Civilization II: Medieval Scenarios

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Hammer of the North v2.9

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In the year 793 AD, heathen Norse raiders plundered and destroyed the monastery of Lindisfarne, off the coast of Northumbria (present day Scotland). A wave of shock and terror ran like a fire through all of Christian Europe. “O Lord! Save us from the Northmen!" This scenario tries to simulate the horror of the savage viking raids pit against the “civilized” development of the Christian west.

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Author: Morten Blaabjerg, File Size: 3.79 MB

Italic Crown v1.0

With Carlo’s death, the holy Roman empire is divided in various kingdoms, these kingdoms were in fact independent, but the concept of unity of the empire had not disappeared!
Carlo’s heir was Arnolfo from Carinzia, who was proclaimed emperor and which all the sovereigns swore fidelity!
And so Oddone king of France, Ludovico king of Provenza and Rodolfo king of Borgogna became empire’s vassals.
Also the Italic kingdom was waiting for a king and in November 888, Berengario marquis of Friuli become king of Italy.
The powerful Italian nobles heirs of the longobards moved war to Berengario to pull up him the crown…

Author: The Paladin, File Size: 643 KB


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This scenario is mainly about the end of the Dark Ages in Medieval Europe and the evolution of the Crusades until 1291 A.D when the Christians lost Acco.

Europe, Anno Domini 955.

The Dark Ages are coming to a conclusion. The Western Kingdoms of Europe are faced with numerous problems, including Viking raids and Hungarian invasions but their position as centralized feudal states is only a matter of time. The greatest threat of all, though, comes from the East.

This screenplay starts with Otto the Great’s victory at Lechfeld which puts an end to Hungarian pillaging in the Holy Roman Empire. The European Kings must ensure their sovereignty and prepare for the call to arms against all infidels in the name of the H1oly Cross.

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Author: Paul Mutica (the Monarch); File Size:5.36 MB

Icon and Flame v1.5

Roman Empire (Byzantine). The starting year is 741… Leo III’s coruler and succesor, Constantine V Copronym (741-775), continued his father’s religious politics (iconoclasm). He also was well-known for his large and usually successful military expeditions against Bulgars and Arabs. So, the summer of 741… Constantine prepared the campaign against Khaliphate. A large army was concentrated in Phrygia; but new emperor left his back without defense. Artavasdos (he was husband of Leo’s daughter, Anna; also – curopalate and theme strategos) suddenly attacked Constantine’s camp; then he moved to Constantinople where he got support of citizens (which were icon-worshippers, on the whole) and where he was proclaimed the new emperor and basileus of Romans "as orthodox man and defender of God’s dogmates". But Constantine escaped to Amorium (the main city of theme Anatolikon; the stronghold of iconoclasts, who were devoted to Isaurian family). There he drafted new army for the great and bloody fratricidal war for the crown of Roman Empire…and for the religion of Romans.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Ipostratig Alexandr; File Size:354 KB

Age of Interregnum

This is a historical-based scenario about Ottomans between 1043-1420, after Timur’s invade.

After Timur’s hordes defeated the army of Sultan Bayazit Khan, Ottoman lands were divided into 11 pieces. Four of the Princes succeeded to govern some of the cities. Other lands were recaptured by Turkish and Europen rebellion governers. Fifth brother would appear 2 years later.

You can choose Anatolian Seigniories to start a new dynasty instead of Ottoman or choose Byzantium for its last chance to take back Asia Minor Or choose one of the Ottoman Princes to rebuild the Country from the ashes Timur left behind.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Burçin Aydogdu; File Size:174 KB

Fire & Roses v1.1

During the early middle ages, Iran was subject of little regard to the great arab empire, as in earlier ages, when the center of empire lay in today’s Iraq. The arab Caliphs passed the executive power to certain Emirs, who were to govern their land in own measure. Several of these Emirs became largely independent, as the Caliph of the Abassids was more concerned with closer and more urgent matters, for example a revolt of slaves in southern Iraq in the 9th century that evolved into a large-scale war, lasting a decade. During this time, an Emir residing in Samarqand, rose to power. He founded the so-called dynasty of the Samanids. Not here, that Emirs were at first nothing but ‘governeurs’ of more aristocratic sort. But their passing to power was often dynastic, so that the Emirates de facto mostly turned into independent empires. In 909 they annected the emirate of the Saffarids. This is where the scenario starts…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Haetel; File Size:475 KB

Merchant of Venice v2.0 It is the year 1225 and great changes will take place in Europe over the next 250 years. In the south the Italian city-states will bring about a Renaissance in the arts and in business practice, while the Spanish and Portuguese continue the Reconquest of the Iberian peninsula from the Moors. France and England will engage in a devastating hundred years long war over disputed territory on the continent. In the north, the Hanseatic League will establish itself and eventually extend its reach to most of Germany and Northeastern Europe. In the East, the Byzantine Empire struggles to re-build itself after a long decline, and the Turks in Asia Minor are an ever present danger to the Byzantines and, indeed, to all of Europe.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Joseph Abbate; File Size: 388 KB

Age of Justinian v2.0 The year is 528AD, Justinian is declared Emperor of the Romans. He rules over a Roman Empire that has been cleaved of its western portion by the Germanic tribes that now rule over it. Yet the remaining realm is rich and is growing ever more prosperous after the wise rule of Anastasius, alas his successor, Justin, was a mere mouth piece of Justinian, and Justinian would undo all Anastasius’s work… Justinian sought to divert popular unrest by launching an ambitious project to reconquer the western provinces led at first by Count Belisarius, a fellow Thracian. In the end though it would have been better if Justinian had continued revising the Law for the damage done to Italy would last for 1,400 year before being reunited by Garibaldi and Mazzini! Historically, Justinian’s General Belisarius conquered back Africa and Italia. The Ostrogoths prevailed and it required another General-Narses- to conquer them. An octogenerian-Liberius-invaded Hispania during a civil war in that country and hung on to the southern portion.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Masis Panos, File Size: 1.75 MB

Cross & Crescent v2.0

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Europe, Anno Domini 955. The powerful empire of Charlemange has split long ago, and its successors are only weak, threatened structures. While the Franconian empire as well as Britain suffers heavily from Viking raids, Germany trembles from continuing Hungarian invasions. In the East Byzantium, successor of Rome, is at the zenith of its power. But, bitter wars and long battles loom behind the horizon, especially with the islamic Arabs, which, since the death of Mohammed in 632, have subdued almost the entire Middle East in an unbelievable trail of Conquest including North-Africa and the Iberian Peninsula. The European kings must now secure their own power and get ready for the struggle between Christianity and Islam…

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Bernd Brosing, File Size: 2.1 MB (sound included)

The Mongol Khanates v1.0

When Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s grandson, died in 1291 AD, it was at a time when the Kipchak’s (Golden Horde) were preparing for a massive offensive into Russia. One, that if they had stayed, could have conquered all of Europe. Now the once great Mongol Empire is divided. In Persia the Ilkhans are laying the foundations for what would one day become the mighty Timurid empire. West of the Urals in Russia is the strongest of the mighty Mongol forces, the Golden Horde, known in Mongolian as the Kipchaks. In China, the remnants of Greater Mongolia reside and Khanbaligh (Beijing) is still the largest city in Asia. In Central Asia and Siberia are the Mongolian Turks and Siberians respectively, each fledgling but strong willed enough to survive. Who will sieze the day and claim the throne of the one true khan? You decide.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: WarVoid; File Size: 324 KB

Seize the Crown

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Starting in 1139, you take one of the four great baronies of England. Play as Humphrey de Bohun, Richard Neville, Hugh Bigod or Robert de Lacy, as you start your career as the 15-year-old head of a family that came to England with the Conqueror – and that may still have landholdings in Normandy.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Ellis; File Size: 1.93 MB

Gok Blue: first Turk empire

Classic version

FW version

Sound: 1 2

Skytians are the Turks… as well as Avars. …(Turks) are the only barbarians that mantain a battle order, and they proved to be brave and bold in battle many times.”

– Pseudo-Mauritius, Strategikon

Requirement: Classic, FW, or MGE

Author: Prometheus; File Size: 1.59 MB

Europe at War: 1017 Europe at war in 1017.


Author: Lucien De Bro, File Size: 35 KB

Feudal Japan: The way of the Samurai After the Japanese defeated the Mongol invaders, the nation split into various factions (Clans). Each was led by a house, whose leader wished to be Shogun (Leader) of Japan. The clans included The Hojo, The Uesugi, The Oda, The Mori, The Takeda, The Shimatzu, and The Imagaw. Your objective in this scenario is to lead one of these clans and unify feudal Japan.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Chris Wilcox; File Size: 4 MB

The Great Crusades v1.0 After a fast Seljuq expansion in Asia minor, the byzantian emperor Alexios cries for military help from west. On a church meeting the 27 of august 1095, the pope Urban II exhorts the Christian kings to help the Byzantines and retake the holy land from the heathens. The west prepares for war, to stop the Muslims and free the holy land in the name of God!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Joel Andre; File Size: 499 KB

Age of the Vikings The year is 793 AD, the Vikings have made their first raid and plundered the monastery of Lindisfarne. In Europe the German-Roman empire are rising in power, and a war has broken out with Byzans, the rest of the once glorious Roman empire, which is now slowly tearing apart. The Arabian warlord Al-Manzur have prisoned the Calif of Cordoba and are Battling a constant war against the Christian kings. The Arab Empire Have split into many states, but the Abbasid Caliph in Baghdad, formally the leader of the leader of all Muslims wants to unite and expand the Arab empire. The king of France sits powerless in Paris, when the nobles are ruling the country. In England, the lazy king Edgar must do something about the troubles of plundering Vikings.

Author: Joel André; File Size: 491 KB

The Arab Conquest v.2 In 632 AD, the Prophet Muhammad died, after spreading his teachings of the One True God in the Arabian peninsula. In the next two years, his successor Caliph Abu Bakr subjugated those tribes that didn’t accept Islam. In 634 AD, the second Caliph, Umar ibn al-Khattab, became the leader of the faithful. It was he who initiated the spreading of Islam outside Arabia, eventually to cover the civilized world from the Atlantic to India. The fierce Arab warriors, ready to die for their faith, took large territories from one empire, and conquered another one completely. Can you match his feat, or stop his advance?

Author: Aleksei Andrievski; File Size: 243 KB

Braveheart v2.2 In the late 14th century, Scotland’s king has died, and left no heir. Ruthless English King Edward I (Patrick McGoohan) seizes the throne, thus demanding the allegiance of the unwilling Scots. William Wallace (Mel Gibson), whose wife Murron (Catherine McCormack) is murdered in retaliation for his opposition to the King, vows to avenge her death–and his father’s when William was a boy– by leading his ragged army of fellow Scots against overwhelming odds and a powerful English army…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: François Baire; File Size: 1.18 MB

The Visigoth v2.0 In 567 AD Leovigild –probably the best of all Visigothic rulers– is about to be crowned king. He is the first leader of Spain’s history who recognizes the importance of creating a unified kingdom in the Iberian peninsula. But the task of putting Hispania under Visigothic rule is no less than formidable. He has to defeat the Suevi barbarians in the Northwest, the rebellious Basques and Cantabrians in the North (collectively called the Northernmen), and the Imperial Byzantine troops in the Southeast. If that were not enough, he will have to deal with the always-demanding Franks in the Northeast, the emerging Berbers in the South, and the periodic unwelcome visits of the Black Death. Can you create a unified –and above all strong– Visigothic kingdom in the Iberian peninsula as well?

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 545 KB

The Conquest of Mexico v.20 The Aztecs entered Anáhuac (the Valley of Mexico) in the mid-thirteenth century, but it was not until 1325 when they founded their capital city, Tenochtitlán, in the place where an eagle was sighted killing a snake on a cactus. Gradually the Aztecs transformed their capital from a miserable village of thatched huts to a grand city with adobe houses and stone temples. Paralleling the sophistication of their city, the Aztecs put themselves on the road to empire. Aggressive expansionism and wise alliances allowed the Aztecs to establish an empire that encompassed most of Anáhuac, and a population that numbered in millions. But the Aztec empire, cemented on hatred and tyranny, was soon destined to meet its doomsday. Bearded white men from across the seas terminated with the Aztec imperial illusions in only two years. Would you be able to create an empire in Anáhuac strong enough to hold off the devilish Spaniards?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 464 KB

Al-Andalus: Trail of the Sun Three centuries have passed since the Moors set foot on the Iberian Peninsula for the first time. The state they have created, Al-Andalus, flourishes like nowhere else on Earth, and the magnificence of its capital, Córdoba, can only be compared with that od Constantinople. The second millenium C. E. opens with promises of honor and glory, for Al-Andalus is now more powerful and enlightened than ever before. It appears however, that Al-Andalus has chosen the path of lust, corruption and decadence. Will the most advanced civilization of Western Europe fall victim of its own errors? Or will it rise above all obstacles to become, not the first, but the only nation in the West?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 608 KB

Moscow: the Third Rome In 1223, the Mongol Horde under Genghis Khan struck west along the "Conqueror’s Road" — the belt of grasslands that stretches from China to the fringe of Europe. They met little resistance in Russia, ruled by Kiev at that time, and soon most of the Russian cities were paying tribute to Batu Khan at his capital in Sarai, near the Volga delta. But Rus’ had long been a land of tenacious dynastic squabbles. The nobles, originally Vikings, constantly schemed to enlarge their holdings at the expense of others, only to die and start the process anew by splitting their territories amongst their children. To most rulers, the Tatars were merely another player in the game. Until the cities grew strong with trade and technology; and Europe began to prosper; and the Mongols grew accustomed to their role as rich overlords; and Russians began dreaming of throwing off the yoke and joining the developing nations to the West . . . .

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Michael J. Daumen, File Size: 503 KB

Swiss Confederation Switzerland was not always a neutral nation, politely dismissed as a target of war. The Swiss had to fight for their neutrality–and their independence. During the 13th century Switzerland was a province of Austria, under the rule of Rudolph of Habsberg, a member of the Austrian royal family. In 1291 the Swiss Confederation was formed by several villages as an ‘everlasting league’ for common defense. In 1398 league threw the Austrians out of Switzerland and successfully defended themselves again in the late 15th century. In the 16th century Switzerland became fiercely divided over religious struggles between Protestants and Catholics (Sonderbunders). To achieve victory prove your commitment to neutrality by freeing the Swiss people from Austrian oppression, then uniting Switzerland with Sonderbund and protecting Switzerland from any other threats. To reach a decisive victory, present some threats of your own as well. Prove that conquest of Switzerland ‘isn’t worth it’.

Author: S.T. Edwards; File Size: 20.1 KB

Mediterranean Dark Age

Files: 1 2

As the Arabs spread across the Mahgreb, the Mediterranean civilization collapsed. The inland sea became an oceanic battleground, contested by the Byzantines and the saracens. The Dark Age kingdoms in Europe, the Franks, Lombards, and Visigoths struggled with each other over the prostrate ruins of the once mighty Empire. In the east, the Slavs and Bulgars spread into regions made desolate by centuries of warfare.

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Exile (Phenix Benton); File Size: 1.68 MB

Crusade In a series of lightning quick campaigns, the Seljuk Turks have overrun Palestine, Syria, and Asia Minor and only the Byzantine city of Constantinople holds against the Muslim invaders. In France, Pope Urban II calls for help…and the alliance of the remaining Holy Roman Empire in Italy, Germany and France with the Byzantine Empire. In London, Richard I takes up the sword and prepares to lead his knights across the English channel. All of Europe has taken up the cross and headed east with one goal: to regain the Holy Land from the dark invaders in the name of God! Will the Crusaders of Christianity complete their holy quest? Or will the Muslim invaders continue to burn a path across all of western civilization?

Author: Brian Gorman; File Size: 16.7 KB

The 4 Sea Republic At the turn of the millenium, the maritime city-states of Amalfi and Pisa monopolize trade with the Far East. Their superiority however is being declined due to the increasing competition of two new extremely aggressive rivals: Venice and Genoa. Yet still naval domination of the Sea Republics is unquestioned and each one of them tries to monopolize the East Route. The gate to the East is Byzantium…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds

Author: Paul Hanti; File Size: 610 KB

The 4 Sea Republic: Golden Edition

Sound: 1

A greatly improved version of the Four Sea Reublic scenario, only for Civ2 Gold.

REQUIREMENT: Civ2 Gold Edition

Author: Paul Hanti; File Size: 1.56 MB (sound included)

The Holy Wars At the end of the 12th century AD, the emperor of the Holy Roman empire, France and the rest of the roman-catholic church, and not to forget the pope decide, that the ‘holy land’ of Palestine must be ‘cleaned’ from Islam and the Jews. These conquest where called ‘crusades’. The goal was not only to conquer Jerusalem, but to ‘clean the world from the ‘dirty’ Islam. Now you have the possibility to take your spot in this idiotic massacre. Kill and destroy it as the French or the Holy Roman empire. Or prevent it in the name of Allah as Seljurk, Fatimid or the Almohads. Or stay neutral as the Byzantine or Spanish. No matter what side you take, make the best of the situation. You have got 175 years time, just as the real crusaders. The real time was divided into 7 crusades. Don’t forget: The Islamic civilizations do not negotiate. Not even under each others.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Stefan Hartel; File Size: 1.36 MB (sound included)

Hundred Years War The Year is 1369 in Europe. The English have begun their invasion of France under Henry V. The Holy Roman Empire is set on reclaiming the Papal lands for the old Roman Empire, and must stop an impending invasion from the Ottoman Turks into their lands. The Kingdoms of Castile and Aragon have taken different sides, Aragon with France and Castile with England. France must reclaim it’s territory from the English and become a dominant force on the continent. The Ottomans have just begun to expand their borders and are looking towards Europe to do so.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author:; File Size: 590 KB

Vandals! It is the 5th century, the barbarians are pouring over the borders of the once mighty Roman Empire. In the west the Visigoths are building a kingdom in Hispaninia. From the North the fearless Franks pushes back the Romans from the towns close to the Rhine. South of the Meditarrenean the Vandals have created a pirate nation that makes trading difficult. In Pannonia the Ostro-goths are threatening both empires at the same time. The Sasanids have a vast and mighty empire in the east. The Romans are divided in two parts, the rich and strong Byzantines and the crumbling Western Empire. Will you save the empire against the raging hordes or will you be the founder of a successful barbarian kingdom?

Author:; File Size: 197 KB

The Danube Empire v1.0 "Cromwell was falling in England; Lisbon was becoming the premier market of the world; the first

English Prayer Book was being prescribed by Parliament; Montaigne was writting his essays; Phillip of Spain was taking the Netherlands; England was fighting her local Wars of Roses; Elizabeth was coming to the throne; Shakespeare was writing his immortal works; Michelangelo was completing his grand career; the Gregorian reformation of the calendar was taking place; Mary Stuart was being executed; the Spanish Armada was being destroyed, thus raising England Ruler of the Seas; the first English colony was being founded by Sir Walter Raleigh in the New World. While the Turks were devastating Hungary." -Henry Philippe

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Michael Jeszenka; File Size: 499 KB

Vikings: Across the Ocean v.1.0

Sound: 1 2 3

A.D. 793: This year came dreadful fore-warnings over the land of the Northumbrians, terrifying the people most woefully: these were immense sheets of light rushing through the air, and whirlwinds, and fiery, dragons flying across the firmament. These tremendous tokens were soon followed by a great famine: and not long after, on the sixth day before the ides of January in the same year, the harrowing inroads of heathen men made lamentable havoc in the church of God in Holy-island, by rapine and slaughter. […from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles] …in the same year the Norwegian Vikings are still as divided among themselves as ever. A strong King to unite Norway under his rule has still to emerge while the Danes seem to be more advanced on this matter. Explore, exploit, trade and conquer your way to become the undisputed master of the known world no one will ever forget!

Screenshots: 1 2 3

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Mathias H. Köster; File Size: 2.83 MB

The Once and Future King This man was Arthur Pendragon. In an age of high chivalry and dark sorcery, he forged a kingdom of justice and light, holding back the tides of darkness for one brief, shining moment. Yet there are those who would oppose him, greedy for power, seeking to tear down what he has built. Join us, in the epic struggle of a nation and a people. Will you fight for Arthur’s dream of the Kingdom of Summer, or dash it all to pieces? The fate of Britain is in your hands.

Author: Johnathan Lee; File Size: 264 KB

The Holy Wars This scenario begins in 1095 AD. During this time Pope Urban II begins to incite the crusades. In the lands held by the Turks there would be wealth and territory that would be very beneficial to the economically suffering kingdoms of Europe. The Holy war was not being waged only in the Eastern world. In south western Europe, the kingdoms of Spain struggled to reconquer the Iberian peninsula and bring back Christianity to the region. These campaigns were known as “La Reconquista” or reconquest.

REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author: David Morovan; File Size: 487 KB

Harald Fairhair v1.0 According to Icelandic sagas, the first king of Norway was Harald Halvdansson Fairhair. In the 9th century, at the climax of the Viking age, Norway was divided into many small kingdoms, or fylkes. Harald was originally king of Vestfold, west of the Fiord of Oslo. By 900 he had conquered all of Norway, and that is what this scenario is about.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE/Civ2 Gold

Author: Markus Eklund; File Size: 522 KB

The Holy Roman Empire After the death of Charlemagne, his successors were weak and incapable of supporting their large empire. When Charles “The Fat” died the Empire disappeared until the crowned of Otto I of Saxony. in this world, between the Rhin and the Elba rivers, that is to say, between Latin and Slav world, the process of disintegration of Chalermagne´s Empire created four Duchies: Saxony, Franconia, Swabia and Bavary. The members of these German families tried to get for themselves the Emperor’s throne fighting against the Pope, Italian lords, Franks, Magyars, Slavs and themselves to get it. You have to be one of these families and try to develop and empowerment your lands to be the greatest Emperor, “The Emperor of the last times” who wait, on mountain of Kyffhäuser, the time when he will come to lead the German people.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 536 KB

Reconquista The reconquest of Spain from Arabic rule begins with the battle of Covadonga in Asturia in the year 722. The last phase of the reconquista begins in 1250. Although begun as national liberty war, the reconquista will soon become a crusade, as described by the catholic church. The Arabs now only have the Emirate of Granade (historically not correct) But the Christians not only fight against the Arabs, but against each other too!

REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author: St. Otto; File Size: 383 KB

Native Americans A great darkness is spreading across the land, a mass colonization of the continent is taking place under English and Spanish rule. These mechanical beasts destroy everything the Great Spirit provided. The tribes of the Sioux, Apache, Iroquois and Cherokee must unite to fight the Europeans off. Freedom or death.

Author: Tim Rowe; File Size: 23.2 KB

Slash & Burn Deep in the jungle of the Amazon basin two peoples struggle to learn to cope with a difficult environment. They need innovative and inspiring leaders to show them the way to learn, grow, and thrive. The year is 1500 and time passes in months. Though mostly the two seasons are variations on one theme, hot and humid, one is even wetter. Beware flooding. Nature is not kind, and she is not learned in "fair." Place permanent structures on terra firma and flooding will not wash them away. The soil is thin here. The rivers large, slow, and rich. While there is abundant life in the forest, there is a lot of forest room in which it can wander. Even the rivers wander there at times.

This scenario requires Fantastic Worlds.

Author: Dan Scheltema; File Size: 493 KB

Charlemagne It is the Fall of 768 AD, born to Pepin the King of the Franks is a young boy named Charles. Pepin decides to split his kingdom between Charles and his elder son, Corloman. Corloman receives the prosperous country of Nuestria, while his son receives the surrounding areas. It is up to you as Charlemagne to turn the decrepit state of the Franks around, and to retrace history as you conquer the barbarous Saxons to the east, the Civilized and established Lombards to the Southeast and the Moors to the far south. In the name of god, go now. There is no time to lose!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Mr. Temba; File Size: 563 KB

Viking Age v3.1 The year is 850. After a period a chaos surrounding the fall of Rome, Europe has settled down to a period of several hundred years of relative peace and stabillity. All that is about to drastically change. The Vikings have begun a two hundred year period of pillaging and conquering that will leave almost no part of the West untouched. By the time they finally settled down after converting to Christianity they had profoundly changed history. The trouble was, they had great difficulty holding onto the areas they conquered, and were unable to use their military prowess to forge a large empire. Can you learn from their mistakes?

Author: Harlan Thompson; File Size: 452 KB

The Mongols: from Genghis to Kublai Khan "I am the scourge of God. Heaven had delivered you into my hands that I may punish you for your sins, for you have sinned greatly."

Genghis Khan, spoken from the pulpit of a large mosque in the Central Asian town of Bukhara, just before ordering his troops to level the town and kill most of its citizens.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Harlan Thompson; File Size: 506 KB

Mongol Wind "My life was too short to achieve the conquest of the whole world." — Genghis Khan, last words to his sons, 1227 AD

In the spring 1228 year the mongol hordes under leadership of khan Baty have invaded into Russian lands. Having large and strong army the mongols have plundered and burned all major Russian cities: Ryazan, Suzdal, Tver, Vladimir, Moscow, Yaroslavl. Conquering whole Russia, the mongols have destroy the largest Russian city Kiev and have invade into Europe… …8 September 1380 year Russian have collected a half-million army and under leadership of prince Dimitry Donskoy cause the mongols a shattering defeat on Kulikov Field…

Author: Unknown; File Size: 89 KB

Scotland In the year 1296, Sir William Wallace starts his fight against the ruthless English for the freedom of Scotland. His troops of Scottish rebels (Scots) have been able to invade northern England and managed to capture York, the "greatest city in the north". But the English king Edward I is already busy assembling his mighty English forces to crush the rebellion. Can Wallace and his allies, the heir to Scottish throne – Robert the Bruce – and the French king Philippe III who is busy fighting interior foes, defeat the English and conquer all of Britain? Prove that you have a brave heart and fight for the freedom of Scotland (or against it). You have time until 1328, the year when the independence of Scotland was recognized by England. Can you achieve the same?

Author: Unknown; File Size: 14 KB

Battle Three medieval Christian kingdoms fight for their survival: Catalano-Occitans, Basco-Navarresos and Castellano-Lleonesos. One of them nowadays is an European country (Castella-Lleo-> Spain), the others two remained at the door: as Basco-Navarresos as Catalano-Occitans were conquered and distributed between Spanish and French. You can chose to play any kingdom but this game wants to reflect the fight of Catalano-Occitans against the French kingdom, who organised a crusade against Catalano-Occitans under religiuos pretexts, but in fact it was a military occupation, political and some time later a cultural absorption. In the other side you can take one of the two Moslem kingdoms: Al-Andalus, who ruled nearly all the Iberian Peninsula or the Almohades, who done incursions from north Africa. You also can take the Sacre Imperi Romano Germanic.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 25 KB