long time it will dull your forces and blunt your edge.."

-Sun Tzu (Sun Tzu, The art of War)

Author: Thomas Musser; File Size: 199 KB

Red Front v1.4 It’s June 1941 and tensions are mounting along the Soviet-German border… Are the Germans about to break the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact signed in 1939? You, Josef Stalin, the Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army and sole ruler of the Soviet Union are about to face a tremendous challenge…

Download: Files #1 #2 || Sound #1 #2 #3

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Captain Nemo; File Size: 3.9 MB

Second Front: The Normandy Invasion

This scenario is played mostly on a tactical scale. The map represents only Normandy and Southern England and is a large size map, so the scale is approx. 1 mile per square. The time frame is also expansive, most of the scenario being played in 1-Day turns except for D-Day itself which takes 10 turns to complete. The game is playable only as the Allies, however the Human player control both the Allied Civilization and the Allied Air Force Civilization. The AI controls the German, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine Civilizations.


For FW Version: #1 #2 #3

For Civ2 Gold Version: #1 #2 #3

Author: Captain Nemo; File Size: 3.01 MB

2194 Days of War

Sound: 1 2

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese Imperial Navy attacked the United States naval station at Pearl Harbor, on Hawaii, damaging or destroying most of the US Pacific battle fleet. This turned the conflict from a major war in Europe into World War II…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Captain Nemo & Alex the Magnificent; FILE SIZE: 1.38 MB

The Blitz (Beta Version) It’s late in June 1940 and the British have just suffered one of the worst defeats of their history at the hands of Hitler’s Wehrmacht. In Belgium and France the troops of the BEF, sent to help your French Allies, were routed by the Germans and ultimately surrounded at Dunkerque. Only through the heroic evacuation operation mounted by the Royal Navy did they escape annihilation, though they had to leave all their heavy weapons behind.

Meanwhile the French armies have been destroyed by the Nazi Panzerdivisions, culminating in a humiliating surrender and the occupation of Northern France by the German victors…

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Captain Nemo; File Size: 789 KB

Vietnam War Its 1970, The Americans have large troop concentrations in Vietnam. Resupply has stopped so you must win the war with what you have. The South Vietnamese are incompetent and without your help will lose. The North Vietnamese can mass produce weak Viet Cong, but will they win with overwhelming numbers. Watch out for the NVA they are a powerfull fighting force. Don’t antagonize the Chinese their infantry is very powerfull. Make good use of your naval and land artillary it will save you. The North Vietnamese are planning a raid can you and the south hold out.

Author: Kit Olson; File Size: 73 KB

Exodus 1947 The year is 1947, the United Nations’ General assembly has just voted for the partition of Palestine in two states, one Jewish and one Arab. Finally, after two thousand years of exile, the Jewish people will have a country again, in their own land. But the Arabs of Palestine rejected the UN plan. A civil war begins, in which each side tries to gain ascendancy. But the perils to the new state of Israel are just beginning. On independence day, while it is involved in the civil war, the regular armies of five Arab countries invade Israel’s territory. Are you capable of warding off the invasion? Can you lead your people through the difficulties and protect Israel? Or do you prefer to command the Arab armies and wipe the Jewish state of the earth?

Author: Alexandre Ostrowiecki; File Size: 317 KB

Yom Kipur -Day of Treason 1973 v2.0 In 1973, Israel was surprise attacked by the combined armies of Egypt and Syria.The subsequent fighting was called by the israelis and the world the "Yom Kipur War". On the other hand, the arabs call it the "October War", because it was in this month and, for them, the jewish holyday of Yom Kipur means nothing.

Author: Alexandre Ostrowiecki; File Size: 363 KB

World War I

The early twentieth century was a time of rapid research and growth. It was also a time of imperialism and militarism, nationalism and alliances. Soon Europe was divided into two alliance systems, The Triple Entente (The Western Allies) and The Triple Alliance (Central Powers). Will you be able to win, or even survive The Great War, The War to End All Wars? It’s up to you…

REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author: Leons Petrazickis; File Size: 137 KB

Afrika Korps

September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded Poland sparking WW2. Germany has since run rampant taking over Poland, Denmark, Norway, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France. Her Jr. Ally Italy now wishes the same glory that has been bestowed upon Germany. To satisfy this wish, she looks to Greece and British held Egypt. With the capture of these two important countries the Mediterranean will become an "Italian Lake". It is your job, to insure that they succeed.


Author: John Petroski; File Size: 454 KB


Sound Files

"Anything that can be communicated verbally should never be put in writing."

— Adolf Hitler

May 10th, 1940: The Nazi Juggernaut is about to be unleashed apon France and the low countries. Three German Armies totaling 157 divisions take place in the invasion. France would fall six weeks later. A hopeless disgrace. From here on, you must command the Axis military machine and destroy the UK, and the USSR. BE WARNED, FAILURE TO DO SO QUICKLY WILL HAVE CATASTROPHIC RESULTS.


Author: John Petroski; File Size: 905 KB

Up the Deadly Boot: the Italian Campaign

On July 10th 1943 The Allies set foot apon the continent for the first time since the evacuation of Greece. For the next two years the unfortunate divisions that were based in Italy would be locked in some of the most difficult trench-like fighting of the war. They struggled from a fragile beachhead in Sicily to the Po Valley, can you do the same? You are to lead the Allies from Sicily to the Po river Valley.


Author: John Petroski; File Size: 367 KB


1913 was perhaps the last year of innocence. Once 1914 came the word "world war" surfaced for the first time, but not the last. This scenario is dedicated to the brave men and women who served for any country during this conflict. Perhaps in time all conflicts can be solved via a war game rather than with wasteful war. This scenario is a "major update" of the WW1 scenario that comes with Civ2 CC.


Author: John Petroski; File Size: 396 KB