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One More Turn Season 6 Commentary

By | September 25, 2019

A few of the cast reflect on [u]One More Turn[/u]’s sixth season on what was, and what was not, realized by its end. The show’s ninteenth bonus feature production, Season 6 Commentary, [url=]is now available[/url]. It has a runtime of 02h01m42s. [u]OMT[/u] features the voice talents of [i]Civilization[/i] strategy-centric podcast [url=]PolyCast[/url] co-founder [url=]Daniel “DanQ” Quick[/url] and current regular… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 346: Civilization VI – Fortnite Editon

By | September 25, 2019

The three hundred-and-forty-sixth episode of PolyCast, “Civilization VI – Fortnite Edition“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: News– 00h01m45s |  The September 2019 Patch Notes– 00h36m17s |  The Red Death First Impressions Forum Talk– 00h47m33s |  The Problem with Anti-Cavalry Units– 01h03m09s |  Our Least Favorite Leaders to… Read More »

Civilization Players, the new home of Civ6 Red Death!

By | September 12, 2019

As it’s been several days since the Civ6 Fall Patch dropped I’m sure that everyone in the community is at least award of the Red Death Battle Royale game mode. Civplayers as the multiplayer focused community that we are has embraced this new game mode and a lot of fun as been had in the last few days.… Read More »

PolyCast Episode 345: Endless Human

By | September 11, 2019

The three hundred-and-forty-fifth episode of PolyCast, “Endless Human“, features regular co-hosts CanusAlbinus, Stephanie “Makahlua”, Philip “TheMeInTeam”, and Jason “MegaBearsFan” Grade and discusses the following: News– 00h03m04s |  The September 2019 Update has been Announced. Forum Talk– 00h27m15s |  A Poll about Southeast Asian Civilizations for Future Civilization Titles– 00h38m10s |  A Discussion on Humankind, an Upcoming Historical 4x… Read More »

Red Death: New Civilization VI Game Mode Drops

By | September 10, 2019

As part of their September patch for Civilization VI, Firaxis has just released a new battle royale game mode, a post-apocalyptic race to survive all other factions and leave the increasingly uninhabitable planet. Update: The September patch is live; all Civilization VI owners can now play this multiplayer scenario. The devs demonstrated the new scenario in a livestream,… Read More »

One More Turn Season 6 Bloopers

By | September 4, 2019

How’s that then? All the outtakes from dramedy podcast [u]One More Turn[/u]’s Season 6 episode recordings for public consumption [url=]are now available[/url]. It has a runtime of 34m13s. A story set in the near future, [u]OMT[/u] features geeks deal with non-geeky problems. One can [url=]follow the show[/url] on Twitter and [url=]check out[/url] its YouTube channel for caption capability.… Read More »

September Update Coming to Civ VI: Gathering Storm

By | September 3, 2019

Firaxis has announced the next update to Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. Buffs to coastal cities and great admirals, six new map types, additional slots in fourth tier governments, and changes to rock band promotions are all coming “soon” along with a new multiplayer mode (details to come) and other tweaks and bug fixes. Discuss this update in the… Read More »