Civilization III: Units: Conquests

Civilization III: Conquests is the second expansion pack for Civilization III. It includes seven new Civilizations, five new wonders, two new traits, nine detailed scenarios, and much more. In addition to the civ-specific units, there are several units that everyone can build and there are also a few units that can only be produced by wonders.

Each of the nine scenarios contains its own set of units, with unique stats and abilities. For example, in the WW2 in Pacific scenario, the Japanese have Zero and Kamikaze fighters; and in the Age of Discovery scenario, you will find Colonists and special Treasures units.

  1. Civ-Specific Units (7)
  2. Common Units (7)
  3. Wonder Units (2)
  4. King Units (7)
  5. Scientific Leader Unit (1)

The total number of new units in the epic game is 24. If all the new units in the scenarios are included, the number is 71.

A/D/M/AA: Attack/Defend/Move/Anti-Air
B/R/F: Bombard/Range/Firing Rate

Civ-Specific Units (7):

Unit Graphic Unit Name Nationality Replaces Cost A/D/M/AA (B/R/F) Requirements / Specials
Three-Man Chariot Hittites Chariot 30 2/2/2 Horses
Carrack Portugal Caravel 40 2/2/4 Doesn’t sink on ocean
Chasquis Scout Inca Scout 20 1/1/2 Ignores hills & mountains move cost
Dromon Byzantines Galley 30 2/1/3 (2/1/2) Lethal Sea Bombardment
Enkidu Warrior Sumeria Warrior 10 1/2/1
Javelin Thrower Maya Archer 30 2/2/1 Enslave
Swiss Mercenary Netherlands Pikemen 30 1/4/1

Common Units (7)

These units are available to all Civs.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Cost A/D/M/AA Requirements
Curragh 15 1/1/2
Flak 70 1/6/1/2
Cruiser 160 15/10/6/1 (7/1/2), Radar Oil
Mobile SAM 100 1/6/2/4
TOW Infantry 120 12/14/1 (6/0/1)
Trebuchet 30 0/0/1 (6/1/1)
Paratrooper* 90 4/9/1
Oil, Rubber
NOTES: The old paratrooper unit is now renamed to Modern Paratrooper and comes with Synthetic Fiber. Its stats are 6/11/1, 110 shields. and range=8.

Wonder Units (2)

These units can only be generated by certain great wonders.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Cost A/D/M Great Wonder Requirements
Ancient Cavalry 40 3/2/2
1 HP Bonus
Temple of Zeus Ivory
Crusader 70 5/3/1Can build fort Knights Templar

King Units (7)

Unit Graphic Unit Name Nationality A/D/M
Gilgamesh Sumerians 1/1/2
Henry Portuguese 1/1/2
Mursilis Hittites 1/1/2
Pachacuti Incan 1/1/2
Smoke-Jaguar Mayan 1/1/2
Theodora Byzantines 1/1/2
William Dutch 1/1/2

Scientific Great Leader (1)

The Scientific Great Leader (SGL) may appear whenever a civilization is the first to research a new technology. The chance of appearance is higher for scientific civs. You can use SGL to rush any city improvement, including Great Wonders, or to increase scientific output of your cities by 25% for 20 turns. [Note: this “Scientific Golden Age” is broken.] SGL can not be used to create an army.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Cost A/D/M
Scientific Leader 0 0/0/3

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