Civilization II: Mod Packs

Name Description
Star Trek Civilization v0.8 A Star Trek ModPack using all the Star Treks to create a full Star Trek Civilization.

This Star Trek: Civilization game was six months in the making and used more research than the ten papers I wrote during the semester I made this. I changed ever aspect I could think of and yet, after looking at what was already here, I missed a lot.

The behind story in this MOD Pack is: You and your crew were exploring an unknown event when suddenly your ship was sent off to a nearby galaxy. Your supplies, your ship, everything but the people you came with has been destroyed. You have been chosen to be the leader of your people. It is logical to assume that many others have also gone through this worm hole, and you must attempt to confirm this; however, others may not be so happy to see us, they may demand our supplies or they may want to trade. In either case, you should always seek out new life and new civilizations. We must also try to build a Subspace Transmitter so that we can communicate with the Milky Way and get advice from them.
I included a map called “brkearth” or “Broken Earth” which has a different story behind it but it still works in the game.

I’m sorry the sounds are the sounds of the units I replaced so when the Alien attacks it sounds like an elephant. And then there are things like the Enterprizians incase you like Enterprise over TOS or something. Basically, if you are real trekie, the mistakes I made come off pretty funny. If you like to laugh, you’ll like this MOD.

AUTHOR: Stonewall J.; FILE SIZE:  682 KB

Tolkien Modpack v2.0

Main Files
Sound Files

A modification of Civilization II based on the writings of JRR Tolkien, with tribes, cities, terrain, advances, improvements, wonders and units altered to match. New atmospheric sound files are available in a separate download. This is not a scenario: it allows any number of possible games. One can either conquer the world with powerful ancient/magical units, or take the peoples of Arda into the modern age (with some new units then as well!)

AUTHOR: Nicholas Wordsworth; FILE SIZE:  1.22 MB

Detailed Test of Time Mod 1.01 The mod converts the terrain graphics of the Earth, adding new units with new sound. The graphics of Earth now look more like the terrain in the Classic game, but the graphics of Centaurus in not changed. Many extra units are added, some units can’t be built by all civs; like the “assault gun” which can only be built by civs with the blue color like the Germans. There are no Aliens in this mod, so there can be 7 civs on the Earth (the menu text still says “aliens included”, never mind that). Especially the units of the 20th century now has more steps in their evolution, like the old diesel submarine and the modern nuclear powered one. So this mod is also useful if one want to create ww2 scenarios. If u don’t like the graphics of the Earth, you can always exchange the terrain files with some which contains the classic Earth graphics, but remember to keep the units.bmp file (the graphics mods often come with the units.bmp file too, like “Classic Civ2 Graphics for Test of Time v1.0b “).

REQUIREMENT: Civ2 Test of Time

AUTHOR: Thomas C. Oest (aka HotCiv); FILE SIZE:  1.5 MB

Classic Civ2 Graphics for Test of Time v1.0b Original Civ 2 graphics for ToT. Replacement files for Cities.bmp, Icons.bmp, Improvements.bmp, Terrain1.BMP, Terrain2.bmp, and units.bmp with original Civilizaion II graphics.

AUTHOR: Cedric Greene; FILE SIZE:  528 KB

Civ2 Anti-Religion Patch An edited version of the basic files, allowing full-game play without direct references to Christianity and non-European civilizations in technologies, units, buildings, and wonders. Also edited names of high-tech wonders to remove specific name references.

AUTHOR: Charles Jencks; FILE SIZE:  223 KB

Diplomat’s Graphics Mod for Civilization II This is a collection of excellent graphics that I have mostly cut and pasted from various mod packs and scenarios, compiling them to make one ultimate mod pack. It contains ‘ultimate’ new city, terrain, unit and combat effects graphics.

AUTHOR: The Diplomat; FILE SIZE:  289 KB

Non-Proliferation Modification Pack What if nuclear weapons were never developed? What if they were scrapped in favor of heavily armed conventional weapons (that the world never got to see thanks to the atomic bomb) that came close to but not containing the strength of a nuclear weapon? Would the Nazis rule the world? Or would alternate history surprise us and make the Allied forces take Berlin after seizing V-3 rocket (honestly, this would have been the weapon used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki if it wasn’t for the atomic bomb) technology from the Nazis, Russians and/or the Turks. The reason I made this modpack to show how easily Imperialism could have spread into the 21st Century if it wasn’t for those powerful weapons that made de-colonization possible.

I also made this because I fear that the world may destroy itself in a nuclear cataclysm someday and I often fantasize of an utopian world where nuclear weapons do not exist (like my great-grandparents’ generation extending into mine).


AUTHOR: Bow Tie Guy; FILE SIZE:  331 KB; Added on 3/16/02

Fascist Variant 4.2 This modpack may be used as a scenario or as a game patch. Changes include

Changes include:

  • Elephant and scout removed
  • Fascism Changed
  • All European nations may be chosen when creating a map
  • France Germany Russia England Spain Italy America
  • Stromtroopers changed
  • 2 New Fascist only units
  • New units Fighter, Bomber, Scout Armor (Panzer III), Medium Armor (Stug III), light Armor (Panzer II) , Battle Armor (Panzer IV).
  • Various Rules.txt changes
  • Many new icons
  • Improved graphics


AUTHOR: S1Genocide; FILE SIZE:  1.02 MB; Added on 3/16/02

Medieval Modpack v1.0 A modpack starting with the fall of Rome and ending with the Industrial Revolution. I’ve used a good deal of logic in creating the various tech upgrades. Unit styles have been carefully selected, though I did “borrow” them. City styles have also been edited appropriately.


AUTHOR: Rick Lee II; FILE SIZE:  233 KB; Added on 1/26/02

Space Colony Modpack v1.0 “The goal of this modpack is to create a realistic space colony on a far-off planet. Technologies have been edited with the theory that colonists would not have all the techs of their home planet immediately. This is supported by history. The early units supplement this idea.  I have also replaced tribes which obviously could not have a space colony (Romans, Carthagians, etc). Not being very handy with pen, paint, or mouse, I have “borrowed” the terrain and unit art. Though some units fit better than others, I used as much logic in choosing them as my options allowed.”


AUTHOR: Rick Lee II; FILE SIZE:  354 KB; Added on 1/15/02

Star Trek; Generation Modpack This modpack is designed to do what no other Star Trek mod has ever done. That is, its mission to to service a complete line of scenarios (5 in this case) that can be played from the same modpack. Kevin Gilbert’s modpack came close, but this mod has five very different scenarios that include events and which follow very closely with each era of the Star Trek series. In addition there are a number of brand new sounds that have never been heard before in other Star Trek scenarios.

Extreme care have been made to be sure that the integrity of Star Trek technology and historical accuracy has been observed whenever possible. However, certain names and events have been changed to keep scenario balanced, sensible, and friendly to the Civ public who are not trekkers.

This modpack includes the following scenarios:

  • Star Trek TOS: The Early Federation
  • Star Trek TMP: The Wrath of Khan
  • Star Trek TNG: Wolf 359
  • Star Trek DS9: Mirror, Mirror
  • Star Trek Voyager: The Return Home

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  9.72 MB; Added on 10/15/01

Call to Power Modpack This modpack modifies your Civ2 to Civilization: Call to Power. It changes the cities, icons, terrains, and units graphic, as well as the rules.

Note: This modpack is now in English (was German)!

Screenshot: Main Map Units


Star Trek Modpack If you like Star Trek, get this mod!

AUTHOR: Kevin Gilbert; Star Trek Modpack Homepage; FILE SIZE:  2.49 MB

Bow Tie Guy’s Civ2 Modpack v2.2 This modpack adds more units (ICBM, Atomic Bomb, Terrorist, Airship, Longboat, Messiah) well as new advances (Christianity, Imperial Might, Mayoral Elections, Slavery, Terrorism, Cold War, Motherland Support, and Fatal Mistake). Cure for Cancer is replaced by a human cloning project while the SETI Program is replaced by the Union of Republics which is now available after the discovery of Communism (SETI required Computers). The three scenarios included are “The Garden of Eden” which is a fictional scenario in Victorian Times, “World War II – Europe” in which technological development is accelerated so that you can quickly access these new units and advances, the “Rise of the Roman Empire” where accelerated research and development will ensure that the Dark Ages will never occur, Final Fantasy III (VI), World War III in 2001, and the 20th century.

Error Fixed:  – Motherland Support is now only a 1 time thing; ICBMs can now go through water and they never run out of fuel (I made an error where ICBMs function like Atomic Bombs with the miserable exception of inability to cross oceans)

This modpack requires Civ2 Gold. 

AUTHOR: Bow Tie Guy; FILE SIZE:  550 KB

Tropical Terrain Modpack This modpack replaces Terrain1.gif, Terrain2.gif and Rules.txt. Be sure to back these up (I guess you already knew :)) There are two versions: A and B. They are very similar, but while A has the Steppe terrain, B has the Beach terrain.

AUTHOR: Stefan de Jonge (Dragoon); FILE SIZE:  220 KB

TOT Improved Backgrounds “One of the complaints that I keep reading in the various forums related to Civ2 Test of Time regards the way that the information which is presented on the various screens is hard to read. To that end I have modified the various backgrounds to generally darken and reduce contrast so that the background clashes less with the information being presented in the foreground. Whilst it is less “arty” than the original CIV2 ToT graphics, it maybe is easier on the eyes in terms of getting information from the screen. Also I have changed the “Show Map Grid” outline to make it less visually distracting.”


AUTHOR: Kestrel; FILE SIZE:  321 KB

ToT Terrain Earth Lightened This patch changes the appearance of Earth to make it more Earth-like and the terrain is also lightened.


AUTHOR: Kestrel; FILE SIZE:  425 KB

TOT Extended Game Fine Tune Mod Adds in a second Alien Tribe (on a different planet again) and uses three empty Unit slots to good effect to allow three extra land Units.


AUTHOR: Kestrel; FILE SIZE:  912 KB

Dutch Modpack v1.2 “This modpack is built because of the pride for my country and so people get to know a bit more about the Netherlands. I decided to alter the units.gif, terrain.gif, city.txt and rules.txt to a more Dutch character, and later I also altered the advice.txt and cities.gif. Most of the units are from the internet (or default), those with a “K” in them were completely built or edited by me.”

AUTHOR: Kevin Klop(willemvanoranje); FILE SIZE:  574 KB

Units Sharpened This patch contains a sharpened version of the units.bmp.


AUTHOR: Lev Koszegi; FILE SIZE:  171 KB

Star Trek: Lost Civilization Modpack Another nice Star Trek modpack…

REQUIREMENT: Fantastic Worlds or MGE


Sid Meier’s Civilization: The Scenerio This is a scenerio based on the origional Civ and, since civ and civ2 are so similar, this scenerio pans out as civ with prettier graphics.

AUTHOR: John Miles; FILE SIZE:  85.7 KB

Fascist Patch The Fascist Patch offers several rules “tweaks” and a few major changes… the most notable of which is that the Government type “Fundamentalism” has been COMPLETELY removed from the game. In it’s place, there is a new government type “Fascism”. One unit has been “traded-in” (Fanatics), and in it’s place is a new “Fascist only” unit, the Stormtrooper. One unit was removed completely due to it’s apparent redundancy (Crusaders), and four completely new units have been added to “round out” what’s been missing from the game… the Dreadnought, Zeppelin, Dive Bomber, and Heavy Armor… when all is said and done, the Fascist Patch offers you seven new unit types and one new government to work with!

Download Fascist Patch Gold v1.11 (for Civ2 Gold users) (513 KB)

Download Fascist Patch 3.3a (for “Classic” Civ2 users) (427 KB)

Download Fantastic Worlds Fascist add-on v4.01 (for FW users) (209 KB)

AUTHOR: Steve Strayer; Fascist Modpack Homepage

Dinosaurs! Modpack for Classic Civ2

Main Files

Sound Files

Millions of years ago, giant reptiles ruled the Earth.
Just imagine if evolution took a different turn!

This modpack is based on Microprose’s Age of Reptiles scenario in the Fantastic World Expansion.

Screenshots: Main Map Units City

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  2.55 MB (sound included)

Outer Space!
Files: 1 2
Sound: 1 2 3
“The Outer SPACE! patch is the only patch I know of that gives you a true “space” environment for your game play. Other space-like modpacks and scenarios just change the ocean to space and you are stuck playing on irregular terrain. Some modpacks or scenarios offer “planets” pushed really close together in place of the land. This is not the case with this patch. The land terrain is also space and the planets, stars, comets, etc. are resources. Cities are now Space Stations and there are 12 brand new units designed just for the game. The objective is to compete for survival in the harsh environment of outer space. There are significant changes to the city screen; instead of gold, your goal is to acquire ‘Oxygen’ for your crew. Energy replaces the food supply and trade is your capacity to recycle. Thus, you are truly in a space environment, fighting for what would be important in space. In addition, you are expected to expand your civilization entirely in local space. This was a planned limitation and your units will not be able to build space stations in Deep Space. This because Deep Space is the location near the edge of the galaxy or outside of it. It would be unusual to build cities in that locality anyway.

Of course, all the techs, icons, advice, etc. reflect the outer space theme. Long hours of play test and attention to detail have made this one of my best patches ever. I am sure that it is as complete as possible but I encourage comments and nitpicking for this patch, especially since I claim such attention to detail. ”

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  6.34 MB (sound included)

Civilization 1 Modpack

Files: 1 2

Basically if you have played the CLASSIC CIVILIZATION I then you should be feeling rather nostaligic at the moment. Every effort has been made to recreate the original game that started it all, right down to the very feel of the environment. Even those cheesy little unit graphics have been included. Actually this modpack is a Civ2 version of what an upgraded CIV 1 might have looked like, so you can expect to see a few new things, but mostly there are a lot of those wonderful rules and graphics from the old civ game.

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  2.19 MB (sound included)

Desert Planet Modpack & Scenario

Sound: 1 2

“There are four files, one main file, two sound files, and a scenario file for FW. There is a scenario in the main file and it is in fact the same one. I just created a separate zip file to make it easier for people with FW. The good news is that the two sound files also go with  scenario file for FW. The scenario can actually be used by anyone because I wrote it in Civ II, but if you have FW then you get all the cool events and get to hear the sounds (some that I mixed myself). “

The Desert Planet is a fictional world set on two planets in the future. The Imperaxial Project was designed by the Imperials to colonize the second planet– a desert world like their own. With the cooperation of the Terrans, Union, Corporation, Aristocracy, Coalition, and Axis, success was expected. Yet, efforts turned sour because four of these nations decided they would cash in on the weakened state of the Imperaxians while they had the chance. Previous geophysics experiments have ruined the terrain on both planets and mining in certain areas produces volcanoes. However, you can still mine the mountains (so you can place wind wind generators on them to increase your production). Can you survive under these harsh circumstances and reunite the Imperaxian empire? PLAY THE SCENARIO INCLUDED IN THIS PATCH! PLAY THE SAVE GAME AND YOU GET TO PLAY IT AS A TWO PLAYER GAME OR CONTROL THE TERRANS AND THE COLONISTS YOUURSELF!

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  4.13 MB (sound included)

Mars Modpack v1.0

Sound: 1 2

“The Mars Patch offers the ability to play a different planet. Very similar to FW: Mars Now! Scenario, this Mars patch has more units, terrain changes, Martian Canals, and additional rules. Also, there are 4-Martian Maps to play that reflect the challenging dry, cratered Mars that everyone imagines. If you have ever wondered what it is like to be on Mars, this modpack takes you there! ”

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  3.01 MB (sound included)

Water World Modpack v1.0 “This modpack is NOT a take on the MOVIE starring Kevin Costner. It is a World flooded with water and any similarity is unintended and is based on a scenario concept of my own creation. ”

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  318 KB

Ice Planet Modpack Sometime in the far off future, the human race develops the technology to travel between the stars. Not sure of what they will find on their voyage to the unknown, the humans assemble the most elite troops on the planet into a single force aptly named the Galaxial Troops. With high hopes they set out to the the closest known planet in another galaxy-Jharlei: The Ice Planet. What they found on this seemingly barren world turned their historic mission into a fight for survival.

REQUIREMENT: This patch will probably run with other versions of civ2 but not FW. A release of the ICE PLANET II SCENARIO UPGRADE for Fantastic Worlds is available in the Sci-Fi Scenario section on this site.

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  1.45 MB

Lunar Misison Modpack

Sound: 1

The Lunar Mission Patch is a test of “What if we colonized the Moon?”. Nations compete to build and dominate the Lunar surface. Dissident humans break off from these bases and form their own base calling themselves the “Lunarites”. The goal is to unite the Moon through conquest or build a spaceship and let them have that pulverized chunk o’ rock!

Inspired by Frederic Meunie’s Moonland Modpack, this patch explores the moon as the next and most challenging civ game yet. Technologies have been revised and changed from Moonland—as well as: units, terrain, govts., graphics, resources, etc. to reflect the new and innovated approach to colonizing the moon! If you liked or are familiar with Moonland v.3.0, this patch will capture you right from the start!

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  2.68 MB (sound included)

Star Trek TOS Modpack v1.0

Sound: 1 2

“Basically, it is a take on the original Star Trek TV series applied to Civ2 as a theme. Technologies have been created–as well as, units, terrain,  resources, etc. to reflect the Star Trek environment. If you liked or are  familiar with the TV show, then you should have a great time playing this  patch! However, a knowledge of the TV show is not necessary and it has a truly enjoyable space theme that makes the game highly unique. ”

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  3.37 MB (sound included)

Star Trek TNG Colonies Modpack

Sound: 1 2

STTNG Colonies is for everyone, especially Star Trek TNG fans. This patch takes elements of the new TV series and combines them with Civ 2 to make playing the Star Trek environment possible. Music, sounds and so on, reflect the STTNG environment. Inspired by Kevin Gilbert’s Star Trek Modpack, this patch explores colonizing as the thrust of this mod and everyone is in competition. Build wind generators and even a graviton spaceship. The arrangement is that anyone can build anything if they get the technology for it. Technologies have been revised from my other patch  (STTOS)–as well as, units, terrain, resources, etc. to reflect the NEW Star Trek environment.

If you liked or are familiar with the new STTNG series, then you should have a great time playing this patch! A knowledge of the TV show is not necessary and many technologies and units make the game a treat to anyone who likes a good space game.

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  4.24 MB (sound included)

Star Wars Colonies

Sound: 1 2 3

It is the colonization of a planet, (any planet) using the STAR WARS approach. Technologies have been created–as well as, units, terrain, resources, etc. to reflect the Star Wars environment. If you liked or are familiar with the trilogy, then you should have a great time playing this patch! However, a knowledge of the movies is not necessary and it has a truly enjoyable space theme that makes the game highly unique.

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE:  5.25 MB (sound included)

Planet of The Apes

Sound: 1

The Planet of the Apes patch is for anyone who is interested in the theories of Evolution, the future of mankind or for the movie fans that love the series. I love the movies and have since their premier. As a result, I have taken quite a bit of time to create units and terrain that would reflect the situation in the movies. The premise of this patch is the same as in the movie: To set forth on a voyage to another star system in animated suspension and land on a planet to start a new civilization. Unfortunately, something goes wrong and the ship gets turned around and returns to Earth in the year 3978. You’ve been gone for 2000 years and you are not even sure of where you are. As you explore the planet, you learn that human beings are no longer at the top of the evolutionary ladder; the other Apes have taken over! Compete with the other primates to gain control of the world!

AUTHOR: John Valdez; FILE SIZE: 2.19 MB (sound included)