Play Unciv: A free Civ5 implementation for your phone (also desktop)

By | August 10, 2022

I know, we have Civ6 available on various consoles, and with FreeCiv and FreeCol there are also the old Civ games for you to play for free.

But what about if you want to have a chilled game of Civ5 somewhere?

If you didn’t know, you can also do that with UnCiv!

UnCiv is a free and open source implementation of Civ5. UnCiv incorporates all the basic Civ5 mechanisms, including from the first addon. Because this game is also aimed at mobile devices, it doesn’t have any of the 3D graphics, but only 2D. But that is something we Civ fans can live with, as long as we can get our fix everywhere ;). UnCiv does also run on the desktop though (even on Linux), and works overall pretty fine there too. The AI is competent enough to steamroll you, if you don’t pay attention to your empire.

You think this sounds good? Give it a try!

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