Civilization Players Leagues Podcast #22 Rise and Fall, A week of Ranked games!

By | February 18, 2018

This past Friday, Feb 16th at 9 PM EST was the 22th CivPlayers League Podcast. Here’s what we talked about in the past  week!

Co-Hosts Sarnith and KingLewie, and guest Co-Host 2B and SaltCreek bring you this weeks topics.

• This week we have been playing ranked games, the real deal, for the past week!  Now we will discuss all the changes that Rise and Fall has made to the game we love, and how competitive MP players are adjusting to the new mechanics, and how the meta is starting to change.

• Be sure to be active in chat! We do watch and are happy to answer your questions!

• Do you have ideas you’d like to see brought up on the podcast? Make sure to post your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section!

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