Babylonians’ Eternal Leader: Hamurabi Yahola

Timeline: History of the Babylonian Empire

Submitted by Wes

Hammurabi Yahola Hammurabi Yahola, Eternal Ruler

Game Setting:

Emperor Level; 7 random civilizations; Raging hoards; Standard starting locations; Standard world map; Random resources;

4000 BC: Babylonian Tribe founds the Eternal City of Babylon

Babylonian wise men begin the study of Horseback Riding

3800 BC: Horseback Riding learned; wise men begin to develop the Alphabet

3750 BC: Babylonian warriors discover unit of archers in the Eastern Hills

3650 BC: A band of nomads join the Babylonian Tribe

3250 BC: Babylonian Alphabet developed. Wise men begin study of Bronze Working.

3200 BC: Babylonian horsemen discover unit of archers in the Southern Desert

2900 BC: Village discovered at the southern tip of the Nile.

Africa joins the Babylonian Tribe

2400 BC: Ninveh founded

Babylonian horsemen discover unit of archers west of Africa

Thucydides’ Epic: Babylon most happy of civilizations

Bronze Working mastered. Spiritualists begin rites of Ceremonial Burial

Babylonian Emissary2250 BC: Babylonian explorers discover the knowledge of Currency

2100 BC: Babylonian archers discover unit of Charioteers by Danube river

2050 BC: Babylonian explorers discover knowledge of Map Making

2000 BC: Babylonians make contact with the German Tribe (Frederick)

Trade Pottery knowledge to Germans for Code of Laws

Trade Currency knowledge to Germans for Ceremonial Burial

Peace Treaty between Babylon and German Tribes signed

Babylonian wise men begin study of Monarchy

1900 BC: Explorers discover knowledge of Masonry

1850 BC: Babylonian wise men design Monarchy, begin study of Trade practices

1800 BC: Egypt Town founded at Nile Delta

Babylonian census finds population at over one hundred thousand

1700 BC: Babylonians make contact with the Indian Tribe (Indira Gandhi)

Refuse Indians’s offer of knowledge exchange

Peace Treaty signed between Babylonian and Indian Tribes

Indians deliver 150 gold in tribute to Babylon

1650 BC: Village discovered south of Africa.

Zimbabwe joins Babylonian Tribe

Babylonians revolt against the Despot government!

1550 BC: Charioteers discover another charioteer unit in wilds of Asia

1500 BC: Babylonian Council meets and disparages about the raging anarchy

1450 BC: Kingdom of Babylon established.

King calls meeting of Babylonian Council.

Babylon most advanced of all civilizations

1400 BC: Babylonian charioteers discover Asian nomads who join the Kingdom

1300 BC: Warriors discover a unit of Legionnaires west of Zimbabwe

Explorers discover knowledge of Construction

1200 BC: Ur founded north of Babylon

Explorers discover knowledge of Mathematics

Babylonians make contact with Celts (Boadicea)

Celts demand secret of Construction: Refused

Celts declare WAR.

Celtic horsemen crushed in attack against Egypt Town.

1150 BC: Babylon begins work on The Hanging Gardens

1100 BC: Romaton founded on Italian peninsula

1050 BC: Charioteers discover village in central Asia.

Aryanarra joins Kingdom of Babylon

1000 BC: Sahara Town founded at edge of the desert

Germans show off knowledge of Trade

900 BC: Celts offer Peace Treaty to Babylon: Accepted.

875 BC: Babylonian explorers discover practices of Trade

Wise men begin study of Seafaring

850 BC: Seafaring learned, Babylonian wise men begin standardization of Writing

800 BC: Babylonian census finds population at over 300,000 subjects in Kingdom

675 BC: Barbarians attack Zimbabwe, Babylonian settlers killed

650 BC: Asia nomads join Kingdom of Babylon

Travelers report that Aztecs have begun constructing Great Pyramids

625 BC: Zimbabwe destroyed by Barbarians!

575 BC: Thucydides’ Epic ranks happiest civilizations:

1-Babylon 2-Germany 4-India 6-Celts

525 BC: Celts demand Babylonian secrets of Construction: Denied

500 BC India pays 50 gold tribute to Babylon

475 BC: Babylonian census reports citizenry numbers over 400,000

Explorers discover secrets of Mysticism

Taimat Lake founded at mouth of Danube

Travelers report Americans have also begun constructing Great Pyramids

450 BC: Egypt Town begins The Great Wall project

425 BC: South Aryanarra founded

Kish founded east of Babylon

Ur begins wondrous sea Expedition

400 BC: Nippur founded by Arabian Sea

Wise men standardize Babylonian Writing, begin study of Warrior Code


375 BC: Babylonians make contact with English (Henry VIII)

English demand declaration of war against Germany: Denied

English demand secrets of Construction: Denied

English declare WAR

Germans Hail: Offer Literacy for secrets of construction: Accepted

325 BC: Babylonian explorers discover secrets of Astronomy

275 BC: Babylonian census reports citizenry numbers over 600,000

Charioteers discover unit of legionnaires in East Asia

250 BC: English Hail and show off Polytheism. War continues

200 BC: Village discovered and North Aryanarra joins Kingdom of Babylon

175 BC: Babylon begins construction of wondrous Observatory

Archers discover charioteers east of Sahara Town

150 BC: Travelers report the Aztecs have completed their Great Pyramids

Americans change projects to Colossus

25 BC: Census reports Babylonian population exceeds 700,000

Babylonian explorers discover Philosophy

Babylonian wise men learn Warrior Code, study Polytheism

AD 1: Babylonian Council meets. Babylon remains most advanced civilization

Babylonian population exceeds 800,000

AD 20: Charioteers discover unit of war elephants in Far East

AD 40: Explorers discover knowledge of Medicine

AD 60 Explorers discover knowledge of Physics

The GREAT WALL of EGYPT TOWN is completed

Babylonian population exceeds 900,000

AD 80 : Travelers report the Americans have completed their Colossus

AD 100 Babylonian explorers discover system of University

AD 120: English Hail: Offer Peace Treaty: Accepted

English pay 250 gold in tribute to Babylon

AD 160: Tunisia founded

Travelers report the Aztecs have begun constructing wondrous Embassy

AD 180: Babylon establishes embassy with the Celts

Babylonian population exceeds One Million

AD 200: Explorers discover system of Feudalism

Explorers discover principles of Chemistry

AD 240: Explorers discover secrets of Polytheism

Explorers discover methods of Navigation

Babylonian wise men begin study of Chivalry

AD 260: Explorers discover ideals of Chivalry

Wise men begin developing methods of Iron Working

AD 300: Nimrod founded

Wondrous OBSERVATORY of BABYLON completed

India Hails: Offer Iron Working in exchange for Navigation: Accepted

AD 320: Babylonian scholars begin to develop Wheel

AD 380: Travelers report Americans have completed the Wondrous Embassy

AD 400: English Sneak Attack. English warriors attack Babylonian miners north of

Taimat Lake and are killed.

AD 460: Germans Hail: Offer Banking knowledge for University: Accepted

Babylonian explorers discover methods of Bridge Building

Lagesh founded southwest of Nippur

AD 480: Babylonian scholars develop the Wheel, begin study of Monotheism

AD 500: Atlantica founded in west continental Africa

AD 540: Bahamat Desert founded east of Ur

AD 560: Celts Hail: Offer Republic for Navigation: refused

AD 600: Babylonian assault on English City of Nuremberg destroys the city.

Babylon gains knowledge of the Republic from English prisoners

AD 620: Travelers report Aztecs have completed Wondrous Crusade

Wondrous Sea EXPEDITION of UR completed

AD 680: Tacitus’ Epic History: Most Advanced Civilizations:

1-Babylon 2-Germany 3-Celts 4-England 7-India

AD 700: Travelers report Americans have completed Great Library

English complete Wondrous Lighthouse

English Hail: Offer Cease-fire: Refused

Offer Knowledge of Engineering for Cease-fire: Accepted

Peace Treaty signed with England

AD 780: Germany completes temple of the Oracle

AD 840: Babylonian explorers discover principles of Economics

Babylon demands tribute from India: 200 gold paid

Romaton begins construction of Wondrous Trading Company

AD 880: Babylon demands tribute from India: 100 gold paid

AD 900: Babylon demands tribute from India: 50 gold paid

AD 920: Scholars develop rites of Monotheism, begin study of Invention

Babylon begins construction of Wondrous Chapel, puts much gold into it.

AD 940: Adabatlantic founded north of Atlantica

Babylon demands tribute from India: India declares WAR!

Babylonian first strike kills Indian legions, archers, and warriors

Wondrous CHAPEL of BABYLON completed. Citizenry ecstatic

AD 960: Babylonian population exceeds Two Million

AD 1000: Council Meets. Babylon remains most advanced of civilizations

AD 1080: Mongolia founded in central Asia

AD 1100: Babylonian archers and Crusaders raze Indian City of Madras

AD 1160: New Madras founded on site of destroyed city

AD 1220: Babylonian scholars learn technique of Invention,

Begin study of Democracy

Tiamat Lake begins construction of Wondrous Workshop

AD 1260 India Hails: Offers Cease-fire: refused

Burkina founded in western continental Africa

AD 1280: Issus founded north of Ur’s Sea

AD 1300: Babylonian troops capture Indian City of Bombay

India Hails: Offers cease-fire: rejected

Babylon makes contact with Aztecs (Montezuma)

Wondrous TRADING COMPANY of ROMATON completed

AD 1340: Wondrous WORKSHOP of TAIMAT LAKE completed

AD 1360: Hail Germany: Demand removal of war elephants from vicinity of Nimrud

200 gold tribute paid by Germans in reparations

Babylon makes contact with Americans (Lincoln)

Americans complete their Wondrous Theatre

AD 1420: Babylonian Troops capture Indian capitol of Delhi

India Hails: Desperate offers for peace denied by Babylon

AD 1460: Barbarians capture Babylonian City of Burkina

Babylonian knights raze Indian City of Bangalor


AD 1500: Babylonian diplomat liberates Burkina

Scholars learn principles of Democracy, begin research of Gunpowder

Babylon begins construction on Statue of Liberty


Babylonian citizens rebel against Babylonian Royalty

(32/0 22trns 30/60/10)

AD 1570: Babylon Communist State established (43/0 13trns 20/70/10)

England Hails: Demands declaration of war against Germany: Denied

Demands secrets of Navigation: Denied ("If not for wall.")

AD 1580: Tacitus’ Epic History – Happiness: 1-Babylon 2-Germany 3-America

4-Aztecs 5-Celts 6-England

AD 1590: Port Dawn founded on East Coast of Asia

Westasia founded

Hail Americans: Offer Democracy for Gunpowder: They Accept

They demand declaration of war on England: Denied

They demand Navigation: Denied

Formal Peace Treaty signed

AD 1600: Babylonian scholars begin development of Explosives

AD 1620: Scholars develop Explosives, begin to form Theory of Gravity

AD 1630: Babylonians make contact with Mongols (G. Khan) in southern Africa

Peace Treaty between B.C.S and Mongolian Tribe signed

AD 1650: North Mongolia founded

Ivory Coast founded

New Bangalore founded

AD 1690: Atlanafrica founded

AD 1700: East Mongolia founded

Another civilization develops Metallurgy, Great Wall now defunct

AD 1710: Babylonian scholars develop Theory of Gravity, study Metallurgy

AD 1720: Babylon begins construction of Wondrous College

AD 1730: England Hails: Demand declaration of War against America: Refused

Demand Navigation: Denied

AD 1740: Census reports Babylonian population exceeds four million

Babylonian Council meets: Babylon remains most advanced civilization

(72/7 7 turns 20/70/10)

AD 1752 Babylonian scholars learn Metallurgy, begin study of Theology

Hail England: Demand removal of English troops. England declares WAR

Thus begins the Great European war

Babylonian troops attack English border raiders.

England activates alliance with Celts. Celts declare WAR

AD 1754: Africoast founded

Aztec/American "Boston Pact" Alliance formed

Celt/German "Frankfurt Pact" Alliance formed

AD 1756: Babylonian troops attack and defeat Celtic invasion unit

Celts activate alliance with Germany. Germans declare WAR

AD 1761: Aztecs Hail: Demand Navigation: Denied

AD 1762: Babylonian scholars learn Theology, begin study of Leadership

AD 1766: Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in Celtic City of Carmarthen

Celts Hail: Demand Navigation: Denied. WAR is re-declared

Babylonian population exceeds 5,000,000 with new city added

AD 1770: South Aryanarra begins construction of Wondrous Cathedral

Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in Celtic city of Kells

(Revolt cost: 944 gold. Plunder: 161)

Celts Hail: Demand Navigation: Refused. WAR re-declared

AD 1772: Hail Mongols: They Demand Navigation: Refused

Demands withdraw of Mongol troops: Denied. WAR declared

AD 1774: Gibbons’s History – Most Powerful Civilizations 1-Babylon 2-Germany

3-America 4-Aztecs 5-England 6-Celts 7-Mongels

Babylon scholars learn Leadership, begin study of Magnetism

AD 1776: Babylonian troops capture English city of Nottingham. Plunder: 95 gold

AD 1778: England Hails: Demand declaration of War against America: Refused

Demand Navigation: Refused. WAR re-declared

America Hails: Demand Physics: Denied

AD 1784: Battle of Frankfurt (11): Babylonian Cannons and Dragoons finally take

Frankfurt. Plunder: 1239 gold. Acquire knowledge of Sanitation

Germans Hail: Demand Navigation: Denied WAR is re-declared

Babylonian population pushed beyond 6,000,000

AD 1786: Babylonian scholars master Magnetism,

Begin development of Steam Engine

AD 1788: Babylonian diplomats sneak into English city of York by ship and stage

Revolt. Revolt: 728 Plunder: 258

Acquisition of York makes Babylonian population over 7,000,000

AD 1794: Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in German city of Cologne

Revolt: 600 gold Plunder: 116 gold

Germans Hail: Demand Navigation: Denied. WAR is re-declared

Celtic/American "San Francisco Pact" Alliance formed

Babylonian population surpasses 8,000,000

AD 1796: Babylonian Dragoons raze Mongolian city of Samarkand, plunder: 13 gold

England Hails: Demands Navigation: Denied WAR re-declared

Wondrous COLLEGE of BABYLON completed

AD 1798: Babylonian scholars develop Steam Engine, begin study of Railroad

Aztecs Hail: Demand Steam Engine: denied

Mongols Hail: Offer Cease-fire: Accepted

Offer 50 gold for Peace Treaty: Denied

AD 1800: Battle of Hamburg. Babylonian lose 3 dragoon and 2 cannon units

destroying 2 German musketeer and 1-phalanx units.

Hamburg taken. Plunder: 324 gold

AD 1802: Celts Hail: Offer Cease-fire: Accepted Offer Peace Treaty: Accepted

(Celtic empire consists only of capitol)

AD 1804: Babylonian troops defeat German Phalanx units guarding Berlin

Berlin takes. Plunder: 87 gold

Germany Hails: Demand Navigation: Denied, Offer Cease-fire: Refused

Babylonian populations exceeds 9,000,000

AD 1806: Babylonian scholars develop Railroad, begin study of Conscription

Babylon begins sponsorship of Wondrous Voyage of Discovery

AD 1808: Hail Mongols: Mongols offer Peace Treaty: Refused

Babylon demands Tribute: Mongols declare WAR

Babylonian troops take Mongolian capitol of Karakorum, plunder: 40Gold


AD 1812: Wondrous CATHEDRAL of SOUTH ARYANARRA completed

Babylonian Dragoons, supported by a unit of Ironclad, take

English capitol of London. Plunder: 360 gold

AD 1814: Babylonian scholars design Conscription, begin study of Tactics

Census reports Babylonian population at over 10,000,000

AD 1818: Babylonian troops take German city of Hannover. Plunder: 13 gold

Americans Hails: Demand Railroad: Denied

Germany Hails: Demand Railroad: Denied.

Offer Cease-fire: Refused

AD 1820: Babylonian scholars develop Tactic, begin developing Atomic Theory

Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in German city of Leipzig for 1620 Gold, plunder: 61

AD 1822: Germany Hails: Demand Railroad: Denied

Offer Cease-fire: Refused

Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in German city of Munich for 295 Gold, plunder: 28

Gold. With new cities, Babylonian population soars past 12,000,000

AD 1824: Two Babylonian cavalry units lost taking German city of Konigsberg, plunder: 23 Gold

AD 1828: Final Offensive against Germany Begins.

2 Babylonian cavalry units and 1 cannon unit lost in assault on Heidelberg

Heidelberg captured.


Babylonian military explorers find English holdout city of Canterbury

Babylonian diplomats stage revolt in Canterbury for 118 Gold, plunder: 84 Gold


The Great European War at last comes to an end. 1752-1828

Babylonian scholars develop Atomic Theory, begin study of Electricity

Post-War census puts Babylonian population at over 14,000,000

AD 1832: The Scientific VOYAGE of BABYLON completed

Babylonian scientists master Electricity

Babylonian scientists develop Amphibious Warfare,

begin study of Industrialization

AD 1840: Babylonian scientists develop Industrialization, study Communism

AD 1846: Babylonian scientists refine Communism, begins study of Espionage

AD 1850: Babylon begins construction of United Nations

Babylonian High Council meets: All News is Good

(170/124 4trns 20/70/10)

AD 1851: Babylonian scientists develop Espionage, begin study of Corporation

AD 1853: Wondrous WAR ACADAMY of SOUTH ARAYANARRA completed

Babylonian population had grown beyond 16,000,000

AD 1854: Babylonian scientists develop rules of Corporation, begin study of Steel

AD 1857: Babylonian scientists learn secret of Steel, begin to study Electronics

AD 1858: Totltec Village founded.

Babylonian Communist State expands to Western Hemisphere

Herodotus’ History: Wealthiest Civilizations. 1-Babylon 2-Aztecs 3-America 4-Celts

AD 1859: Babylonian census reports population at over 17,000,000

AD 1860: Babylonian scientists develop Electronics, begin to study Refining

AD 1862: Ur begins construction on Wondrous Dam

AD 1863 : Babylonian spies introduce the wonders of Communism to Aztecs in the city of

Texcoco at cost of 1003 Gold. Texcoco joins BCS, plunder: 241

Babylonian scientists develop Refining, begins study of Machine Tools

Babylonian population increased beyond 18,000,000

AD 1865: Australia founded on the Southern Island

AD 1866: Babylonian scientists develop Machine Tools, study Combustion

Romaton grants WOMEN’S SUFFRAGE

AD 1868: Taiwan founded on island off Southeast Asia


AD 1869: New Zimbabwe founded east of Karakorum

Babylonian scientists develop Combustion, begins study of Refrigeration

Babylonian population exceeds 19,000,000

AD 1870: Cuba founded on island in American Sea

Aztec diplomats steal techniques of Amphibious Warfare from Babylon

WAR is declared. Thus begins the Great American War

AD 1871: Babylon attacks and sinks Aztec destroyer.

Aztecs activate alliance with America. Lincoln declares WAR

Babylonian spies stage revolt in Aztec city of Tlaxcala for 1870 Gold, plunder: 315

Aztecs Hail: Demand Combustion: Refused. Aztecs reaffirm WAR

Aztec diplomats stage counter-revolt in Tlaxcala, acquire Combustion

AD 1872: Japan founded on island east of Asian mainland

Babylonian troops attack invading American troops east of Texcoco.

Americans activate alliance with Celts. Celts declare WAR

AD 1873: Babylonian Spies stage second revolt in Tlaxcala for 394 Gold, plunder: 191 Gold

Babylonian scientists develop methods of Refrigeration, begin study of Guerilla Warfare

Babylonian population exceeds 20,000,000

AD 1874: Babylonian troops capture Celtic capitol of Cardiff. Plunder: 773


Rose Coast founded north of Port Dawn

Babylonian population now exceeds 21,000,000

AD 1876: Babylonian scientists develop methods of Guerrilla Warfare

Begin study of Automobile

AD 1877: Wondrous DAM of UR is completed

AD 1880: Babylonian scientists develop Automobile, begin study of Flight

AD 1881: Babylonian census reports population exceeds 22,000,000

AD 1883: Babylonian scientists develop Flight machine

Study begins of Mobile Warfare

AD 1884: Southern Cross founded west of Australia

AD 1886 : Babylonian Army captures Aztec capitol of Tenochtitlan,

plunder: 293 Capture Great Pyramids

Inca Town founded southwest of Toltec Town

Aztecs Hail: Demand Automobile: Denied

Offer Cease-fire: Refused

AD 1887: Babylonian Scientists develop Mobile Warfare, study Radio

Babylonian Population crosses 23,000,000 mark

Babylonian spies stage revolt in Aztec city of Teotihuacan for 786, Plunder: 515

American diplomats steal Flight from Babylon


AD 1888: Babylonian population surges passed 25,000,000

Babylonian spies stage revolt in Aztec city of Tlacopan for 408 Gold, Plunder: 335

Livy’s History: Most Advanced: 1-Babylon 2-America 3-Aztecs

Babylonian population exceeds 26,000,000

AD 1890: Babylonian scientists develop Radio, begin study of Advanced Flight

AD 1892: Babylonian spies stage revolt in Aztec city of Tlacopan for 340, Plunder: 171 Gold

Babylonian population exceeds 27,000,000

AD 1893: Babylonian cavalry, supported by Battleship, take American city of

Hastings on Iberia. Babylon Communist State rules all of Eurasia and Africa

Babylonian scientists develop Advanced Flight, study Miniaturization

AD 1894: Battle for Philadelphia. Babylonian Artillery, armor and Cavalry units

defeat defending Alpine Troops, Tanks, and Riflemen in massive

battle. Philadelphia finally falls to Tiamat Lake Cavalry unit. Plunder: 324

Babylonian population now over 29,000,000

Babylonian scientists develop Miniaturization, study Genetic Engineering

AD 1897: Using American Rail system, Babylonian troops, supported by battleship,

attack and take American capitol of Washington. Plunder: 219

Babylonian population now exceeds 30,00,000

AD 1898: Babylonian spies stage revolts in last two remaining Aztec cities:

Calixtlhuaca for 976 Gold, Plunder: 303

Xochicalo for 204 Gold, Plunder: 48


Babylonian troops take American city of Atlanta. Plunder: 220 Gold

Babylonian population surges past 32,000,000

AD 1899: Babylonian scientists develop Genetic Engineering, study Combined Arms

Babylonian population passes 33,000,000

AD 1900: Babylonian troops capture American city of Boston

Plunder: 300 Gold. Acquire Mass Production

Melbourne founded south of Australia

Babylonian census reports population exceeds 36,000,000

AD 1901: Babylonian troops take American city of Chicago

Plunder: 208, population now +37,000,000

AD 1902 Babylonian troops take American city of San Francisco

Plunder: 146, population now + 38,000,000

Babylonian scientists develop Combined Arms, study Computers

AD 1903: Babylonian troops take American city of Buffalo, Plunder: 242

Americans reduced to one city, New York

Hail Americans: Offer Peace Treaty: Accepted

So ends the Great American War 1870 -1903

AD 1904: Post War census puts Babylonian population at over 39,000,000

AD 1905: Babylonian scientists develop Computers, study Robotics

AD 1906: Babylonian population exceeds 40,000,000

Babylon begins construction of S.E.T.I. Project

AD 1907: Babylonian scientists develop Robotics, study Labor Union

AD 1909: Babylonian population exceeds 41,000,000

AD 1910: Babylonian scientists develop Labor Union, study Recycling

Babylonian population exceeds 42,000,000

AD 1911: Herodotus’ Epic: Most Advanced Civilizations. 1-Babylon 2-America

S.E.T.I. PROJECT at BABYLON completed

Babylonian population exceeds 43,000,000

AD 1913: Babylonian citizens revolt! Babylon Communist State overthrown

(916/719 3 turns 30/60/10)

AD 1914: Babylonian Democratic Federation established

AD 1915: BDF establishes order throughout federation (1149/726 2 turns 20/50/30)

BDF population over forty-four million citizens

BDF scientists develop Recycling, begin study of Robotics

AD 1916: BDF population exceeds 48,000,000

BDF scientists develop Robotics, begin study of Space Flight

AD 1917: BDF population passes 51,000,000

Sydney Island founded

BDF scientists develop Space Flight, begin study of Environmentalism

AD 1918: Babylon begins organizing the Apollo Program

AD 1919: BDF scientists develop Environmentalism, begin study of Nuclear Fission

AD 1920: Thai River founded

Americans develop Nuclear Fission

BDF scientists develop Nuclear Fission, begin study of Plastics

AD 1921: BDF scientists develop Plastics, begin study of Fundamentalism

AD 1923: American Democracy overthrown.

Sneak Attack by Americans. BDF defenders hold without losses.

BDF scientists develop Fundamentalism, begin study of Nuclear power.

AD 1924: BDF population exceeds 60,000,000

BDF troops and spies smash New York and begin pillaging its irrigation

America becomes Kingdom

Ur develops the CURE FOR CANCER


The Babylonian flag is planted upon the Moon

BDF scientists develop Nuclear power, begin study of the Laser

AD 1926: BDF scientists develop The Laser, begin study of the Superconductor

AD 1927: BDF scientists develop the Superconductor, begin study of Fusion Power

Barbarian raids from Siberian forest increase dramatically

AD 1928: Babylonian population exceeds 70,000,000

AD 1929: BDF scientists develop Fusion Power, begin study of Stealth Technology

AD 1930: American Monarchy overthrown

AD 1931: America returns to democracy.

Lincoln Hails: Offers Cease-fire: Accepted

Offers Peace: Accepted with 250 Gold in tribute

BDF scientists develop Stealth Tech, begin study of Future Technologies

AD 1935: Babylonian population surpasses 80,000,000

AD 1942: Tired of the rivalry, Babylon offers alliance with the Americans. They

accept upon presentation of Computer technology.

AD 1949: Babylonian population exceeds 90,000,000

Babylonian High Counsel meets: All is well, barracks shortage

AD 1953: Crossrail founded.

AD 1954: Babylonian Starship launches for Alpha Centauri star system

AD 1957: Babylonian population passes One Hundred Million mark

AD 1966: Babylonian colonists land safely in Alpha Centauri system

The Babylonian flag is planted in the soil of another planet!

Alpha Centauri

Endgame data:

  • Citizens: 1980
  • Population: 110,400,000
  • Wonders: All but Manhattan Project
  • Babylonian Message Achievements score: 400
  • Peace Bonus: +100
  • Future Technologies Bonus: +75
  • Barbarians Bonus: +25
  • FINAL SCORE: 3080

Thus ends the reign of Hammurabi Yahola the Magnificent.