ANNOUNCEMENT: “Fall of the Inca II” – Hall of Fame Challenge Series XIX

By | September 10, 2017

The Hall of Fame Team would like to welcome new players, and welcome back old vets, to the Nineteenth running of the Civfanatics Civ IV Hall of Fame Challenge Series.

HOF Challenge XVIII was a successful and competitive installment of the series, won by @neilmeister. HOF Challenge XIX is a collection of 10 games with a time limit of 6 months to complete them (from 10th September to 9th March 2018). 13 players took part submitting at least 50 entries and each game received at least 1 entry with 6 different players achieved first places.

The winner will be the person who finishes the most games and collects the most points along the way (10 for 1st in each individual game, down to 1 for 10th). Progress results for all games can be found at There are individual threads for each game in the Challenge Series forum so head on over and check it out.

This challenge continues the “Fall of the Inca” theme. The Inca are widely recognised as the most powerful nation you can play in Civ IV, especially at the higher levels where the anti-archery bonus for the Quecha UU and it’s free Combat I promotion means you have a powerful attacking force from Turn 0. Their UB, the Terrace, is based on a building you will normally construct in every city (Granary) and acts as a mini-creative trait. Their actual traits are 2 of the strongest in the game – Financial and Industrious. Finally their starting techs of Agriculture and Mysticism are very flexible – your workers have something to do immediately and you can compete in the race for early religions if you so desire. The Incans are so strong that their games do not count towards Elite Quatrromaster status and they are not normally chosen for Gauntlets.

4 Incan records were removed from the Hall of Fame through the first installment of this challenge, let’s see if we can double that this time!

For those unfamiliar with the CFC Hall of Fame (HOF), we encourage you to try the challenge as a way of introducing yourself to the HOF. The Challenge series is just one feature of the HOF. A Gauntlet series of games is run monthly. In addition you can simply submit any of your games to the HOF. All valid games are recorded to a database and ranked under various categories. The HOF enables you to compare your progress against other HOFers over all time or simply track your own progress. In other words, the HOF is as competitive as you want it to be.