Gov’t Change, Super Science City, & Super Growth

Gov’t Change, Super Science City, & Super Growth

Switching Government

Original Author: Oedo; Updated by Duke of Marlbrough in October 2006.

A discovery has been made by Oedo concerning the turn on which government changes happen. It’s not random.

First, you need to determine how many turns your game has. That depends on your difficulty level and map size.

For reference (from game standards):

  • A Small Map is 2000 squares
  • A Normal Map is 4000 squares
  • A Large Map is 9000 squares

Map Size

From there you just check the list to see what turns an Oedo Year happens.

Here is the list in PDF format: Oedo Year Chart

Just a couple reminders:

  • You need to revolt the turn before an Oedo year happens.
  • If you discover the tech during an Oedo year, an immediate switch can happen (so, if you track your science correctly and have your last city discover the tech, you could have a no turn revolution. Just remember that the game counts your newest cities first, your oldest cities last).
  • Finding the tech in a hut will not allow an instant change during an Oedo year to occur.
  • Being gifted the tech during an Oedo year will not allow an instant change.
  • Once you enter an Oedo year you can change your government type as many times during that turn as you want (this is a good way to see how your civ may fair in certain governments, or can be used to drop out of a representative government (Republic or Democracy), declare war on another Civ and then go back into your former government.)

Super Science City

Super Science City (SSC) is a well-known strategy in Civ2 that allows you to win the science race w/o much difficulty. I asked Stellar Converter in our forum to write a few paragraphs on SSC:

The Super Science City (SSC) is not necessarily your first city. A great place for it is on rivers, though not necessary, and it should have special trade resources for it. You will find a great example on the World Map. Be the Indians and go up. There is a large river, gold, and silk, which are great trade squares.

When you start out, get to monarchy as soon as possible (Alphabet, Ceremonial Burial, Code of Laws, and Monarchy). Next, get to Bronze Working for Colossus. The Colossus adds one trade unit to every square in your city radius, which therefore, increases your science output. I wouldn’t even bother with Great Library because you will be very far ahead. As you have probably already realized, the SSC NEEDS Wonders to be a good science city.

The next Wonder you need is Copernicus’ Observatory. This wonder acts as another library (increases science output by 50%). This is probably more important than the Colossus because it directly affects the science output.

After Copernicus’ Observatory you will build Isaac Newton’s College, which comes with the Theory of Gravity technology. This doubles the science production of the city. I do not believe it takes into account any improvements you have, but does it after the science rate and scientists you have in the city.

Of course, as you probably know, have 3 good caravans trade routes which will increase trade even more. I am happy to say that URANIUM DOES EXIST; I saw it in may last game. You will also build a library, university, bank, stock exchange, and super highways.

Additionally, you need to build SETI Program wonder. It counts as a research lab in all of your cities.

In my previous game at king level, the science rate of my SSC was 716 beakers a turn! It was on a river, and also had several scientists in it. I did not have any special resources in it though! Furthermore, my science rate was only 50% .

Hope this has been helpful guys.

Super Growth Strategy

Author: markusf

Here is what I have been using lately… Its very simple and very effective. I can beat anyone’s science and tech output with half the cities. Here is step by step what you do.

  1. Build settlers and go make cities SPACED OUT, connect them by roads.
  2. Go for Monarchy, as soon as you get it irrigate everything and go for trade.
  3. Once you have trade go for Republic, by this time you should have 15 or 16 cities with about 16 settlers. (about 1 ad and all your land should be transformed and irrigated + roads)
  4. Set your inner cities to build caravans.
  5. Once in Republic send caravans from all your cities into your capitol.
  6. Go for Monotheism, build libraries & temples & market places. Keep all your cities celebrating with 20% luxuries.
  7. Go for Construction & Sanitation. By the time you get them most of your cities should be size 8, then you celebrate your cap up past size 20. Once you have done this ALL the trades routes in EVERY city will grow by one, forcing them to celebrate as well.
  8. Switch to Democracy at about 300 AD and you should make $400 gold per turn and 2 turns a tech and by that time your far ahead of everyone else.

Here is a screenshot of a game I played. I am 1 tech from railroad here. I have Democracy, Monotheism, Navigation, Economics, University etc. About 20% less cities then everyone else, half the maintainance costs, but double the income and science. In this pic I am making 800 gold a turn, even after my growth was stunted by fighting a major war, in another 10 rounds all those size 12 cities will be size 22. Here’s another screenshot.

Special thanks to Oedo, Stellar Converter, and Markusf for these useful strategies!