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Civilization III: Resources
By Ginger_Ale at 2008-03-26 20:55

Civilization III introduces two new new resource types, luxury resources and strategic resources, in addition to the bonus resources in Civilization II. Luxury resources are goods that improve the happiness of your cities.Strategic resources are needed to make certain military units (iron, for example, is needed to make the Swordsman or Roman Legion units). Bonus resources are resources like gold that simply produce extra food, commerce, or shields.Resources can be depleted, although it doesn't happen often. You can trade any excess resource with other Civs.

There are 25 different resources in Civ3:

  1. Strategic Resources(8)
  2. Luxury Resources (8)
  3. Bonus Resources (6)

Strategic Resources (8):

F/S/C: Food/Shield/Commerce

Graphic Name F/S/C Advance Needed For
Aluminum 0/2/0 Rocketry Modern Armor, Radar Artillery, Cruise Missile, Aegis Cruiser, Jet Fighter, F-15, Stealth Fighter, Stealth Bomber, Tactical Nuke, ICBM
Coal 0/2/1 Steam Power Ironclad
Horses 0/0/1 The Wheel Chariot, War Chariot, Horseman, Mounted Warrior, Knight, Rider, Cavalry, Cossack
Iron 0/1/0 Iron Working Pikeman, Swordsman, Legionary, Immortal, Knight, Samurai, Rider, Cannon, Privateer, Frigate, Man-O-War, Ironclad
Oil 0/1/2 Refining Paratrooper, Mech Infantry, all tanks, Transport, Carrier, Submarine, Destroyer, Battleship, and all air units
Rubber 0/0/2 Replaceable Parts Infantry, Paratrooper, Marines, Mech Infantry, all tanks, Helicopter
Uranium 0/2/3 Fission Nuclear Sub, Aegis Cruiser, Tactical Nuke, ICBM
Saltpeter 0/0/1 Gunpowder Musketman, Musketeer, Cavalry, Cossack, Cannon, Privateer, Frigate, Man-O-War

Luxury Resources (8):

Graphic Name Food Shield Commerce
Dyes 0 0 +1
Furs 0 +1 +1
Gems 0 0 +4
Incense 0 0 +1
Ivory 0 0 +2
Silks 0 0 +3
Spices 0 0 +2
Wine +1 0 +1

Bonus Resources (6):

Graphic Name Food Shield Commerce
Gold 0 0 +4
Wheat +2 0 0
Fish +2 0 +1
Cattle +2 +1 0
Whales +1 +1 +2
Game +1 0 0

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