Civilization III: Units: Play the World

Civilization III: Play the World comes with lots of new units. Each of the eight new Civs has its own special unit. There are also 24 new ruler units for the regicide short game mode. Other new in-game units include a Princess unit for the Capture the Princess short game mode and two units that are available to all Civs: medieval infantry and guerilla.

In addition, there are dozens of new units from the unit packs. There are 17 units in the Medieval Japan unit pack, 12 units in the Pre-historic (Dinosaurs) unit pack, and 24 units in the World War II unit pack.

  1. Civ-Specific Units (8)
  2. Common Units (2)
  3. King Units (24)
  4. Princess Unit (1)
  5. Medieval Japan Unit Pack (17)
  6. Pre-historic Unit Pack (12)
  7. World War II Unit Pack (24)

The total number of new units in Play the World is 88!

A/D/M: Attack/Defend/Move
B/R/F: Bombard/Range/Firing Rate

Civ-Specific Units (8):

Unit Graphic Unit Name Nationality Replaces Cost A/D/M (B/R/F) Requirements
Conquistador* Spanish Explorer 70 3/2/2 Horses
Keshik* Mongols Knight 60 4/2/2 Horses
Berserk* Vikings Longbowmen 70 6/2/1
Gallic Swordsman Celts Swordsman 50 3/2/2 Iron
Numidian Mercenary Carthaginians Spearman 30 2/3/1
Sipahi Ottomans Cavalry 100 8/3/3 Horses, Saltpeter
Ansar Warrior Arabs Knight 60 4/2/3 Horses, Iron
Hwacha Koreans Cannon 40 12/1/1 Saltpeter
NOTES: Conquistador treats all terrain as if it were a road. Keshik can cross mountains as if they were grasslands. Berserk can launch amphibious attacks on enemy units or structures.

Common Units (2)

These units are available to all Civs. Swordsman can now upgrade to medieval infantry, then to Guerilla.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Cost A/D/M Requirements
Guerilla 90 6/6/1
Medieval Infantry 40 4/2/1 Iron

King Units (24)

In the new Regicide mode, your ruler is represented as a unit on the map. The objective is to capture the other king, thereby eliminating that player from the game. All king units can move two squares per turn and are only as strong as a Warrior in attack and defense.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Nationality A/D/M
Lincoln Americans 1/1/2
Abu Arabs 1/1/2
Alexander Greeks 1/1/2
Bismarck German 1/1/2
Brennus Celts 1/1/2
Caesar Romans 1/1/2
Catherine Russians 1/1/2
Cleopatra Egyptians 1/1/2
Elizabeth English 1/1/2
Gandhi Indians 1/1/2
Hammurabi Babylonians 1/1/2
Hannibal Carthaginians 1/1/2
Hiawatha Iroquois 1/1/2
Isabella Spanish 1/1/2
Joan d’Arc French 1/1/2
Mao Chinese 1/1/2
Montezuma Aztecs 1/1/2
Osman Ottomans 1/1/2
Ragnar Vikings 1/1/2
Shaka Zulus 1/1/2
Temujin Mongols 1/1/2
Tokugawa Japanese 1/1/2
Wang Kon Koreans 1/1/2
Xerxes Persians 1/1/2

Princess Unit (1)

The Princess functions as the flag in the Capture the Princess short game mode.

Unit Graphic Unit Name Cost A/D/M
Princess 0 0/0/1

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