Civilization Players Podcast #6 Fall Patch Part 1

By | October 21, 2017

This Friday, Oct 20th at 9 PM EST will be the 6th CivPlayers League Podcast. Here’s what were talking about this week!

Co-Hosts Sarnith and KingLewie, and guest Co-Host Under bring you this weeks topics.

Here’s what we’re talking about this week!

• In depth review and analysis of the new Civs; Indonesia and Khmer. How do they compare to the civs we already have?

• Hoplites used to get their +10 bonus for standing with another Hoplite all the time – but it’s finally fixed! What other bugs have you noticed were fixed? Lets discuss it together.

• Religious changes from Pantheons, the Lense, and Pressures Explained – we finally know how it actually works!

• Tourism explained – Including the math behind it. Do you know how to get a Cultural Victory? If not, come find out how!

• Are City States to close to your spawn? How about the AI? Yeah we noticed to, come find out why!

• Do you think the DLC is worth picking up? How about if Religion is worth going for now? Tell us your thoughts and share your questions!(edited)


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