Civilization Players PodCast #23 Two weeks in wrap up!

By | March 4, 2018

This past Friday, Mar 2nd at 9 PM EST was the 23th CivPlayers League Podcast. Here’s what we talked about in the past  week!

Co-Hosts Sarnith and KingLewie, and guest Co-Host Yoshi and TaskForceFish bring you this weeks topics.

• This week we have the Association of Civ Duel Players Tournament(ACDP) about to kick off!

• We cover the players Clan Championship Feedback from CCC#2, and looking forward to CCC#3 in early June.

• We cover some of the recent Mods available to the CivPlayers Community.

• Be sure to be active in chat! We do watch and are happy to answer your questions!

• Do you have ideas you’d like to see brought up on the podcast? Make sure to post your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section!

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