Sequels in Strategy Gaming, Part 1: Civilization II

By | February 3, 2023

Jimmy Maher of The Digital Antiquarian has written an article on the emergence of game sequels breaking them down into two categories, the fiction-driven and the systems-driven, using Sid Meier’s Civilization II as a good example of the later. Jim then deep dives into telling the story of how Bryan Reynolds created Civilization 2 and how he overhauled each core aspect of the original Civ1 game such as combat mechanics, AI behavior, significantly increased techs/units/buildings/govs, as well as adding new features such as scenario support, the cheat system, and the live action video high council. He also discusses Civ2’s legacy and how it lives on today as some peoples favourite Civ game still, the famous “Eternal War” savegame that went viral a few years back, and how you can still run Civ2 on modern systems in any resolution you want.

Read the full article here, and discuss it with us here.

Thanks to blake00 for the summary.