The CivFanatics review Humankind, review #1

By | August 16, 2021

In anticipation of the launch of Humankind tomorrow, we have recruited some of our senior members to play the game and to tell us what they think.

Our member Victoria has played the game for a week, and has now posted a thread to tell us what she thinks.

Have a read here:

Excerpt: “Diplomacy is certainly a leap in the right direction, it cannot be ignored, I needed a 3rd oil on a map with only 6 oil resources and I had to attack an ally, but I could not because we had an alliance, the only way I could break that alliance was if they caused me some grievance, and eventually they did by trying to influence one of the neutral tribes wandering the board that was under my influence.”

Some more of our members have agreed to review, so have a look for more later today :).

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