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Colonialism – The Age of Discovery

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The Vikings were the first Europeans to reach the Americas, starting but then abandoning the colonisation process.

The first phase of modern European activity in this region began with the oceanic crossings of Christopher Columbus (1492-1500). 1492 marked the discovery of the Americas by modern Europeans and it was not long after this that Castile began the conquest of South America and the Caribbean.

Improvements in technology made the European voyages of exploration possible and made the clash between different cultures inevitable. The riches of gold and land in the New World intensified Old World rivalries and began a commercial revolution. Britain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and Habsburg Spain, vied for world dominance.


Author: Eivind IV; File Size: 5.1 MB; Forum thread

Sengoku Jidai: The Age of the Country at War v2.0

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The year is 1530 and the place is Feudal Japan. The frequent, violent battles conducted by clashing warlords give this period it’s suiting name: Sengoku Jidai; The Age of the Country at War.

This scenario is based on the popular strategy game Shogun: Total War.

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Author: Kevin Chulski (aka DarthVeda); File Size: 1.10 MB

The Rape of Nations

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In the 300 years lasting from 1500 to 1800, the seafaring European nations will undergo a huge era of expansion via colonization. As colonization progresses, (the map will turn blue) one nation will emerge as the first global superpower.

You will win if you are that superpower – within the 300 years timeframe. Ultimately the race to colonize was as much a test of economic might as well as military might. TRON captures this aspect.

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Author: Kobayashi; File Size: 3.09 MB

Colonization: the struggle for empire v3.12 The struggle of Reformation and Counter-Reformation known as the Thirty Years’ War has ended. The consolodated Monarchies of Europe – and the Dutch Republic, newly independent from Spain – turn once more to the business of Empire. Expansion into the vast spaces of the Americas is the goal. How will the Native peoples cope?

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: John Ellis; File Size: 614 KB

The Mughals: An account of India towards the end of the Middle Ages Noticing well enough that there are very few scenarios dealing with the developement of Asia between the Mongol times and the present day, and even less focusing especially on India, I, who I come from a family that has a very close relation to the history of India, decided to do this scenario. At first, I planned to create an overview of the conquests of Babur. As I did research, I noticed that Babur is a fascinating person, but his achievements are too little in a too short time period to create into a scenario. So, I wanted to include his son. As I did further reading, I recognized Akbar and his successors as even more fascinating characters. What came out now is a scenario detailing the politcal situation of India at the dawn of its colonization by the European powers.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Stefan Haertel; File Size: 360 KB


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The European belief that gold existed in abundance in the Americas, coupled with a European population explosion, encouraged explorers to sail across the Atlantic in search of wealth and new lands. The ancient Aztec and Inca empires of central and South America immeadiately fell to the Spanish and Portuguese, while in the north, the French, Dutch and English also spurred by the desire to find gold and to claim profitable lands for their crowns, decided to attempt permanent settlement.

Which flag shall grace your banner as you conquer the New world!


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The Quest for Eldorado

Sound: 1

Lope de Aguirre, the megalomaniac and paranoid soldier of iron will, murdered the leaders of the largest Spanish expedition to search for Eldorado, descended the Marañón, Amazon, and Orinoco rivers and conquered the island of Margarita (off Venezuela) from the astonished Spanish settlers. Then he set off to conquer Peru before being finally killed by his own men near Barquisimeto (Colombia). Now you are on Aguirre’s shoes. Do it a little bit better than the real one and conquer the five Spanish settlements in New Granada… or at least, try to get out of the jungle alive!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 1.25 MB

Alba De America

Sound: 1

In the dawn of October 12, 1492, Rodrigo de Triana, look-out of the Pinta, yelled out a word -¡Tierra!- that would change the world for ever. Thanking God for the discovery, Christopher Columbus and his men promptly took possession of those new lands for the Crown of Spain. That landing initiated the most fascinating cultural confrontation in all of recorded history; a chronicle of idealism, illusion, courage, cruelty, and greed that brought natives and invaders together in a struggle for possession of a continent. Less than fifty years after Columbus’ arrival, the Spanish had conquered and controlled all territories below Río Grande except the coast of Brazil, which was occupied by the Portuguese. Yours is now the chance to duplicate this feat… if you can!

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 551 KB

The Age of Philip II: the Time of Thunder

Sound: 1

"I do not know if they think I am made of iron or stone. The truth is, they need to see that I am mortal like everyone else"

— Philip II, November 29, 1578

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Balsinde; File Size: 1.36 MB

The Great English Civil War The English Civil War (1642-49) was the conflict between Charles I. and the Parliamentarians, led by Oliver Cromwell. It resulted from disputes over their respective prerogatives. Parliament gained decisive victories at Marston Moor in 1644 and Naseby in 1645. Charles was eventually captured and executed in 1649. Cromwell later became Lord Protector of the whole of the British Isles and established a military dictatorship. At the beginning of the conflict, the Scotts were opposed to Charles for religious reasons, in this scenario they are allied with the Parliament against him.

Author: Philipp Blanz; File Size: 549 KB

War of the Roses It is 1455 and England has split into five city-states, one being neutral in the upcoming conflict. The House of Lancaster holds its numerous forces and ships while the House of York continue their preparation for years and years of Civil Strife. The Kingdom of Bristol in the west begins to trade with the neutral province of Plymouth. The Kingdom of London begins to pile forces behind the Souther Wall of York. The white rose of Lancaster and the red rose of York will soon engage in thirty-year combat.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Nick Clark, File Size: 403 KB

Habsburg Bid for Mastery The year is 1526. Suleiman’s Ottoman armies have slain the Hungarian king at Mohacs, silencing the last claim against Habsburg possessions in Central Europe. Charles V has been both Holy Roman Emperor and king of Spain since 1519, the culmination of centuries of shrewd marriages and politics. But he has also inherited his family’s enemies: the Valois kings of France, who covet the rich cities of Italy; the Turks, who will not stop in Hungary; and the English Tudors, always anxious to curb the power of continental rivals. And underlying these struggles, a religious debate started by a guilt-wracked monk will prove the most perilous threat of all. Already German princes have formed ranks on the intellectual battleground, and the Netherlands, prosperous Habsburg clients, welcome Protestant ideas with open arms. The stigma of excommunication means little to those who have renounced papal Authority; but perhaps Castilian arms and the riches of the New World can tip the balance . . . .

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Michael J. Daumen, File Size: 263 KB

The Italian Renaissance REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Daniel Patrick Duffy, File Size: 72 KB

Europe: 1650 "L’État c’est moi (The State – I am the State)"

– Louis XIV

Author: Markus Eklund; File Size: 309 KB

The Turks V1.0 In 1300, the Ottoman Turks was just a small tribe in western Anatolia. In 1400, they was the most powerfull state in Balkan and Asia Minor. They captured Constantinople in 1453. About 1550, they had conquered most of the Middle East, Hungary and besieged Vienna. In 1600, the empire was one of the larget and wealthiest in the world, stretching from Danube in the North, Sahara in the south, Mesopotamia in the east and the Atlas Mountains in the west. Now, it is your turn to try it.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Markus Eklund; File Size: 613 KB

THE MODERN AGE: Absolutism, Nation States, and the Gun v1.1

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At the close of the 15th century, the Modern Age dawned. This was the age of nation states and their absolutist monarchs; Phillip II, Charles V, Louis XIV, Henry VIII, Elizabeth and Isabella. An age of enthusiasm for war opened with the roar of the new cannons and the steady advance of the Ottoman Turks into Europe.

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Exile; File Size: 1.8 MB

The 30 years’ war ( 1618-1648 ) Since XV century, the Spanish had ruled in the World, their armies were the largest and the best armed, but when Felipe II died the Spanish power started to decline. In XVII century the Habsburg alliance was very strong so protestants nations made other to protect their religion. In this situation, started the war. In May of 1618 the Bohemian, a protestant state ruled by Catholics, killed some of their governors and declared their independence from the Empire, this fact signified a new Civil War in Germany that converted in a international one when Spanish started the conquest of the Palatinate to help the Empire, then Danish, Swedish and finally, French took part in it to be the new ruler of Europe.

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 541 KB

Carolus Invictissimus

Files: 1 2 3

22nd of October, 1520. Charles I of Spain has been crowned as Emperor by Leo X. A new age of troubles and glories start, will you accept the challenge of carrying your country to his Golden Age?

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REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 1.97 MB

The Resurrection of Al-Andals The War of Alpujarras was the consequence of broking the Capitulation of Granada (1492), the false conquer of the Moorish and the problems of living between Spanish and them caused the start of the revolt the Christmas’ night of 1568. The king Philip II send two big armies to Granada, the first, ruled by Marquiss of Mondejar that had to conquer the revolt lands of Granada and Malaga, and them other, ruled by the Marquiss of Velez that had to conquer the lands of Almeria, Guadix and Baza. The leader of Moorish, Aben Humeya, was assasinaited by their men, and his cousin Aben Aboo substituted him in the rule. He continued the war until 1571 when the last Moorish ruler died in the Alpujarras. From this moment the war finished and started the deportation of Moorish families to Castile, Andalusia and Extremadura, where most of them died. This deporation was the first step to the general expulsion of Moorish to Africa in 1609.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 440 KB

The Spanish Odyssey v.2 In October of 1492, Columbus landed in the New World. Nobody Knew it and the Bible didn´t say anything about it. The new kingdom of Spain had a big challenge, conquest and colonize the new terrains. The Spanish, speciality Andalusian, Galician, Estremadurian and Castilians, started his exploration and conquested more terrains than Roma ( the biggest empire known until the Renassience ) in all his history. Most of this conquest take part of first half of the XVI century, with Charles I ( V of Germany ) as King. When Portuguese, English, French and Dutch started the colonize of the Americas, Spain had conquested the main part. A handful of brave men went to strange lands to carry the Spanish culture, religion and laws, and to take all the gold they could carry on his pockets, of course!. The "hueste indiana" was formed by a Captain or Conquistador, with royal licence, and a few soldiers, they conquested the new terrains and organized it. This conquests came to the formation of the largest empire of the history, the Spanish empire of Philip II.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Jesús Muñoz Fernández; File Size: 458 KB

The World of 1600

Sound: 1

The Spanish Empire is now the largest the world has seen since the Mongol empire of Asia. The British and French Struggle to set up colonies along side their Spanish counterpart while the Russians explore Siberia. The Ottoman Empire is stronger than ever and ready to take the Safavid Empire to the east. Further east the Chinese and Japanese wage endless war. Can you change the course of history? Can you destroy the evil Japanese? Can you conquer America in the name of Spain? Or collapse the great Ottoman Empire? HISTORY WILL BE RE-WRITTEN!!!


Author:; File Size: 1.2 MB

Era of Colonization "This scenario is maked to avoid a problem I’m sure you have had a lot of times with european civilizations at a world map: the importance of Europe isn’t well reflected with the weight Europe has at the world. So, I’ve done a map unreal of a Big Europe mixed with its colonial interest (Africa, America, Australia and Southeast Asia-the Pacific) The units and the technological tree are almost now and try to reflect accurately the evolution of the European world since the discover of America to the actual era. (so do also the Events). You can play as a normal civilization II game (you can exchange technologies with others and there aren’t special technologies), but, in any case, I recommend to take profit of the events to expand your civilization out of Europe"

REQUIREMENT: None Specified

Author:; File Size: 295 KB

Shaibani: The quest for Khorassan The Uzbeks, a central Asian nomad tribe of Turkish-Mongol origin, began expanding their territory under the rule of their Khan Muhammad Shaibani (ruled 1500-1510). From early on, they had to struggle against other regional "superpowers": Though able to defeat and eliminate the Timurids, who had been ruling over Persia for the last century, they soon saw themselves in the shadow of two rising powers: The Safavids in Persia and the Mughals in Afghanistan. Their goal, the conquest of Khorassan, was halted by the Persian expansion. Thus, the Shaibanid Uzbeks were unable to turn themselves into a big and important power. Can you do it better?

Screenshots: Main Map Units City

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Stefan Haertel; File Size: 581 KB

The Ascendance of Europe 1492 marked the beginning of an era that was to profoundly alter the course of the entire world. It was the year in which the great powers of Europe first began the long ocean voyages which were to open up huge new worlds to the colonists and conquisidators of Europe. By the time the era had drawn to a close, no part of the globe was left untouched by the Europeans lust for trade and empire.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Nick Holzapfel; File Size: 327 KB

Age of Discovery The New World has been discovered already 70 years ago. Some Spanish colonies can already be considered old, and the time has arrived for new countries to colonize the Spanish Main, to enrich themselves and to achieve glory. The political situation in Europe is fragile. Spain is in war with England and the newly formed United Netherlands. Even if Spain is still the undisputed leader in the West Indies, power can rapidly change hands, as seen in Europe. However, recently, European governments slowly begin to realize the importance of their colonies; Europe is beginning to supply their colonies better and better. If you want to conquer, do it fast !!!

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Allard H.S. Höfelt; File Size: 455 KB

The Golden Age of the United Provinces of the Netherlands: the end of the Pax Hispanica 1589 AD. A bloody struggle for freedom has started in the Spanish Low Lands. It all started with Religion. After a small rebellion about religion, the Duke of Alba was sent to the Netherlands, arriving one year after the end of the rebellion and executing some 1100 Protestants. After this act of cruelty, the Low Lands devided into two parties; the Union of Artois in the South, pro-Spanish and the Union of Utrecht, most of modern-day Holland and Belgium, which was anti-Spanish. William of Orange raised an army and attacked from Germany. After initially been beaten back, the Dutch finally capture Den Briel in 1573. Success would now be on the Dutch side and the city of Leiden is relieved after a long siege. In 1584 however, William of Orange is assassinated by a fanatic catholic, and the next year, the Low Lands’ biggest city, Antwerpen, is captured by the Spanish. The year is now 1589. Prince Maurits has just become Stadtholder. You take his place, or you can choose to play as another player, but whoever you rule, prepare for a long and bloody struggle to keep your nation alive and independent.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Allard H.S. Höfelt; File Size: 763 KB

Carolus Gustavus Reagis

Files: 1 2 3 4 5

"This scenario for Civ II MGE evolves around the Swedish king Karl X Gustav and his wars in Poland and Denmark. All civs except the Polish-Lithuanian Comonwealth are playable and the scenario lasts for 5 years, each turn is one month. The scenario starts in 1655 and ends 1660. The scenario involves season changing and the nation most fun to play is Sweden. I tried making it so that nothing is determined for you when it starts, the only thing that is controlled is that in the begining Sweden is attacking Poland, from thereon it is up to the player."

The last 3 zip files are sound files.


Author: Henrik Lohmander; File Size: 6.9 MB

Imperial Ambition v 1.5

In 1492, Spain sufferred a crushing defeat at the hands of the puny forces of the Emirate of Granada. France declared war immediately and by 1500 the continent was aflame. Only three principalities noticed an event of equal importance ignored by everyone else. In that fateful year “India” & “Japan” were reached by a man whose name was lost to history. Instead of circum-navigating Africa as the Portuguese were doing before being pulled into the Spanish War, he sailed across the watery expanse that is the Atlantic and reached the Orient…

Venice has fallen on hard times with the rise of the hostile Ottoman and Mamluke powers in the ports of the Near East. The Teutonic Knights have lost their sense of purpose now that the Far North is lacking in heathens and are losing land to the Poles. The Hafsid Caliphate in North Africa seems ready to crumble.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds/Gold

Screenshots: Screen1 World Map Techs Screen2

Author: St.Leo (Leons Petrazickis); File Size: 391 KB

USA: 1640 The year is 1640. The Dutch defeat of the Spanish navy in 1639 has just ended that country’s reign as a seafaring nation, opening the door for English, Dutch, and French settlements that had established a foothold in the New World. Meanwhile, The Thirty Year’s War continued to drag on through Europe, leaving the newly formed colonies on their own against each other and the primitive, but plentiful natives. You have until 1899, the end of the Spanish-American War, which was the last territorial war involving the area of the map.

Author: Charles Magee; File Size: 28 KB

Caribean "This scenary tries to reproduce the fight for the control of the Caribean Sea in the first years of the 16th Century. Perhaps you will be able to apreciate some anacronisms such us the alive Aztec Empire in theses years, or the existance of English and French Collonies in the East Coast of North America. Despite the "mistakes", I think that it is a complete and interesting scenary, full of chances and action. You can choose The Spanish troops of Charles V, English of Elizabeth I, the French of Francisco I, Aztecs, Mayas, Skimals, and the dangerous pirates of Blackbeard. The year is 1520, and meanwile French, English and Skimals fight in order to control the North of America, in the Caribean Coasts and islands, Spaniards, pirates and precolombine cultures trye to lead the area."

Author: Jesús Martínez; File Size: 13 KB

Quebec: Conquest of the Great Lakes In the middle of XVI century the English and French colonies in North America are expanding toward eachother. Only the waters of the Ohio and St. Lawrence rivers were a weak barrier separating the two Monarchies from direct military conflict. The shadow of War looms over the Great Lakes. Deep in this wilderness hundreds of redskin warriors are silently waiting for the moment, when the hated paleface will begin exterminating eachother.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic World

Author: Alex Mor; File Size: 447 KB

Timur "I am the scourge of God appointed to chastise you, since no one knows the remedy for your iniquity except me. You are wicked, but I am more wicked than you, so be silent!"

— Spoken by Tamerlane Khan before the the sacking of Damascus.

In 1470, a man named Timur Lenk och Tamerlane made himself khan of the area around Samarqand, the largest city in Central Asia. During the following 30 years, he conquered most of Central Asia, the Middle East, Northern India and Southern Russia. Tamerlane’s ultimate goal was to restore the empire of Genghis Khan, whom he falsely claimed as his ancestor. Genghis Khan, however, was much nicer than Tamerlane.

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE

Author: Harlan Thompson; File Size: 548 KB

Dutch It’s 1581, the States of Holland and Zeeland have offered sovereignty over the Netherlands to Willem van Oranje. With this action the Dutch formally break with the Spanish king and so declare themselves independent. Hostilities have been going on since 1568 however when Willem van Oranje invaded the Netherlands with his army of German mercenaries. King Philips II of Spain responded by sending the Duke of Alva to lead Dutch loyalists and crush the rebellion. But also the protestant loyalists aren’t that eager to die for a catholic king while fighting their own brothers. In the meantime the English, French and Germans stand ready to intervene and protect or enlarge their interests. Finally the Liègians are looking to profit from the messy situation in the Low Lands near the sea and gain some power for their German glory.

Author: Unknown; File Size: 16 KB

Aztecs The Spanish have heard about a Great Nation, rich beyond belief, with cities covered with gold, silver, gems and unimaginable treasures… Hernan Cortes sets forth from San Cristobal de la Habana in the island of cuba in February of 1519, his goal is to conquer the Mexican Empire!

REQUIREMENT: Not Specified

Author: Unknown; File Size: 226 KB