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After the capture of Kyoto, the objective of the remaining battles of the Japan campaign shifted to full scale hunt for the next Great Leader.

Revealed map of units and towns in the remaining Japanese territory at the end of 330AD

I could have probably destroyed the remaining cities more quickly, but the combat technique switched to making certain that every possible elite victory that could be won against the remaining Japanese units would be fought before I ran out of targets. The map above shows the two general routes where I advanced units into battles. Veteran units would be used to soften up an enemy and then our few elite units would be brought in to kill off the wounded opponents and hopefully mop up all the glory.

Even with all this focus on producing a leader, our troops destroyed the remaining Japanese cities in the tundra region without yielding the leader we needed to rush the Forbidden Palace in Edo to make the captured Japan territories a full fledged and productive state in the Egyptian empire. The last city was captured but Tokugawa escaped to some new homeland.

Killing the Japanese Isle
I had suspected that an island lay off the east coast of Japan and when the Japanese empire survived after wiping out their last mainland city, I just rounded up troops in the two galleys in that area and headed them out to deliver the coup-de-grace.

The eastern Japanese Island towns revealed at the end of 330AD

Killing the Japanese on this island was unexciting except for the fact that the Great Leader “Cheops” rose out of one of the massacres. I loaded “Cheops” on a galley and sailed him back to shore in great ceremony and then ran him up to Edo as Quickly as possible. I also brought in several extra settlers to fill in cities around Edo so that as many productive squares could be brought on-line as quickly as possible.

The last land city of the Japanese was destroyed on the eastern isle in 410AD, but Tokugawa still survived.

Tokugawa as a “Boat Person”
The last Japanese galley that I had been ignoring for some time must have contained a settler that allowed the Japanese to survive. I closed in on the galley with two Egyptian galleys thinking I would surely send it to the bottom of the sea. Six galleys later I finally sank this lone Japanese galley.

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