TurnCast Episode 78: “Check Your Notifications”

By | December 10, 2016

Forthwith. Regular players [url=http://apolyton.net/member.php/2-DanQ” title=”Click for Profile]Daniel “DanQ” Quick[/url], [url=http://apolyton.net/member.php/22677-Makahlua” title=”Click for Profile]”Makahlua”[/url] and [url=https://twitter.com/UberMarklar]”UberMarklar”[/url] are accompanied by fellow co-operative [i]Civilization V[/i] multiplayer players in the seventy-eighth episode of [u]TurnCast[/u] ([u]TC[/u]). Entitled “[url=http://thepolycast.net/turncast/season6.php#tcepisode78]Check Your Notifications[/url]”, its runtime is 09m59s. Snippets include but are not limited to complicated question, taking debts, main exit, nasty things and outside friends.

[u]TurnCast[/u] is the third spin-off of the [i]Civ[/i] strategy-centric [url=http://thepolycast.net/polycast]PolyCast[/url] on which Quick and Makahlua serve as regular co-hosts; fellow sibling [url=http://thepolycast.net/modcast][u]ModCast[/u][/url] focusing on [i]Civ[/i] modding was the first.