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TerraForm: Map Editor for CIV DOS

TerraForm Civ1 Map EditorDOWNLOAD NOW
This program is a Windows application.
Its function is to edit the map files used in Civ Dos.

It has a feature rich graphical interface that offers terrain and improvements (road, rail, etc…) modifications, the ability to place, remove or move units and cities on the map among other functions.

Civilization Dollar Sign – CIV$

The program is meant to be aid to playing Civilization for DOS.


  • Change the treasure amount of any country.
  • Control of Civilization advances.
  • Shows Advances others have that you don’t.
  • Quick Start of CIV.
  • Quick removal of barbarians
  • Addition or removal of units from a map.
  • Editing of city size and contents
  • Control of Wonders.

Note: This program runs anywhere that CIV Dos does.

Civilization Map Editor

This program is a cheat app. It allows you to change everything from the amount of money you have right down to the exact locations of all your units. It was made freelance, so expect bugs. If you play around in it for long enough it will crash, guarranteed. Some of the features are nearly impossible to use because they are so user-unfriendly. However, compared to manually editing the saved game file using a hex editor (as shown in the cheats section), this program is a god-send.

Civilization Map Editor


To be honest, I really have no idea how to use this program. Despite my best efforts, I cannot get it to work. However, I have seen it work once a long time ago, so I know that using it is possible. I know that you have to create a game first and then open it and edit the map that way, and I know that it takes a virtual eternity to actually create a complete map using it. Some people have heard a lot about this program but never seen it and don’t believe it exists; it’s kind of a Civilization 1 Myth. Well, I can’t get it to work but I’m supplying it anyway. Just don’t whine to me about how it doesn’t work. On the other hand, if you actually do get it to work, email me and tell me how. I will put up a little thing here explaining it and give credit to the person who discovered how.

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Where can I buy Civ1?

Civ1 is nowhere to be found in stores, but you can usually find copies of Civ1 on eBay. You can also find other Sid Meier classics such as Pirates and Colonization on eBay. eBay is a safe and a very popular online marketplace.