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By Thunderfall at 2008-04-07 21:37

War is a matter of vital importance to the state; a matter of life or death, the road either to survival or to ruin. Hence, it is imperative that it be studied thoroughly. -- Sun Tzu

War AcademyWelcome to the War Academy, generals! This Academy is dedicated to strategy and tactics for Civilization II. Although military strategy is our focus here, you will also find strategies for economy and science that will help you wage a successful military campaign.

To graduate the Academy, you are required to learn the following arts of war in this sequence:

  1. Learn the Basics of War: this prepares you for more rigorous trainings later.
  2. Read Octagon's Strategy for Civilization II.
  3. Gov't Change, SSC, and Super Growth
  4. Read EyesOfNight's Strategy for Multiplayer Games
  5. Stefan Winkler's Scrolls of Ancient Wisdom
  6. Andu Indorin's Power Graph Explained!
  7. Alan Nicoll's How I Play Civ2
  8. Read Mark Fisher's Thesis: Fire! Making War in Civilization II.
  9. Marquis de Sodaq's Complete Civilization II Combat Guide
  10. Palsberg's How to Win Civ2 Before 1750 AD
  11. The Strategy & Tips forum has lots of great tips not mentioned in the Academy. So be sure to check it out!


  1. Words of Wisdom: these are quotations from famous military tacticians, commanders, and philosophers.
  2. Sun Tzu's Art of War: the oldest military treatise in the world.

End of Training! You now have what it takes to be an expert Civ2 player. We encourage you to compete in the popular Game of the Month feature to test your skills.

The Strategy & Tips forum has lots of great tips not mentioned in the Academy. So be sure to check it out!


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