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Sales: Civ3 and Civ4 on GOG, Civ6 on Steam

By | May 16, 2022

Currently some of the Civ titles are again on Sale! For Civ3 and Civ4 the Complete editions are for sale, for Civ6 only the Platinum and Anthology edition, as well as both addons. Civ3 Complete: 1.29€ at GOG Civ4 Complete: 5€ at GOG Civ6 Anthology: 98.99€ on Steam Civ6 Platinum: 14.15€ on Steam Civ6 Gathering Storm: 9.99€ on… Read More »

Anno 1800 free to play until May 19 (and sale)

By | April 14, 2022

Anno 1800 is currently available to play for free in the Ubisoft store until May 19. Anno 1800 is a real-time historic strategy builder, set in the year 1800, and well worth a look. GreenManGaming and Ubisoft. At Ubisoft the main game is discounted to 19.80€ (and appropriate discounts for the gold and complete edition). At GreenManGaming the… Read More »

10% discount for Old World, and new video about training

By | April 5, 2022

Old World is currently on sale, 10% off in the Epic Games Store, 29.69€ instead of 32.99€ (sale is for 2 days). If you take the chance to get it now, and want to dig deeper, then our user alcaras has made a new video about training in Old World. Have a look at it if you want… Read More »

Humble Bundle: Sid Meier’s Ultimate Collection

By | February 23, 2022

The Humble Bundle has made a Sid Meier Bundle, containing a lot of our favourite games!If you pay at least 13.25€, you get The original Colonization Civ3 complete Civ4 complete Civ5 complete Civ: Beyond Earth – The Collection Sid Meier’s Starships Civ6 and all addons and DLC (besides the NFP, where you get a 15€ coupon) As other… Read More »

Sales: Civ3, 4, 5 and 6 and Civ:BE on sale!

By | February 16, 2022

It’s currently again sales time, and many titles of our most beloved game series are on sale! Civ3 Complete: 1.24€ on Steam, 1.29€ on GOG Civ4 Complete, including Civ4:Col: 5€ on GOG, 5€ on Steam Civ5 Brave New World (only 1 of the 2 addons on sale): 7.49€ on Steam Civ6: Base game 8.99€ addon Gathering Storm 9.99… Read More »

XCOM2: 1 day free-to-play, and discounts!

By | February 13, 2022

XCOM2 is currently for 1 day free-to-play. In case this might give you the taste of the franchise, you can now also get it for cheap! Until February 24, you can get: XCOM2 for 3€ XCOM2: War Of The Chosen (DLC) for 9.99 XCOM: Enemy Unknown for 4.99€ XCOM: Enemy Within for 6.24€ XCOM: Chimera Squad for 6.99€… Read More »

GOG Chinese New Year sales: Civ3+4 on sale

By | January 30, 2022

GOG is having a sale for the Chinese new year, and obviously some of our most beloved titles are on sale! The most important are: Civilization 3 for 1.29€ Civilization 4 complete for 5€ The Original Colonization for 1.59€ Alpha Centauri for 1.39€ Call To Power 2 for 3.49€ The new years sale is very big, and many… Read More »

Civ6 Steam sale: 85% off

By | January 14, 2022

Steam currently has Civ6 discounted up to 85%, only costing 8.99€ for the base game. Both expansions (but not the other DLCs) are discounted as well down to 9.99€ and 9.89€. Get them before the sale expires on January 26! At the same time Civ4 is also discounted, costing only 2.99€, although both expansions are sadly not on… Read More »