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Beyond the Sword Info Center
By Ginger_Ale at 2008-04-04 20:45

Last updated on December 25th by Methos and Ori


Developer:Firaxis Games
Publisher: 2K Games
Platform: PC
Release Date: July 23rd, 2007

Order Beyond the Sword: Amazon UK Amazon DE


Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword is the second expansion pack for the award-winning Civilization IV. The expansion pack was first announced on March 28th, 2007 and was released in the United States on July 23rd, 2007 and at the end of July internationally.

The expansion focuses on the late-game time periods after the invention of gunpowder and delivers 11 challenging and decidedly different scenarios created by the development team at Firaxis Games, as well as members of the Civilization Fan Community. Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword also includes ten new civilizations, 16 new leaders, five new wonders, and a variety of new units that offers even more fun and exciting ways for players to expand their civilization’s power as they strive for world domination. Development for the expansion started shortly after the release of Warlords expansion.

Barry Caudill Executive producer (Senior producer on Civ IV)
Jesse Smith: Producer
Alex Mantzaris: Lead Designer and Lead Programmer

Jon Shafer: Co-Lead Designer

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Modified Leader Traits

Beyond the Sword expansion modifies the following leader trait:

Trait Benefit
Expansive +25% worker production

New Civilizations and Leaders

Ten new civilizations have been added with the expansion pack.

Civilization Starting Techs Leader Traits Favorite Civic Unique Unit Unique Building
The Wheel
Bureaucracy Bowman Garden
The Wheel
Justinian I
Theocracy Cataphract Hippo-
Willem van Oranje

Free Religion East Indiaman Dike
Zara Yaqob

Theocracy Oromo Warrior Stele
Holy Roman Empire

Vassalage Lands-
Organized Religion Ballista Elephant Baray
Pacal II
Hereditary Rule Holkan Ball Court
Native American
Sitting Bull
Environmentalism Dog Soldier Totem Pole
Joao II
Hereditary Rule Carrack Feitoria
The Wheel
Hereditary Rule Vulture Ziggurat

There are six new leaders for existing civilizations.

Civilization Leader Traits Favorite Civic
America Abraham Lincoln
Celtic Boudica
Universal Suffrage
French De Gaulle
Greek Pericles


Ottoman Suleiman
Hereditary Rule
Persia Darius I

Free Religion

New Unique Buildings

Civilization Icon Unique Building Replaces Additional Benefits
Babylon Garden Colosseum +1 per 20% rate
Double production speed for Creative leaders
Byzantine Hippodrome Theatre +1 per 20% rate
+1 from horse
Required to build Globe Theatre

Double production speed for Creative leaders

Dutch Dike Levee Water tiles: +1
River tiles: +1
Ethiopian Stele Monument +25%
+1 for Charismatic leaders
Obsolete with Astronomy
Holy Roman Empire Rathaus Courthouse -75% maintenance
Can turn one citizen into a spy

Required to build Forbidden Palace
Double production speed for Organized leaders
Available for free on Modern and later starts

Khmer Baray Aqueduct +1
Required to build the Hanging Gardens
Available for free on Renaissance and later starts
Mayan Ball Court Colosseum +1 per 20% rate
Double production speed for Creative leaders
Native Americans Totem Pole Monument New archery units receive +3 experience points
+1 for Charismatic leaders

Obsolete with Astronomy

Portuguese Feitoria Customs House +50% intercontinental trade route yield
Water tiles: +1
Requires Harbor
Sumerian Ziggurat Courthouse -50% maintenance
Can turn one citizen into a spy
Required to build Forbidden Palace
Double production speed for Organized leaders

Available for free on Modern and later starts

New Buildings

Icon Building Enabling Tech Benefits
Customs House Economics +50% intercontinental trade route yield
Requires Harbor
Industrial Park Industrialism +2
Can turn two citizens into an engineer
+1 engineer specialist
+1 from Coal, Oil
Requires Factory
Intelligence Agency Communism +8

Can turn two citizens into a Spy

Levee Steam Power River tiles: +1
Public Transportation Combustion +1
+1 from Oil

+2 from Environmentalism

Security Bureau Democracy +8

+50% Defense against Espionage
Helps thwart rival spies
Can turn two citizens into a Spy

New Unique Units

Civilization Icon Unique Units Requires Replaces Additional Benefits
Babylon Bowman Archery Archer 1 First Strike
+50% City Defense
+25% Hill Defense
+50% versus Melee Units

Upgrades to Longbowman and Crossbowman

Byzantine Cataphract Guilds

Horseback Riding

Knight Doesn't receive defense bonuses
Flank attack versus Catapult and Trebuchet

Upgrades to Cuirassier

Dutch East Indiaman Astronomy Galleon Cargo Space: 4
Can explore rival territory
Upgrades to Transport
Ethiopian Oromo Warrior Gunpowder Musketeer 1 First Strike
Immune to First Strikes

Starts with Drill I and Drill II
Upgrades to Riflemen

Holy Roman Empire Landsknecht Engineering
Pikemen +100% versus Mounted Units
+100% versus Melee Units
Upgrades to Riflemen and Grenadier
Khmer Ballista Elephant Construction
Horseback Riding


War Elephant Doesn't receive defense bonuses
+50% versus Mounted Units
Targets any Mounted Unit first in combat outside of cities
Upgrades to Cuirassier
Maya Holkan Bronze Working
Spearman Immune to First Strike
+100% versus Mounted Units
Upgrades to Pikemen
Native Americans Dog Soldier Bronze Working Axeman +100% versus Melee Units
Upgrades to Macemen
Portuguese Carrack Optics Caravel Cargo space: 2
Can explore rival territory
Upgrades to Frigate, Destroyer, and Attack Submarine
Sumerian Vulture Bronze Working, Copper or Iron Axemen +25% versus Melee Units
Upgrades to Macemen

New Units

Icon Unit Enabling Tech Benefits
Airship Physics +100% versus Naval Units
Upgrades to Fighter
Anti-Tank Infantry Artillery +100% versus Armored Units
Starts with Ambush
Upgrades to Mechanized Infantry
Attack Submarine Rocketry
Cargo Space: 1 (Carries Scouts, Explorers, Missionaries, Spies, Great People
Invisible to most units

Can see Submarines
Can move through impassable terrain
Can explore rival territory
Can withdrawal from combat
+50% versus Submarine

Cuirassier Military Tradition
Horseback Riding


Doesn't receive defensive bonuses
Can withdrawal from combat (15% chance)
Flank attack against Cannon
Upgrades to Cavalry
Guided Missile Rocketry
Can evade interception (100% chance)
Can destroy tile improvements and bomb city defenses (-16%/turn)
Missile Cruiser Robotics
Oil or Uranium
Cargo space: 4 (carries missiles)

Causes collateral damage
Can bombard city defenses (-20%/turn)

Mobile Artillery Laser


Doesn't receive defensive bonuses
Maximum 85% damage on attack
Causes collateral damage
Immune to collateral damage from Siege Weapons

+50% versus Siege Weapons
Can bombard city defenses (-16%/turn)

Mobile Sam Laser


Can intercept aircraft (50% chance)
+50% versus Helicopter units
Paratrooper Fascism
Can perform Paradrops (range: 5)
Privateer Chemistry
Copper or Iron
Hidden nationality
Can attack without declaring war

Starts with Sentry
Upgrades to Destroyer

Ship of the Line Military Science


+50% versus Frigate
Can bombard defenses (-12%/turn)
Upgrades to Destroyer
Stealth Destroyer Stealth
Oil or Uranium
Invisible to most units

Can see Stealth ships
Can intercept aircraft (50% chance)
Can bombard city defenses (-16%/turn)

Tactical Nuke Fission
Can nuke enemy lands
Can evade interception (50% chance)
Requires the Manhattan Project

New Wonders

Graphic Great Wonder Effects
Apostolic Palace
Cost: 400

GPP's: +2
Requires: Theology
Expires: Mass Media

Triggers Global Elections
Guarantees eligibility for diplomatic vote
City more likely to generate Great Prophet
State religion must be present in city
Diplomatic victory must be enabled
Can only be built on Industrial and earlier starts

Requires at least three teams

Cristo Redentor
Cost: 1000

Culture: +5
GPP's: +2
Requires: Radio

Owner can change Civics/Religion without Anarchy
Owner can change Civics/Religion every turn
Double Production Speed for Spiritual Leaders
City more likely to generate Great Engineer
Mausoleum of Maussollos
Cost: 450
Culture: +10
GPP's: +2

Requires: Calendar

Increases length of Golden Ages by 50%
City more likely to generate Great Artist
Can only be build on Medieval and earlier starts
Shwedagon Paya
Cost: 450
Culture: +8

GPP's: +2
Requires: Aesthetics and Meditation

Enables all Religion Civics
Double Construction Speed with Gold

City more likely to generate Great Prophet
Can only be build on Renaissance and earlier starts

Statue of Zeus
Cost: 300

Culture: +10
GPP's: +2
Requires: Aesthetics

Doubles enemies' war weariness
City more likely to generate Great Artist
Double construction speed with Ivory
Can only be build on Ancient starts

National Wonders

Wonder Image Specifics Effects
Moai Statues Cost: 250
Culture: +4

GPP's: +1
Requires: Sailing
Expires: N/A

Water Tiles: +1

City more likely to generate Great Prophet
Can only be built on ancient starts
Double production speed with Stone

National Park Cost: 300
Culture: +3
GPP's: +1
Requires: Biology


Removes City's access to Coal
No unhealthiness from population
+1 specialist for every forest preserve
City more likely to generate Great Scientist

Changed Wonders

Graphic Great Wonder Effects
Sistine Chapel
Cost: 600

GPP's: +2
Requires: Music

+2 Culture for every Specialist and +5 Culture for every State Religion Building in the empire.
City more likely to generate a Great Artist
Can only be built on Renaissance and earlier starts
Double Production Spread with Marble
Cost: 120
GPP's: +2

Requires: Mysticism
Expires: Astronomy

Monument in every city
City more likely to generate a Great Prophet
Can only be built on Ancient starts

Double Production Speed with Stone

Tech Tree

BTS brings us six new technologies and a little modification to three existing technologies.

New Technologies

Technology Icon Era Requires Leads To Effects
Advanced Flight Modern Flight


Stealth Obsoletes Stable
Can train Gunship
Can train Jet Fighter
Aesthetics Classical Writing Drama
Can construct the Parthenon
Can construct the Statue of Zeus
Can construct the
Shwedagon Paya
Laser Modern Plastics
Fiber Optics Can train Mobile Artillery

Can train Mobile Sam
Can construct SDI

Military Science Renaissance Chemistry N/A Can train Grenadier
Can train Ship of the Line
Can construct Military Academy
Stealth Modern Advanced Flight
Future Tech Can train Stealth Bomber
Can train Stealth Destroyer
Superconductors Modern Computers
Genetics Can construct laboratory
Can construct Research Institute
Can construct SS Thrusters

Tech Tree Modifications

Tech Modification
Computer Requires Plastics
Fiber Optics Requires Computers or Laser
Robotics No longer directly requires Plastics


Founding a Corporation

There are several requirements that must be fulfilled before you can found a Corporation. First you must have researched the Corporations technology, in additional to another more specific technology that is required by each Corporation. This second technology is listed in the table above under the "Secondary Tech" heading. Once you have researched both required techs, you must then move a Great Person into a city that has one or more of the required resources of the Corporation you wish to create. You must use the specific Great Person as listed in the table above. When you expend the proper Great Person, you will found the Corporate Headquarters in that city. Once a Corporation is founded, it incurs a maintenance cost, but also provides the city with a resource or yield bonus.

Spreading a Corporation

Once a Corporation is constructed in a city, that city may produce Corporate Executives. These Executives act similar to religious missionaries. When you move the executive to a city with the appropriate resources, you may expand the influence of your Corporation and increase the income produced by your Corporate HQ. Unlike spreading a religion you need to pay some money to spread a corporation into a new city.

Corporation Required Techs Required GP Consumes Effects
Aluminum, Inc.
Scientist Coal

+3 per resource consumed
Makes aluminum available

Cereal Meals


Merchant Corn

+0.75 per resource consumed

Civilized Jewelers
Mass Media
Artist Gems

+1 per resource consumed
+4 per resource consumed

Creative Constructions
Engineer Aluminum

+0.50 per resource consumed

+3 per resource consumed

Mining Inc.
Mass Media
Engineer Coal

+1 per resource consumed

Sid's Sushi Co.
Merchant Crab

+2 per resource consumed
+0.5 per resource consumed

Standard Ethanol Co.
Scientist Corn
+2 per resource consumed


The Espionage system has been greatly expanded in Beyond the Sword. You now gain knowledge about your opponents and the ability to perform active espionage missions by directing part of your empire's commerce towards espionage. You can even direct your espionage activities against certain opponents or decide to spy against everyone with the same intensity.

The new espionage system includes two different forms of missions: passive and active missions.

Passive Missions: you gain the benefits of passive missions automatically once you have accumulated enough espionage points against an opponent. You can lose these benefits when your opponent spies more on you than you do on him.
Passive Missions allow you to see an opponent's demographics and cities, to have access to an opponent's city screens and knowledge of his research.

Active Missions: once you have accumulated enough Espionage points against an opponent you can perform active missions against them by sending a spy into their empire. Active missions allow you to change an opponent's civics, steal his techs, cause his cities to become unhealthy or unhappy or even to revolt.

Random Events

Beyond the Sword introduces Random Events into the game. Throughout the game Events can occur which either benefit or harm your empire in various ways. Some of them challenge you to complete a Quest to obtain a larger benefit.

New and Changed Victory Conditions

Beyond the Sword changes some of the existing victory conditions. It introduces a new type of religious victory and modifies the space race victory.

The "Religious" victory is another way of winning a diplomatic victory, only much earlier in the game and through religion. By building the Apostolic Palace you are able to hold elections and vote on certain topics much like you can with the UN. Winning this way is more difficult, as it requires 75% of all votes for a religious victory.

The Space Race has become a bit more complex. Unlike in previous versions you no longer need to build all parts of the Space Ship in order to launch it, but omitting a few parts poses the risk of a failure during the flight to Alpha Centauri. Also the victory is awarded to the Civilization that first reaches Alpha Centauri and not the one that launches their ship first. Space Ships with fewer parts fly slower, so it may sometimes be worth it to delay the launch a few turns.


Beyond the Sword introduces the new colony feature. Cities you create, or conquer on foreign continents now cost much more to keep. It is therefore often necessary to grant independence to these colonies. By doing so you hand over control of these cities to a new Leader who starts the game as your vassal,. Depending on how you manage your relations your vassal can also break free from your rule at some point and create their own sovereign nation. By creating an independent colony you free yourself from the costs of keeping expensive overseas cities, but at the same time trade some of the influence you have on their development.


Beyond the Sword comes with 11 new mods and scenarios. These range from historic scenarios to futuristic and fantasy mods.


In the distant future humanity commands nature, shifting from the clay into its sculptor. Superluminal travel through wave gates, manufactured stars, and artificial solar systems solidifies this reality. A thorough map of the universe, however, illustrates our solitary claim to sentience. We drift alone.
Consciousness is isolated and temporarily replaced allowing volunteers to store their persona and commit their bodies to manual labor; trading identity for dream.
A mysterious radiation has twisted some of these workers into misshapen nightmares - Aberrants. When a science team fails to return from their investigation an elite military unit is sent to retrieve their research.

Tactical, Upgradable Combat
Command your squadron of Gravebringers in the first ever tactical strategy game built on the Civilization IV engine. Upgrade your elite warriors with new equipment including mines, teleportation, invisibility and the deadly MAULer.

Broken Star
Russia is in chaos. The President has fled the country. With a military district at your command and a deep purse to fund your war, you must create a new order. Raise an empire or buy yourself an army. Just know that your foes won't be going down without a fight.

Buyable Promotions and Units
A big treasury has a whole new value in Broken Star. Use your hard-fought dollars to purchase new units or upgrade the units you have, to create an army that no force in Russia could hope to defeat.
Race to Arms! As if you needed another reason to want Nukes. In Broken Star, players can deploy ultra-powered nuclear weapons to obliterate entire metropolises or acquire an arsenal large enough to declare themselves ruler of all Russia!


The mighty power that was the Roman Empire is no more. The West has shattered into a series of warring kingdoms, each claiming that it alone should rule all of Europe. Take the throne of one of these great medieval powers as you maneuver and battle across the European continent in the hopes of defeating your foes, procuring the Pope's favor and being named Holy Roman Emperor!

New Medieval Units
Fight your way to victory with new medieval units, including Mounted Infantry, Supply Trains and Heavy Cavalry.
Papal Favor: Vie for the Favor of Rome by spreading Christianity, building churches, acquiring Relics and battling the infidels. His Holiness's favorite ruler may receive bonuses like the powerful Papal Pikeman unit.

Crossroads of the World
The year is 1300. European traders have caught the sweet waft of spices from the East, and the craving for the goods of the Orient has become an epidemic. China, for the first time in their history, has sent out trading vessels to establish contact with the West. Indian storehouses spill over with finery. It is a trader's age and you stand at the Crossroads of the World.

Commerce Victory: This new victory requires players to accumulate wealth through any means necessary. Taxes, pillaging, conquest or trade - the means matter not, only that in the end, you have the deepest coffers. Ten new Corporations are among the many features that will let players engage in unprecedented economic warfare.
Raiders: These lightning-quick cavalry bear no markings of nationality, allowing players to pillage the lands of friends and foes alike.

Build your city. Brace your troops. And be prepared for an unending onslaught of opponents.
A Civ mod with a beat 'em up mentality, Defense plants you in the middle of 20 levels of endless enemies. Slaughter your foes and earn gold to buy more troops to fortify your position. Only by using your wits can you hope to succeed. Because numbers just aren't on your side.

Your Own Personal Battlefield

Using the Advanced Start system, players may customize their defenses in order to stop their foes dead in their tracks. Use ranged units to obliterate enemies from afar or get up close and personal using specialized melee warriors. Earn gold for cities left at the end of each wave to further insulate yourself from their ever more deadly attacks.

Fall from Heaven - Age of Ice
Prequel to the popular Fall from Heaven Mod.
The land of Erebus is in peril. Mulcarn, the God of Winter, has covered all in ice and chill, stifling any who refuse to serve him. All, that is, save you. Only you can pry back the icy fingers of the God of Winter by amassing your army, rallying your heroes, and reassembling the famed Godslayer blade to end Mulcarn's reign once and for all.


Fantastic Worlds
Part RPG, part strategy game, Age of Ice transports players to the world of Erebus in the latest addition to the popular Fall from Heaven mod series. Battle ogres, undead and the God of Winter himself in a world of rich fantasy. Perform quests to better the plight of your nation. Earn experience for your unique hero units. The world is yours to change.
Weather Effects: Blizzards will often scour the face of Erebus, damaging units and turning fertile land into barren tundra. Only by observing your environment and building wisely can you hope to avoid their icy effects.

Final Frontier
"Communications with Earth have gone silent. Scheduled cargo ships have not arrived as expected, nor have any sent in the last two months returned. At this point we have no answers. We can only assume that something serious has occurred on Earth. It is up to you, commander, to determine how we should proceed." - Colonial Congress Briefing Report, January 8th, 2302 AD

Civilization: Intergalactic

A dozen new units, thirty new buildings and a completely unique tech tree make this more than a mod. It's a whole new game of Civ!
Bold New Setting: Battle your enemies across star fields, black holes, nebulae and asteroids fields. Settle your colonies across entire star systems. Envelop yourself in the history of a future Earth through an engrossing back story penned by designer Jon Shafer.

Gods of Old
Seems the Sumerians were right all along. The Gods of Ancient Sumeria have made their presence known and are ready to grant their gifts to those that will serve them. Rain down plagues, meteors and tsunamis upon those who would oppose you, all while trying to wipe the faiths of enemy Gods from the planet. Ah, give me that old time religion...


Divine Gameplay: The Gods provide for their followers. Extra food, great wealth, unbelievable power, they're all yours. Use Great Prophets to rain massive natural disasters down upon your enemies. The Gods ask only one thing in return - that they be the last God standing. Use the all new Inquisitor Unit to obliterate heathen religions from cities and ensure that yours is the one true god.

Next War
Both as a mod for epic games extending into the future and a scenario set in the future age this mod focuses on extending the game beyond the traditional end of Civilization games:
The Mod:
For those looking to add some science-fictional flare to Civilization, the Next War Epic mod takes all the features of Next War and integrates them into the Epic Game, making Civ's Future Era a whole new experience. Players can select any Civilization, choose any map, start in any era, just as they would in a regular game of Civ. But the Next War Epic Game lets players experience the unique thrill of watching Gandhi flee in the face of your Mech Armada or overwhelming Montezuma with your Army of Clones. Reach the late game and let the havoc begin!

Epic Expansion!: Extend your game of Civ with a whole new Future Era that lets players build Mechs, Domed Cities, Bio Weapons and much more!

The scenario:
Engage in a near-future battle for world dominance. Massive war machines, clone armies, domed cities and a vast nuclear arsenal are your tools of negotiation. Battle on land, sea and air, and should the world crumble in the resulting chaos, make sure you own the largest crumb!


Futuristic Setting: March Mech Units across the field of battle, construct massive Dreadnought Tanks and research a variety of new technologies from Cloning to Cold Fusion.
Dynamic Environment: Race against a dwindling environment as resources slowly disappear from the face of the Earth. Fire off one too many nuclear missiles and you may bring the game to a shocking conclusion!

Rhye's and Fall of Civilization
Materializes the concept of a simulator of the Earth.

The ultimate in historical gameplay, Rhye's and Fall of Civilization does what no other game of Civ has - takes its Civilizations and places them in their actual history time period. As time passes, these empires grow and shrink according to their real world timelines, letting the player experience a whole new level of historical gameplay.


Historical Victory Conditions: Every Civilization in Rhye's and Fall has their own historical victory conditions. Conquer the seas as the Vikings, defend the American continent as the Aztecs or fight back the barbarians as the Roman Empire. These are your new keys to victory.

Uprisings: Every empire in Rhye's and Fall has a stability rating. By keeping your nation stable, you can keep your nation running like a finely tuned machine, but let your empire get too out of control and watch as new Civilizations rise from your own lands!

Road to War
Three scenarios depicting the major theatres of the second world war:
Road to War sets you on the brink of World War II and lets players decide how they would like to play. Players may choose to let the major events of World War II play out historically or command the War themselves, deciding how each battle should be fought.

Multiple Ways to Play: Players may choose to let the events of World War II take place historically, give the events a few years leeway or take complete command of history.

Historical Combat: An armada of new combat options lets the player engage in strategic combat. Bombard enemy cities from afar with ranged artillery. Run Air Raid missions to target specific enemy installations within a city. Or send your Paratroopers in for a surprise attack.

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